Adidas Originals Supercourt Review-Pros and Cons

Adidas Originals Supercourt











  • Simple Look
  • Variety of Colourways
  • Comfortable
  • Versatile usage
  • Inexpensive


  • Issues with fitting (Might be a little wide)
  • Gets dirty early

Adidas Originals Supercourt is one of the Adidas famous classic shoes. This trainer/sneaker is fantastic for daily wear. It can be an excellent addition to your shoe collection. 

Adidas has been making classic shoes for a long time, and there are many classic trainers in their collection, such as Adidas Superstar and Stan Smith

But, Supercourt is unbeatable due to its features, quality and look. It was introduced almost 50 years ago, and it has experienced many changes in design, sole, shape etc. 

At first, it was designed as a court shoe to play in the court. It was completely white. Now it can be found in many colourways, and you can wear it for any purpose with any casual dress. 

The company tries to make shoes comfortable, durable and inexpensive.

There are many shoes and a range of classic sneakers, most of them are very expensive. 

However, Adidas Supercourt is affordable and worth the money. Spending a few pounds in the shoe could be an excellent investment you will not regret. 

Most people love to wear this shoe just because of its simplicity, comfortability and its nature to fit with any casual dress. 

Other than offices, you can wear it for any purpose you like.

• Rubber Midsole

• Leather Lining

• Leather upper

• Lace closure


We have spent a few hours on reading and analysing the reviews and comments of customers, users and professionals. 

After pondering on the reviews of collectors and experts, we have driven the following thoughts.

• The shoe is extra comfortable; you can wear it all day. Most customers are happy with the comfort it brings.

• It is breathable and keeps your feet dry and clean.

• It is affordable and appealing; you get everything at a reasonable price.

• The sole and upper are very durable.

• There are many colourways and sizes available for men, women and kids. So, everyone can enjoy this classic shoe.

• The outsole has a good grip due to the presence of different textures which refrains you from slipping.

• The leather of the upper gets creased a little.

• It gets dirty soon because of its light colour. Further, it is sometimes tough to clean it.

• Some customers say that it is a little wide for them.

A Quick Video Review

In the following video review, Chris Jack shows how the Adidas Supercourt look on feet and goes on to talk in detail about the classic kick.

According to him the Originals Supercourt is a perfect semi-formal and smart casual trainers for anyone.


Check out his full review on the trainers below:

Adidas Originals Supercourt has a lace-up closure; thus, it can loosen or tighten with ease. 


Adidas Supercourt Sizing

There is a wide variety of sizes. It is available for men, women, young (8-16 years) and kids (4-8 years). Therefore, it is available for everyone. 


Adidas Supercourt Fit

The fit of the shoe is excellent, but some users have experienced a wide fit. So, this is good for people who have wide feet as well, while others can easily customise the fit of the shoe using shoelaces.

Supercourt has a classic retro style which looks appealing with all kinds of casual dresses. It seems like tennis court shoes, but it is more than that. You can wear it for school, work, party etc. 

Everyone, including men, women and children can wear it with casual dressing. 

It has a unique design with three-dotted stripes fo perforations. The perforations serve as a source of breathing or airflow in and out of the interior.


The lace goes through seven holes that provide a stylish zig-zag structure. It helps to tighten the shoes and allows your feet to fit in the shoe perfectly.



Outfits for Adidas Originals Supercourt

Men can wear them with jackets, jeans, shirts, t-shirts, sweaters, trousers, shorts, sweatpants and any other kind of casual dressing. It fits with everything except your professional attire.

Women can wear them with skirts, tops, shirts, blouses, leggings, etc. Its classic court design looks appealing with casual dresses.


Everyone can wear it, it has dozens of colourways with different shades, but in most cases the dominant colour is white. 

You have a choice to select anyone according to your style. The sole has excellent and beautiful lining texture on the heels, and there are teeth on the mid-sole, which looks stylish. 

The leather pieces of different designs are stitched together. Moreover, there is a logo at the back and a few countries standard size value at the front of the shoe.

The upper is entirely made of leather which makes the shoe durable. You will notice a little crease at the front after using the shoes, but that is normal. 

For a stylish look, different leather pieces are stitched together. Don’t worry about the pieces because they will not come out.

The midsole of Adidas Originals Supercourt is made of rubber. 

There is an extra cushioning and padding inside the shoe, which allows your feet to feel comfortable whenever you wear it. 

There is a texture on the midsole on the heel area, which is visible and appealing. 

The midsole of the Adidas Supercourt shoes provides additional support. Thus, Supercourt shoes are very soft and supportive; you can wear them for the whole day.

The outsole of the shoes has different textures and patterns that make an excellent grip on the ground. 

The purpose of different textures is to avoid slipping. The outsole is elevated from the front, which allows you to walk with ease.

Adidas Originals Supercourt is not a new shoe; it has been in the Adidas classic collection for 50 years. It was first introduced almost 50 years ago as a court shoe.

Like all court shoes, this was also white. But, with time, Adidas introduced different colourways that are suitable for wearing not only for a tennis court but for other purposes as well. 

There had been changes in the design and material to make it more comfortable for the users. 

Now there are many colourways available, and you can use this shoe for various purposes.


In 2019, Adidas launched the Home of Classics which has all the classic shoes including Stan Smith, Superstar 90, Rivalry Lo, Torsion Comp and a few more. 

This collection also had Adidas Originals Supercourt. So, you can imagine the importance of the shoe.

Final Thought

Adidas Originals Supercourt is a super cool shoe that should be in everyone’s collection. 

It fits with every kind of causal dressing, so you can wear it with any dress that matches with the shoe. 

It is comfortable as well, and it has soft paddings in the insole. There are many colourways available for men, women and kids. 

Its excellent classic retro style looks appealing and fantastic on the modern youth as well.

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8 comments on “Adidas Originals Supercourt Review-Pros and Cons


Adidas has some really fine products and its durability is a mark on its own which makes it stand out in the market. 

I have used a couple of shoe brands and it’s been really amazing but I still prefer my Adidas. 

Taking a look at the Adidas Originals Supercourt I love it to be very comfortable and light. If that is certain then I wouldn’t mind the cost of it. 


Good to know, Benson. I’m also a fan of Adidas. The recent sneaker I got from them is the Adidas Nmd R1 Primeknit


Thansk a lot for sharing with us this amazing product, Adidas Originals Supercourt, and all the useful explanation given.
When it comes to footwear, Adidas has always offered me comfort and high quality here.
A big advantage for me is that on Amazon these Adidas Originals Supercourt only cost $100, considering that in different stores and malls I found over 150 $.
Thanks again for this review and this opportunity.


You’re welcome man. Yes, amazon offers some of them at low prices.

shariful islam

Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us.
Adidas’s supercuts are great and look great.
I myself use these kicks because they can be worn on different occasions.
Wearing them, I attend weddings, birthday celebrations and various parties.
Wearing these bad boys makes me look so smart.And, they feel very comfortable.
Also, adidas brand is my favorite. I use their shoes quite often.


You’re welcome Shariful. It’s amazing to know that the kick can be worn to a wedding celebration.

It seems like it can be worn to just anywhere, formally or casually.

Md. Asraful Islam

Thank you so much for sharing an informative article with us.
The content of this article is about the advantages and disadvantages of the Adidas Original Supercourt.
Originals brand has always been about the classics, reimagining, redesigning and relaunching numerous classics from its historical archives.
A few weeks ago, the team launched yet another archived collection, the Home of Classics pack.

From my personal experience, the benefits of this brand are the highest.
I bought the Adidas Original Supercourt Product a while back.
I have never had any difficulty using this pair of shoes.
So guys who haven’t bought this product yet should buy this Adidas shoe pair right now.
Finally, thank you again and an AMAZING article for sharing with us.


You’re welcome Md. And, thanks for your opinion. Really appreciated


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