Timberland Amherst High-Top Chukka Boots Review

Timberland Amherst High-Top Chukka Boot











  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Versatile
  • Durable


  • Squeaky when it's new
  • White rubber sole starts wearing off after a while

Amherst High-Top Chukka is a version of Timberland line of shoes designed for everyday wear. 

A very outstanding feature is the high tongue which improves the aesthetic look of the shoe. 

Lightweight, comfortable, flexibility and stylish design are the qualities that many fans find interesting about the shoe. It comes with metal eyelets. Sensorflex is the triple-layer suspension system that provides another level of comfort and support. 

The ortholite footbed is another feature that offers good cushioning and support.



Read more about the shoe below.

  • Leather outer material
  • Textile inner material
  • Rubber outsole
  • Lace-Up closure
  • Ortholite polyurethane footbed for cushioning and support
  • Metal eyelets
  • Sensorflex comfort system
  • Flat heel


After spending some hours researching and reading variety of reviews on the Timberland trainers, I decided to highlight the reviewers opinions below to help others make an informed decision. 

In summary, the following are what the reviewers think.

  • The highest percentage of reviewers recommended the Amherst High-Top Chukka
  • Very lightweight and comfortable are the words many users used to describe the shoes
  • Reviewers appreciated the great look and quality of the shoes
  • A number of reviewers applauded the stylish design of the shoes
  • Many customers are pleased with the different colourways in which the shoes are available
  • A handful of buyers are happy with the compliments they receive on the shoes
  • Quite a good number of reviewers complained that the shoes produce a squeaky sound

A Short Video Review

In the following video, Steven introduced the Amherst High-Top Chukka boot by showing how it looks on feet. 

He provides a short summary of his experience on the shoe after wearing it for about a year.

Check out the video below:

Bottom Line

The quality design and stylish look of Amherst High-Top Chukka boot have gained the popularity over the years. 

The high tongue is one of the features many fans find fascinating and fashionable about the shoe. 

This version of Chukka boots cannot only be used for casual wear, but can also do well for formal wear.

Most of the reviewers are quite happy with the comfort, fit, flexibility, lightweight and quality of the Chukka boot.

This version of Timberland boots is available in various colourways and many customers are happy with the price. 

The price can be varied depending on the seller.

As a person that have been using the shoe for a while, I would recommend going true to size if you have a normal feet.

For those with wide feet, you may want to go half a size up and vice versa for those with narrow feet.

You can get it at discounted rate from £39+ online. I got mine from MandmDIRECT.

It’s available in different colourways on Amazon.

You can also get the shoe directly from Timberland.

Though Timberland is known for manufacturing work boots, the brand had, long time ago, embraced the responsibility of producing stylish casual footwear. 

The Chukka boots are lightweight, flexible, comfortable, and stylish sneakers that can be used for formal or casual wear. 

A very noticeable feature in the shoe is its tongue. 

The tongue and the top back of the heel offer some kind of rugged look which add to the aesthetic of the shoe.

Timberland recommended some products for taking care of the boots, I will be providing their names below. 

You can just click on each if you want to see what it looks like and the price. I think they are fairly cheap.

Care Instructions:

The upper is made of leather. 

The shoes feature the traditional lacing system with metal eyelets. 

The overlays at the middle of the eyelets provide additional support. 

On the upper, the tongue offers another level of stylish look so does the overlay at the back of the heel.

Amherst High-Top Chukka is crafted with eco-conscious material in the sense that the mesh lining is manufactured from 50% of PET (polyethylene terephthalate). 

PET is just like a clothing fabric. It’s usually molded or extruded into plastic bottles. 

The 50% PET used in the Amherst High-Top Chukka is recycled plastic bottles.

Apparently, with the use of recycled plastic bottles, the level of environmental pollution with plastics is somehow reduced. 

This somehow proves that Timberland are conscious of the impact of their products in the environment. 

For this reason, they call themselves “Earthkeepers”.

Timberland Sensorflex is a three-layer system that offers support, flexibility and suspension. 

This system is featured in the Amherst High-Top Chukka boots to provide comfort and enable stable and lightweight walk. 

The system flexes to adjust to the feet in every gait.

Inside the Amherst Chukka is the ortholite footbed (orthoLite insoles) that offers moisture transport, antimicrobial function and long-lasting cushioning. 

The material helps keep the shoe supportive and comfortable.

It’s been a while since the Chukka boots have been in the market. 

They are the shoes many people would like to get their feet in during winter period.

The uncommon word to take note of in “Timberland Amherst High-Top Chukka” is the word Chukka. 

This word is known, by some people, to have been derived from the word “Chukkas” or “Chukkers” which is used in polo game. 

The game of polo normally lasts one to two hours. Chukkas means playing period. 

Each chukka represents a seven-and-a-half minutes. 

The word Chukka was said to have been originated from the Hindi word “Chukkar”.

The Chukkar means circle of turn in Hindi. The true origin of “Chukka” boot still remain undetermined.

By the 1940s, the shoes have achieved main stream success as casual footwear.

Today, the shoes still remain some of the most popular Timberland shoes. Nothing much has changed in term of the design.

The brand, Timberland, is widely known for producing work related and casual footwear.

Amherst High-Top Chukka is one their famous footwear you can find in the market today. 

It’s an ankled-high footwear with the signature quality of Timberland boots.

Rating Breakdown

Rating breakdown is a very useful tool for many people when it comes to buying a product online. 

Going through reviews is helpful in the sense that some knowledge about the product can be gained. 

Even though rating breakdown doesn’t reveal what reviewers are saying exactly, it provides some data which give logical explanation whether the product is good or bad.

Based on customers rating, I’ve created a pie chart which shows the percentages of the rating from 1 to 5 star on the Amherst High-Top Chukka.

Here is the chart:

Timberland Amherst High Top Sensorflex Chukka boot Rating Breakdown

The chart above shows that 15% of customers gave the shoe 1 star rating; no customer (i.e. 0% of customers) rated it with 2 star; 8% of the reviewers gave it 3 star rating and another 8% of reviewers rated it with 4 star; and the rest of reviewers (69% of reviewers) rated it with 5 star.

The shoe, overall, is rated 3.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon and Timberland UK site.

There is also a quick video review on the shoe which you can find below.


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6 comments on “Timberland Amherst High-Top Chukka Boots Review

Shashwat .Prakash

Hi Stephen

Frankly, I didn’t know that there is so much to know about a shoe. I appreciate you sharing the information about these boots. Timberland is a great shoe maker and I feel these boots are good for adventure loving people. Anyway I enjoyed going through your article.

Keep up the good work!


And here I thought timberland only made boots. I’ve had a couple of pairs of their boots and have enjoyed their quality make. They are a pretty good price I’ll have to give the shoes a try. Thanks for the article.




Great post and thanks for sharing.

I love Timberland, especially their boots. I’m in my 30’s now but have been wearing Timberland since I was in school. I love their coats, shirts and jeans also.

Going through your review I am definitely going to buy a pair of these boots as they would definitely look great in the summer.

Thanks again for sharing,



Good to know you’re a fan of Timberland.
I agreed with you, those sneakers are great for summer.


What’s up mate,

Excellent article on the Amherst High Top Timberland Chukka kicks, they look pretty sick!

How bad is the squeakiness on those bad boys by the way? Hopefully not like you have a pair of rubber duckies attached below the heel!

Excuse my my ignorance on other currencies, I’m not really as closed minded as my fellow Americans, can you tell me what does £19 equal to in USD? By the way, that’s pounds,not Euros, right?

Thanks alot Stephen, you’re website is awesome!


Hi Jose,
Thanks for the question.
I actually have a pair of the shoe. It does squeak, but not that much for me.
I’ve had it for about three months now. I don’t wear them always especially when it’s a bit wet outside.

I can’t say correct amount £19 in USD as the exchange rate fluctuates all the time. Today exchange rate may not be tomorrow’s.
Whatever day it is, just go on google and type £19 to any currency you prefer. You will definitely get the right amount for that day.


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