Adidas Ozweego Review- Pros and Cons

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  • Adidas Ozweego has a retro look with an innovative and modern touch.
  • The comfort and cushioning of the shoe are incredible.
  • According to reviewers, the shoe resembles the lineup of Yeezys and Triple S.
  • Adidas Ozweego is affordable and cheaper than Yeezys and easy to pair with casual clothes.
  • The shoe has a bulky design, but the detailing on this shoe is impeccable.
  • Despite looking bulky and heavy, the shoe is light in weight.
  • It comes in many colourways.


  • The mesh material on the upper makes the fit at the toe box a little tight.
  • According to users, the shoe lacks quality material at some points.

Adidas Ozweego is a sneaker from the past. The retro design of the shoe is awe-inspiring as people these days like its style. It is like the classic Ozweego 3 that came in 1998. 

But this shoe is far more comfortable and cushioning than its predecessor. 

The most fantastic feature of Adidas Ozweego is the Adiprene powered EVA midsole that adds to the majority of the comfort and cushioning. 

The shoe has a prominent look with futuristic design. It has a heel wedge-like Yeezys. However, despite resemblance with the Yeezys, this sneaker is pretty affordable, and reviewers state that it is exceptionally comfortable.

  • Mesh upper with suede along with TPU overlays
  • Layered upper
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Light in weight
  • Attractive retro design and look
  • Adiprene technology and heel cushioning
  • Lace closure
  • Rubber outsole
  • EVA midsole

Brand: Adidas

Category: Running

Profile: Low-cut

Technology: Adiprene

Shoe Line: Adidas Originals


After reading multiple reviews, we can say that Adidas Ozweego is one of the most comfortable sneakers in the sneaker market. People are very much impressed by its retro design and Adiprene technology that enhances the comfortability and cushioning of the shoe. 

The shoe also consists of heel and forefoot cushioning. It looks like Yeezys a bit, but it is cheaper. It is soft in feel and provides an excellent fit to the user. 

Adidas Ozweego is the revival of the Adidas Ozweego series that came in 1998 as Ozweego 3. However, the shoe has both positive and negative points. Let us discuss it further.


  • The shoe has a look of 90s training and running shoes.
  • The shoe has EVA midsole to provide excellent comfort and stability.
  • Adiprene cushioning makes the shoe extremely comfortable.
  • The rubber outsole of the shoe gives the user a good grip and traction at every surface.
  • Heel-tab provides an ease to the user when wearing the shoe.
  • The look of the shoe is retro, but it has an innovative and modern touch to it.
  • Adidas Ozweego is soft and light in weight.
  • The look of the sneaker is bulky and heavy, but it is perfect for walking, running, and gym use, as it is a superb performance shoe.
    • The Adidas Ozweego is a bit tight on the toe box area.
    • For people with wide feet, it is recommended they go for a size above.
    • The shoe looks bulky and heavy.


Video Review

Adidas Ozweego is available in sizes for both men and women. 

There are many different colourways of the shoes so that you can choose any according to your outfit. 

The insole and midsole of the shoe secure it nicely and give a good feel to the user. However, the Ozweego is a little narrow at the toe box, so it is better to try it on before buying if you are not sure about what size to get.

The reviewers state that the Ozweego provides a good fit for users who have narrow feet. 

The shoe has a unique feature in which lace-up closure has an eyestay collar tube. The eyestay collar tube distributes the pressure equally across the foot and gives the user a good fit and feel. 

Due to the low-cut design of the shoe, it looks awe-inspiring and attractive.

Additional Info

Adidas Ozweego is based on the retro design and is the successor of Adidas Ozweego 3 that came in 1998. But this shoe is more comfortable than Ozweego 3.

The Ozweego has round-up laces that give it a retro look. The lace-up closure also features an eyestay collar tube that provides the user with a good feel and perfect distribution of pressure across the feet.

The translucent tube goes all around to the heel area to support the heel. 

It also serves as a pull-tab and contributes to helping the user to wear the shoe quickly.

The upper of the Adidas Ozweego contains mesh material that makes the shoe breathable and wearable during the entire day. 

Its upper features mesh with suede and TPU overlays to enhance the hold and keep it in one place. 

The cushioned tongue of the shoe also adds to the comfort. The lace-closure on the upper helps the user to get a better fit.

The midsole of the Adidas Ozweego is one of its main components as it contributes to the cushioning and comfort of the shoe. The shoe has EVA midsole and Adiprene cushioning. 

Adidas has made a perfect combination of both the technologies and created one of the most comfortable soles. The midsole also improves the stability and look of the shoe.

The outsole of the Ozweego comprises rubber. The outsole of any shoe is very important as the stability and grip of the shoe depends on it. 

Adidas Ozweego’s rubber outsole provides the user with a good grip on every surface and also looks good in visual appearance.

Final Thought

Adidas Ozweego is an excellent comfortable sneaker with a retro look and modern technology. 

The EVA midsole and Adiprene cushioning add significantly to the comfort of the shoe. 

The shoe comes in many different colours and looks very good on feet. 

Adidas Ozweego resembles Yeezys but is cheaper than Yeezys. People who cannot afford Yeezys can surely go for these sneakers as they are stylish and look very good on the feet. 

According to reviewers, the shoe is very comfortable and brings back memories from the past. It is an affordable shoe that has excellent comfort and feels.

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2 comments on “Adidas Ozweego Review- Pros and Cons


I think the Ozweego’s look much better than most Yeezy’s; I can’t take them seriously as a shoe, in terms of look. I guess I may be retro too!

Obviously, comfort is a big plus, however, I have quite wide feet, so if the toe box is tight, I may have to give them a miss.

Thanks for the review!


Thanks for dropping by, man.

And, don’t forget to stay, and stay safe.


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