Nike Air Force 1 LV8 Utility Review

Nike Air Force 1 LV8 Utility











  • Well padded collar for smooth feel around the ankle
  • Stylish design, grippy, and durable outsole for multisurface traction
  • Sketched details improve the aesthetic look
  • Stitched leather overlays for durability and support
  • The air cushioning at the heel provides a comfortable feel


  • Runs a little long
  • Not widely available
  • Limited colour option

Nike recently added a new Air Force 1 style (Air Force 1 LV8 Utility) to their Air Force 1 line. The shoe is mainly called Nike Air Force 1 LV8 Utility sketch pack. The reason it’s called LV8 Utility sketch pack is because of the sketch details on the upper and the midsole. Nike released the shoe in April. It comes in three colourways which are the black with white accent, the white with black accent, and the white with racer blue accent.

  • Midsole: Foam
  • Perforations on the toebox
  • Sketch details
  • Rubber outsole with pivot circles for multisurface traction and durability
  • Stitched leather overlays
  • Padded collar for a soft and comfortable feel

Brand: Nike

Profile: Low-top

Shoe Line: Air Force 1

Technology: Air Unit

Category: Lifestyle


After hours of research, we have gathered enough information from customer reviews, sneakerheads opinions, and users views on the iconic sneaker. 


The following is the summary of what many sneaker lovers think about the LV8 Utility Sketch Pack.


  • The quality of the shoe is highly commendable by many reviewers
  • A reviewer said the LV8 Utility is one of the best Air Force 1 shoes he has ever seen
  • The mini swoosh on the medial makes the shoe more special, according to a reviewer
  • Some reviewers feel like the shoe is underrated
  • The sketch details make the Utility Sketch Pack aesthetically stand out from the rest of Nike Air Force 1 shoes
  • At the collar area, there is enough cushion for a smooth and comfortable feel
    • The Air Force 1 Lv8 Utility runs big, always go half a size down.
    • Nike should have provided the tongue with more padding, a reviewer suggested 


Unboxing Video

The following is an unboxing video showing all the features of the shoe.

Detailed Video Review

Below is a video review in which Stephen briefly tells the history of the shoe and then goes on to talk about its features in detail. According to him, the sketch details are what set the LV8 Utility apart from the rest of Air Force 1 shoes.

He shows how the shoe looks on feet and then recommends going half a size down when ordering online or in a local shop.

The Nike LV8 Utility features a printed phrase, ” variable width lacing system” on the medial side closes to the heel. The phrase describes the alternating widths on the eyestay. 


According to Nike, the purpose of these variable widths is to enable a secure, comfortable fit. The shoe is available in both men and women sizes.


The shoe generally runs big, so it is always advisable to go half a size down.

The Air Force one has been a shoe that many people, worldwide, fall in love with since its release in 1982. Nike released the original version as a basketball shoe. 

Some wear-tester complained about the strap that came with it. But it was apparent that those wear-testers did not return it because they liked its performance and support. 

Nike discontinued the shoe in 1984 and then reintroduced it in 1986 with a new style. As many fans and sneakerheads started falling in love with the sneaker, it quickly became a street shoe. The low-top version easily became popular among many fans and pop stars.

Over the year, Nike has released the Air Force 1 in different styles for both men and women. The most recent release is the Air Force 1 LV8 Utility Scribble Pack.

The upper of the Air Force 1 LV8 Utility Sketch Pack comes with sketch details that describe the shoe more understandably. On the lateral, there is a large sketched Nike swoosh logo. Above the swoosh logo is a phrase ‘Nike Air Force One’ which pays homage to the shoe line.


When you look at the medial side, you will see a 1982 number at the forefoot. The 1982 honours the year Bruce Kilgore designed the original Air Force One. It was the same year Nike launched the shoe.


Furthermore, there is another phrase (Variable Width Lacing System) closes to the heel. The phrase describes the alternating widths on the eyestay of Air Force 1 shoes. You will find the same eyestay design on the lacing system of Air Force One shoes. Bruce Kilgore designed the lacing system in that way to offer a comfortable, secure fit.


The sketch details are quite noticeable, but the upper also features stitched leather overlays that add heritage style to it.

Like other Nike Air Force 1 shoes, there are perforations on the toe box which make the shoe breathable enough for summer style.

Just like the upper, the midsole also features sketch details at the heel. The sketch details are the three hand-drawn zeros at the heel. Above the hand-drawn design is the phrase ‘Midsole Nike Air Unit’. The phrase points out that the hand-drawn represents the Nike Air Unit inside the heel area that remains invisible.

The purpose of the Air Unit or Air cushioning is to offer lightweight, all-day comfort.

The outsole of the LV8 Utility is the same as the outsole of other Air Force 1 shoes. Bruce Kilgore’s iconic pivot circles on the outsole enable proper surface traction.

In general, the design of the outsole offers multisurface gripping and enable the durability of the shoe. 

Let’s have a brief look at the background of Nike Air Force 1 shoes.

You probably heard of the Air in Box ad that came out when the original Nike Air Force 1 was launched in 1982.

‘Air in a box’ was a simple ad campaign slogan that Nike used when the company launched the Nike Air Force 1 in 1982. 


Nike named the shoe after the United State President Plane, Air Force One, as a way of paying homage to the plane.

It was the first basketball shoe that featured air pocket in the heel for support and comfort. Back then, Nike was very new to basketball shoe design. 


The company’s original foundation was based on designing running shoes. Running shoes usually focus on enhancing heel to toe transition. In basketball, the situation is a bit different – it involves jumping, heavy landing and instant re-jumping. 


 So, a basketball shoe design was a challenge to Nike at that time. Fortunately, Bruce Kilgore was able to create the shoe by drawing idea from a Nike hiking boot. Pivot circles on the outsole are Bruce Kilgore improvement to the traditional herringbone pattern that basketball shoes used to have in the 80s. 


The OG Air Force 1 was given to wear-testers to test its performance. Among the testers, was Tinker Hatfield, who joined the company a year earlier. That was 1981. 


Hatfield joined the company as a corporate architect, but after he was amazed by the performance of Air Force 1, he went on to become a Nike footwear designer instead of a building designer. A few years later, Hatfield designed the  Nike Air Jordan 3. As of now, Tinker Hatfield is one of the Nike legendary footwear designers.

Moving on, some of the wear-testers did not like the strap that came with the original Air Force 1, but that did not stop them from praising its performance. They loved the shoe to the extent that they refused to return it to Nike.

In 1984, Nike discontinued the production of the Air Force 1. When that happened, many fans did not take it lightly. They were asking distributors about the shoe. So, the distributors asked Nike about the possible return of the shoe. The idea of reproducing a shoe that was out of production was new to Nike during that time. As a result of the high demand for Air Force 1, Nike reconsidered bringing it back.

In 1986, the Nike Air Force 1 finally made a comeback. That was when the idea of Nike retro shoes started.

Over the years, there have been many releases of the Nike Air Force One in different colourways. The most recent one is the Air Force 1 LV8 Utility.

Final Thought

Nike released the Air Force 1 LV8 Utility as an addition to the Air Force 1 line. The sketch details are what many fans find incredible about the shoe.

According to some fans, the shoe is underrated. Even though some fans think that the LV8 Utility Sketch Pack does not get the hype it deserves, Nike has currently sold out one of the three colourways.

Another good thing about the shoe is its affordable price.

Overall, the shoe is very comfortable and looks good on the feet. The only problem many people complain about is the fit.

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What do you think about the Nike Air Force 1 LV8 Utility Sketch Pack?

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10 comments on “Nike Air Force 1 LV8 Utility Review

Mojisola Kupolati (Debbie)

Hi Stephen, thank you for your review of the newly released “Nike Air Force 1 LV8 Utility Sketch Pack” and educating us about the features and specifically informing about choosing the right size. My son will find it suitable, more so it is reasonably priced. Though you couldn’t say much about the durability, however, Nike brand is generally known for good quality.


Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

It’s a new shoe so it’s difficult to say how durable it will be. That being said, Nike Air Force 1 shoes are quite durable so this one won’t be an exception.

Hope your son won’t be disappointed.

Stay safe


Hello there! thanks a lot for sharing this well written and thorough review with us. Great job!  After hearing lots of amazing testimonies from most of my friends, I decided to buy mine a few days back and  I was so glad I did. These shoes are so nice and super comfortable. I highly recommend them. 


Thanks for letting us know, man.


Hello dear, thanks for sharing such a great and beautiful article Nike Air Force 1lv8 utility review, Nike shoes have been a very good product I can still remember the amazing experience I got when I bought my first Nike shoe I was very comfortable wearing and using it, i must commend your efforts on this resent release the 1lv8 utility looking forward to get one for myself


They may run out soon. The white with race blue accent is sold out on Nike, but you can still get it on Foot Locker UK or Ebay. 


so thoughtful of you to share such anmazing and information preview of the newly released “Nike Air Force 1 LV8 Utility Sketch Pack”… I must say that I appreciate your time and effort in making such a tentative research on this product and sharing it to everyone… I love it and I look forward to getting it


Thanks. I bought one of the colourways. So, I have some experience with the shoe. Research helps me know more about the features and the history of Nike Air Force 1 in general.


Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. When it comes to me buying shoes, I do go for quality. And Nike has been my preferred choice for ages due to its built and comfort o derived from it. However, the Nike Air Force 1 really looks good with it’s amazing colors. Purchasing one to enhance my dressing will be a perfect idea for me


Yeah, I think many people prefer quality. But there are some that don’t bother by it as long as the kick is aesthetically good looking.

The colours are dope


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