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  • The upper of the shoe has premium materials that make it durable and attractive.
  • It’s a kind of dad a shoe, but it’s very lightweight, according to a few reviewers.
  • The Torsion provides added support and stability to the midfoot.
  • The shiny reflective surface on the shoe is beautiful and eye-catching.
  • It is comfortable enough so that you can wear it all day.
  • The colour combination in the shoe is commendable. The upper, overlays, midsole, heel-cap, heel, and other parts have different colours.
  • The shoe is also available in many colourways.


  • It is a narrow shoe for some users, so you might need to go with a half size larger.
  • There are different materials on the upper, so it’s a little hard to clean.

Adidas Falcon is a retro-style sneaker, which takes you back in the 90s, but it has a new and futuristic look. It came in September 2018 and became a favourite sneaker for the sneaker lovers.

The shoe is exclusively for women, so there are women sizes available. It has a chunky look, but it’s not too bulky. It’s excellent for everyday wear, and women love the style of the sneaker. If you love dad shoe style, then this could be a perfect choice. It has a chunky look with a modern style.

It’s available in many colourways that are perfect from women clothing. You can even wear the sneaker the whole day because it’s comfortable enough.

Furthermore, the shoe is available at an affordable price. It has tons of features, and it’s a perfect deal for quality and comfort.

  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to put on
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable price tag
  • Wide range of colourways
  • Retro look

Brand: Adidas

Category: Running

Profile: Low-cut

Technology: EVA (Ethulene-vinyl acetate)

Shoe Line: Adidas Originals


Adidas Falcon is a renowned sneaker in the market. We have spent hours collecting the opinions of users and reviewers. No doubt, the sneaker is fantastic, but there are both positive and negative thoughts. Let’s see what people think about the Adidas Falcon.


    • According to many users, the sneaker is true to size. It fits perfectly.
    • The sneaker has a chunky look and retro style, but it’s still attractive.
    • You can quickly wear it without any hassle because the collar is large enough.
    • The sneaker has basic EVA foam, but it is comfortable.
    • You can easily pair the sneakers with any casual dressing. The colourways are awe-inspiring.
    • You can run, walk, or wear the shoe for the whole day without feeling any discomfort.
    • The upper of the shoe has high-quality materials, which makes it durable.
    • It’s breathable enough to wear in summer.


    • For some users, the shoe is a little narrow, so they need a half size larger.


Video Review

The following is a quick video review from two gorgeous ladies showing how they style the kick in two different colourways. They do not only show how the shoe looks, but also talk about the featuresand the benefits of the material.

Check out the video below.

Adidas Falcon was exclusively for women, but men sizes are also available. Therefore, women can easily get their true size that will be comfortable. For many users, the shoe is true to size, but some feel that it’s a bit narrow. For instance, if you mostly wear 7, then you can go with that. But if you wear 7 or 7.5, depending on the shoe, then you should check the size in a store.

The shoe is available in many colourways, so men can also get the desired style and colour combination.

Adidas Falcon fits perfectly. It has a comfortable fit; you will not feel any discomfort and tightening. The shoe has enough padding inside it, which gives you a perfect fit and comfort at every step.

Additional Info

Adidas has brought the old retro style in the shape of Falcon. It came in September 2018, exclusively in women sizes. Later, due to huge demand, Adidas introduced men’s sizes.

There is no doubt that the shoe has an awe-inspiring look. Its overlays, colour combination, and fine stitching are just perfect.

There are many colourways for both men and women, and they can enjoy the retro look in a new style. It’s a dad shoe, but it’s not too bulky, which is the reason women like it.

The upper of the shoe is impressive because of its finest materials. There is suede, leather, and mesh, and their combination looks incredible. The high-quality material at the upper is commendable, but the sneaker is still affordable.

You can see the suede overlays at the top. The leather is at the heel tab, and the mesh is over the top of the shoe and tongue. Due to mesh, the shoe is very breathable; it’s perfect for summer.

The padding at the upper of the shoe increases the comfort level. Moreover, the upper is durable. You can expect it to last for a long time.

There is also a shiny mirror on the upper, which reflects the light. It looks stunning.

The midsole of Adidas Falcon comprises EVA foam. It’s just EVA, and there is no other technology. But the shoe is very comfortable. The inner paddings and midsole are comfortable enough, and you can wear the shoe for the whole day.

It offers you excellent support and stability. The Torsion at the midfoot offers added support. The midsole has a decent design and colour combination. It looks attractive.


The outsole of the shoe has a unique design to provide excellent traction. It’s durable and comprises rubber. It will not deteriorate quickly.

Final Thought

Adidas Falcon is one of the best and modern dad shoe sneakers. It looks a little chunky, but it’s comfortable and lightweight. Many people love the retro style of the shoe. The shoe is available in a variety of colourways, especially for women. The colourways and stylish upper make it more appealing.

The shoe is comfortable enough; you can wear it all day. It is also true to size, which makes it easier to shop online, but some people think it’s a bit narrow because of their wide feet. The fit of the shoe is commendable. There are inner paddings on the tongue and upper, which makes you more comfortable. It’s lightweight, and you can enjoy every step. 

Most importantly, the upper has premium suede and leather, and the shoe is available at a reasonable price. It’s an excellent deal for the quality you get.

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