Adidas Nite Jogger Review – Pros and Cons

Adidas Nite Jogger











  • Can provide safety in the night
  • Comfortable shoe for the night owls
  • Variety of colourways
  • Heel clip for additional support and security
  • Inner lining and padded collar offer sleek feel
  • Has one of the most responsive cushioning foams in the midsole


  • Not as lightweight and comfortable as Ultra Boost or Yeezy kicks according to some reviewers
  • May not be too affordable by some people

Early this year, Adidas released the new Nite Jogger kicks. The footwear is a throwback to the 1980 Nite jogger streetwear shoes. Adidas has designed the shoe in a more welcoming and modern looking way. The Adidas most responsive cushioning midsole called Boost is one of the features that make the shoe stand out. Detailing with 3M reflective on the upper, the shoe has the ability to shine in the dark making it the best shoe for the night owls. The heel clip provides some level of support and security. Like the shoelaces, it’s detailed with 3M reflective material. 


Adidas Nite Jogger appears in unisex style. Read more about  the kick below.

  • Suede and reflective overlays
  • Nylon ripstop and breathable mesh upper
  • Boost Midsole
  • Rubber Outsole
  • Regular fit
  • Lace-Up closure
  • OrthoLite sockliner

Video Review

The reviewer in the following video showed the look of the shoe on feet and later talked about the shoe. He talked about different features of the Nite Jogger and its functionalities. He showed the upper and expatiated on the materials used which make the shoe unique. According to him, the breathable mesh upper could be very reliable in term reducing sweat during the summer. Another thing he also mentioned about the upper is its ability to be visible in the dark. This kind of provides some level of safety for those walking in the dark. The Heel Clip on the heel is also part of the upper he talked about. 

After talking about the upper, the reviewer moved on to talk about the midsole and the outsole. He showed the Adidas Boost midsole that runs the length of the Nite Jogger. The guy is kind of disappointed that the outsole doesn’t glow like the upper. Even though he felt a bit let down, he still managed to talk about the outer part of the Nite Jogger.

Enjoy the video here:

  • Can provide safety in the night
  • Comfortable shoe for the night owls
  • Variety of colourways
  • Heel clip for additional support and security
  • Inner lining and padded collar offer sleek feel
  • Has one of the most responsive cushioning foam in the midsole
  • Not as lightweight and comfortable as Ultra Boost or Yeezy kicks according to some reviewers
  • May not be too affordable by some people


After the release of Core Black/Carbon/Active Blue colourway early this year, there have been many colourways that have been released thereafter. It’s not surprising that many fans has flocked into both online and offline store to get the Nite Jogger kicks. Many of these people have given their opinions on the shoe.

The following are the summary of what the reviewers think:

  • Majority of reviewers recommended the Adidas Nite Jogger
  •  Quite a good number of users applauded the quality of the shoe
  • Many Nite Jogger wearers said that the kick looks great in the day and better in the night
  •  A handful of reviewers appreciated the Boost midsole. They said that it provides better comfort and makes the shoe looks more modern
  • Very reasonable number of users gave the reflective detailing on the upper thumbs up
  • There are many reviewers that said that the shoe could be great during summer/spring season
  •  Some people commented that the shoe may not completely feel like Ultra Boost or Yeezys but it’s a kick that’s in the league of its own, especially in the night
  • A users said that the shoe looks great with jeans as well as tracksuits
  • A substantial volume of reviewers said that they are happy with their purchase
  • Many reviewers felt that the Nite Jogger is a value for money
  • A very considerable number of reviewers said that the kick run narrow and recommended going half a size up. There are some reviewers that recommended going a full size up for those with wide feet

Rating Breakdown

Rating breakdown provides informative data on how well a product is doing. Those that have left comments on what they think of Adidas Nite Jogger also rated the kick from 1 star to 5 stars.


The following is a bar chart that shows the rating of the shoe from 1 to 5 star. Each star has the number of raters at the front.

Click through the chart if you wish to see the current Rating Breakdown on Adidas.


Additional Info

The Adidas Nite Jogger is a retro 1980 Nite jogger sneakers that are now available with the promise of delivering modern style and comfort. With the present of the boost midsole, the kicks have the edge of offering a better responsiveness compared to its predecessors. The nylon ripstop material used is said to provide a good structural integrity. What many fans find fascinating about Nite Jogger kick is the reflective material that allow it to glow in the dark.

Read about what the upper, midsole, and the outsole of Adidas Nite Jogger is made of below.


The upper of the Nite Jogger features nylon ripstop material, mesh, 3M reflective and suede overlays. Let’s start going through the upper from the tongue which provides a deconstructed and modern look. It looks like the tongue has a little to no padding and may not be too good for those that doesn’t wear socks. The tongue can be kept in place with the traditional lacing system. Unlike some modern shoes, the shoelaces feature 3M reflective detailing which appears to be visible at night.

The collar is well padded and capable of providing soft feel thereby avoiding skin irritation in the ankle area.

The toecap area features suede overlays which provide some reinforcement to improve the structural integrity at that area. 3M reflective overlays on the upper and the nylon ripstop material are some features that make the kick more distinctive. Nylon ripstop material is known for its ability to withstand wear and tear and there’s no doubt it will increase the lifespan of the Nite Jogger shoes.

The Adidas Nite Jogger features heel clip on the heel. The heel clip sits on the boost midsole and fixed to the upper. It’s in U-shape form and runs from the heel to the midsection. Some reviewers said that it adds more weight to the shoe. Though this is true, a good point is, it provides some level of security and support to the foot.

The upper of the Nite Jogger is known for its brightness in the dark. This is possible due to the 3M Reflective detailing. The heel clip is also detailed with the 3M reflective to make the shoe look more stylish.


This retro sneaker features the Adidas most responsive cushioning technology called Boost in the midsole. The Boost sole is usually made by compressing an Eva (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) pellet and mould it into a required shape. This material is well-known for its springy ability. In Boost technology, the more energy you give the more you get in return. This is possible because of its bouncy and responsive effect.

The Boost provides the right cushion and support you need for your everyday wear. It also has the ability for absorbing shock or impact force in every step.

Ortholite footbed is a removable insole that comes with the shoe. It’s able to offer the foot a soft comfortable feel and support the Boost midsole in absorbing shock.


Adidas Nite Jogger outsole comes with a unique design. It features groove towards the heel area. The overall outsole area features different blocking designs and colours. Most of the area appears in translucent off-white colour which doesn’t glow in the dark. Lightning-bolt-shape is one of the impressive blocking design on the outsole. It runs from the toe area to the midsection on the medial side.

Another thing to know about the outsole is that it’s rubber and it is designed to offer good traction on any surface, wet or dry.


The Adidas Nite Jogger is said to be one of the best lifestyle shoe for the night owls. The shoe has gained popularity among those that party all night, do night shift, and those that do their jogging in the night since its first release. Recent release has shown some update in term of style, functionality and aesthetic. What some users are very impressed by is the present of the boost midsole which makes the shoe more desiring.

Some people felt that the footwear is a bit expensive, but there are many people that thought it’s a value for money.

If you need a stylish and comfortable lifestyle sneaker, the Adidas Nite Jogger may be a good option.

According to some reviewers, if you’ve got a very wide foot, you may want to go a full size up because the shoe runs a bit small.

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7 comments on “Adidas Nite Jogger Review – Pros and Cons


This is such a classy and stylish looking shoe which would suit just about any outfit and many different activities with great comfort that is now an expectation of such a great brand that offers everything from a good looking set of shoes to incredible durability. Thank you for sharing.


Dear Stephen,

Thanks a lot for the in-depth and detailed review post. I can tell you I have taken some great insights from this review post.

I was looking for additional information on Adidas nite jogger and found your amazing review post. The video you embedded is very helpful. I loved how easy the review makes it for readers and no additional research needed. You saved me a lot of time!

The rating breakdown, pros and cons are very helpful in making my purchase decision for sure this is on my list. You left no stone up-turned in covering all the required details.

The price is also under my budget and I believe the best place to buy is in Adidas website itself because I can see the price is more with Amazon and Zappos.

Much Success!



Thanks Paul. I appreciate the insightful comment. Let me know if you have any question.


cool review of the nite joggers by Adidas. I was looking for some new sneakers and although these are nite joggers, I like the style of them. The retro look with the modem elements is good for me. Thanks for sharing your review and good work with adding that video review.



Thank you so much for sharing such an informative article with all the necessary information about “Adidas Nite Jogger Review – Pros and Cons”

Really this is an amazing article.I like the article very much.I was looking for a shoe for me.Then I found your article and see this amazing shoe. This shoe is very cool and stylish.It is also very comfortable.There are three kinds of colours of this Adidas Nite Jogger.But I personally like the black colour most.I want to buy one for me.I will share this great article with my friends and relatives so that they can take the benefits from this.


 I like your review very much! It’s really interesting and upbeat! Adidas is a brand that my nephew  wears,  and I promised him a new pair of sneakers for his birthday; so I put out everything I’ve got to really understand the pros and cons as presented in your review! I understand that it’s beautiful (markings etc.) versatile (shows up at night) but I figure it will do for day too; also, it’s convenient and versatile (laces, mesh at the sides). Plus, I like how you let me know about it being  roomy at the toes, so I’ll know that I have to buy my nephew extra socks along with the birthday shoes.  

So thank you for sharing! There are sports stores in the mall near me that I’m sure will be stocking this brand as soon as it drops. It’s a pity you didn’t know the exact date, but that’s alright! That’s what Google is for, right?  

One final point: when are they going to bring it in women’s wear? I’d sure like to get myself a pair of new sneakers too!


Hi there,

The shoe has been released. If you click on one of the links I provided on the right side of the first images, it will take you directly to where you can get it.

Thanks for the comment and let me know if you have any question.


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