Nike Revolution 5 FlyEase Review – Pros and Cons

Nike Revolution 5 FlyEase











  • Nike Revolution 5 FlyEase is very comfortable for street style despite being a running shoe.
  • Most of the reviewers praise the lightness of the shoe.
  • The shoe comes in different colours and is versatile as well.
  • Nike has put work into the FlyEase and improved the support of the shoe.
  • It has a unique and secure closure system that allows the users to wear it quickly.
  • The shoe has excellent durability and comprises long-lasting materials.


  • Although the shoe is perfect in every sense, it lacks cushioning.
  • People have complained about the fitness of the shoe; it is slightly loose in the fit.

Nike Revolution 5 FlyEase has no futuristic design and look. It is straightforward and minimalistic in design. It is a performance shoe that aims to provide an easy run to the sportsmen and people who love to run and jog. 


Nike has improved the shoe from Flyease Revolution 4. The Flyease Revolution 4 has a mesh upper, while the FlyEase Revolution 5 has a knitted upper that increases the breathability of the shoe. 

So, the upper of the shoe is now more flexible than the previous one. However, the FlyEase closure system remains the same as people have shown much love and appreciation towards it. 

It delivers excellent support to the users. 

  • Very lightweight
  • Breathable knitted upper
  • Improved technology and material
  • Midfoot hook
  • Cushioned midsole
  • Cushioned footbed
  • Lace-up and FlyEase closure
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • It comes in different colours.

Brand: Nike

Category: Running

Profile: Low-cut

Technology: FlyEase

Shoe Line: Nike Revolution


Nike has designed the shoe, especially for running like long-distance running and marathon. The design of the shoe is kept simple, but the performance is outstanding. 


The shoe is extremely lightweight, and the upper is breathable. It is perfect for casual activities, as well. It has excellent comfort and provides good support with every step.


Now let’s look at the summary of both positive and negative opinions on the sneaker.


  • Nike Revolution 5 FlyEase has a beautiful knitted upper that is very soft and light in weight.
  • The best thing about the shoe is that it wraps your foot in a breathable comfort zone.
  • Nike has enhanced the heel, support, and durability of the shoe from its previous models.
  • The FlyEase closure with a wraparound zipper allows the users to feel more secure.
  • The rubber outsole of the shoe provides excellent grip and traction.
    • Nike has not put much focus on the design of the shoe, according to some users.
    • Although the shoe is comfortable, it lacks cushioning as other Nike sneakers.


Nike Revolution 5 comes in different colours and sizes. The shoe comes in the standard size for both men and women. It is widely available in sneaker stores, and for a more secure fit, it is better to try out different sizes in the shops if you get a chance

According to users, the shoe is a little loose in fit. Although it comes in a standard size, it does not provide the perfect fit. The FlyEase technology makes it difficult to notice it wraps the foot properly and gives a good feel. So, most of the users won’t even feel it. The insole also provides extra comfort.

Additional Info

The Nike Revolution 5 FlyEase is a successor of Revolution 4. Nike has worked a lot on the shoe and made it a perfect performance shoe. Due to its success and popularity, Nike has released this shoe for sneaker lovers too.

It has soft lining along with a cushioned footbed. It also consists of a reinforced heel.


The Nike Revolution shoe has a FlyEase closure with a zipper wraparound and also a midfoot hook and loop strap. It aims to provide a fantastic fit for the user. The insole also provides extra comfort.

Considering the weight of the shoe, Nike has used a combination of different lightweight materials. The shoe features a knitted upper, which reduces the weight and increases the breathability of the shoe to a significant level. The formulated fortified heel in the shoes adds stability and support.

The shoe is lace-free and consists of a secure closure system. It allows the users to wear it easily and quickly.

The Nike Revolution 5 FlyEase features a lightweight midsole that increases the efficiency and performance of the shoe. The midsole provides a cushioned feel.  It has a textured outer wall that reduces the weight of the shoe and allows the users to wear it for an entire day. You will also notice a soft sock liner in the midsole that enhances the cushioning and comfort of the shoe.

The outsole of the Revolution 5 FlyEase features rubber. Rubber is the best material for an outsole, as it has excellent traction and grip on the ground. 

Moreover, rubber outsole is durable, and it protects the shoe from sharp and hard objects on the ground. 

A rubber outsole increases the lifespan and the flexibility of the shoe. You can test the grip of the shoe on any surface, whether hard or slippery, it won’t disappoint you.

Final Thought

Nike Revolution 5 FlyEase is a high-performance shoe. The shoe is specifically for running and jogging. It provides excellent comfort and support when you run. It also has a knitted upper that reduces the weight of the shoe, increases comfort, and makes the shoe flexible. 

The midsole of the shoe has cushioning and consists of a textured outer wall. The shoe comes with excellent fit and different colourways.


Nike Revolution 5 FlyEase is widely available, and overall, it is an excellent sneaker. You can also wear the shoe casually. It has vibrant colours, so it matches with casual outfits as well. 


Nike has improved the Revolution shoe line with improvements and enhancement in almost everything. It has excellent comfort, support, durability, and flexibility. One thing the reviewers say is that they want to enhance the style of the shoe to improve the looks. All in all, it is a great shoe at an affordable price.

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4 comments on “Nike Revolution 5 FlyEase Review – Pros and Cons

Dr. SD

Being a weekend cricket player a pair of perfect running shoes is essential for me. I’m not a professional cricketer, it’s only about the hobby, so lightweight and comfortable running shoes are good enough for me, and I mostly prefer Nike and Reebok in this area.

You know cyclone in the last week blow out my favorite pair of shoes, and I am now badly looking for another pair, but things are pretty unavailable in this lockdown season.

Your Nike Revolution 5 FlyEase review offered me a perfect opinion. Let’s take a look at how this one is.

Thank you fr the detailed info. 


You’re welcome. 

Thanks for dropping by and leaving your opinion – very much appreciated.

Stay well, stay safe.


helooo dear, thanks for sharing such an amazing content with us all, wow what a wonder content you have here, i must say you have really highlighted all the important things, we need to know here, looking at various photos on your article, i olan on doing some purchasing, i believe these is exactly what my son needs, he will definitely find these post usefull, thanks alot for the info dear, love the designs and your sense of humour here it really brings out the product uniqueness , already saved these so as to come back for future reference


Thanks, man. Glad you like the content.

I will love to see you again.

In the meantime, be safe.


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