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Adidas Originals Stan Smith











  • The Adidas Stan Smith is a stylish and appealing shoe
  • The shoe fits well
  • t has multiple colour schemes
  • The shoe is light
  • The classic look of the shoe is mesmerizing
  • It is available for men, women, and children as well


  • People have not liked the quality of leather used on the upper of the shoe
  • The leather of the shoe creases in a little time

The classic sneaker design has been revived by Adidas in collaboration with Stan Smith.Adidas Stan Smith is an iconic sneaker that most of the sneaker lovers admire and has a pair at home.


Stan Smith has gained crazy popularity after Adidas brought back these pairs 3 years ago. People fell in love with the shoe soon after its release as its simple and stylish design brings back a classic memory to them.


Those who own a pair of Adidas Stan Smith claim that they have a piece of history with them. Indeed, this shoe is amazing and brings back a lot of memories from the past. Its wide variety of colour schemes allow the user to fashion it with any casual outfit.

  • Upper of the shoe features leather
  • It has a low top design
  • The shoe has a classic look to it
  • Excellent breathability
  • Extremely light and comfortable
  • Customers can customize this shoe for a little increase in price
  • The shoe has excellent durability

Brand: Adidas

Inspiration: Tennis 

Profile: Low Cut

Style: Classic

Availability: Adidas, JD Sport, Spartoo, dressINN, Amazon, Footasylum and more.

Prices: Less than £100.00


Adidas Stan Smith is an epitome of class and elegance. Only sneaker lovers know its value and worth. Its classic sneaker look and design make everyone fall in love with it. After reading many reviews, we can discuss the positive and negative points of the shoe. So, let’s get into it.


  • The shoe is comfortable and offers a perfect fit for the user
  • It is crafted with good leather
  • Its multiple colour variants and schemes allow the user to wear it with many outfits
  • It offers a supreme feel when worn
  • The synthetic sole of the shoe provides excellent traction
  • The midsole of the shoe adds to the comfort and lightness it provides
  • It is very easy to clean
  • The traction of the shoe is not up to the mark
  • According to some wide-feet users, the shoe is a little tight on the toes

Video Review

In the video below, the reviewers talk about the pros and cons of the Adidas Stan Smith. They also talk about the look and the style. The review includes questions and answers on the shoe.

Check out the video here.

To save you time and effort looking for the exact colourway the reviewers show in the video, we have helped you dug it up from Spartoo. You can see the image in the front. Check it out if you fancy it.

Showing the white colourway of the Adidas Stan Smith
Adidas Originals Stan Smith (White)

Adidas Stan Smith is available for men, women, and even children. It comes in a wide variety of colours so it looks stylish with every dressing.

The users have liked the shoe because of its classic design and comfort. It has been released several times, and every time the response is amazing.


The upper leather of the shoe looks appealing. With 3-stripes perforated with upper, it portrays the Adidas classic design and gives breathability to the shoe.


The classic EVA midsole offers comfort and lightweight to the users. The rubber cup-sole gives an excellent grip and fits, allowing the user to wear it all day.

The Adidas Stan Smith has been a classic for everyone in the world. Despite being in the market for decades, but of course, released with different materials in many years, the shoe never fails to impress the sneaker lovers.


The comfort and style of the shoe along with multiple colour schemes has allowed the teens to wear it with any outfit. It is a versatile shoe that goes with any piece of clothing.


The main thing about Stan Smith that grabs the attention of people, whether teen or elder, is its multiple varieties of colours. The brand has made many colours so that men and women can find it attractive and appealing.


The signature logo of Adidas is on the tongue of the shoe. Any colour that the user prefers, he/she can grab a pair of these shoes and brag about to its sporty and elegant look.

The upper of the Adidas Stan Smith is a leather fabric. The design is an exception with beautiful sewing on the top.

Besides being leather material, it provides good breathability and keeps the feet dry at all times.

The upper also features lace closure that allows the user to adjust the fitting according to one’s need.

Adidas Stan Smith has an EVA midsole. It is the best in terms of comfort. The EVA midsole does not only adds to the comfort of the shoe but increases the grip and durability of the shoe.

It has been a great journey for the EVA midsole in all the editions of Stan Smith yet; it has never failed to impress any of the customers.

The outsole of the shoe provides good traction to the ground. It has a trademark Adidas Stamp, which is the symphony of class and comfort.

It does not only provides a good grip but also adds to the style of the shoe as it varies with the colour of the shoe.

The first-ever Stan Smith was a tennis shoe inspired by Robert Haillet and was named after him. He was a professional tennis player who retired in 1965. Later, in 1978, the shoe was rebranded and named Stan Smith.

The shoe gives the impression of a complete Smith’s signature, name, and portrait.


Stan Smith was introduced as a performance shoe but due to its demand, it became iconic footwear around the globe. Besides being attractive for its design, people like it because of its durability.


The sneaker has been integrated with technologies to ensure its life. Adidas has also made use of the Primeknit and Boost technology in the Stan Smith.

Final Thought

Adidas Stan Smith is one of the best-selling sneakers of Adidas. Its classic iconic design has grabbed the attention of people from every corner of the world.

The low top of the shoe can be customised by paying a little extra. Overall, Stan Smith is a great performance shoe with comfort and style.

It comes at a reasonable price and offers a worthy deal of style, comfort, and durability.

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