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  • Adidas Cloudfoam Ultimate has an insane comfort level, according to fans.
  • The shoe is very lightweight.
  • The shoe is very stylish and impressive in design.
  • Although it is not a performance shoe, it serves well for many sports activities.
  • The outsole of the shoe provides a very good grip.
  • The shoe comes in numerous colours.
  • Cloudfoam technology is enhanced and provides a great fit for users.
  • The price of the shoe is affordable and worth it.


  • Adidas Cloudfoam Ultimate is a little bigger than the actual size.
  • The lace of the shoe requires more effort to adjust.
  • It does not provide proper ankle and arch support.

Adidas Cloudfoam Ultimate is one of the top picks for sneaker lovers. The shoe is worth every penny and provides a good experience in running and walking, based on what some reviewers say. 

The design and style set this shoe apart from any other sneaker; this is the reason it is suitable as a casual shoe and for everyday use. 

The knit upper provides good breathability and comfortability to the users. 

The Cloudfoam midsole together with the EVA outsole adds to the stability and response of the shoe. 

The textured knit upper looks very appealing according to many reviewers.

    • Stylish design
    • Good comfort level
    • Good breathability
    • Lightweight
    • Provides good traction
    • Lace closure
    • Good quality material
    • Affordable
    • Cloudfoam midsole increases comfort and stability.


Brand: Adidas

Category: Running

Profile: Low-cut

Technology:  Cloudfoam

Shoe Line: Adidas Cloudfoam


Adidas Cloudfoam Ultimate is not a performance shoe but due to its flexibility and ability to hold well under pressure, people can use it for various sports activities. 


The shoe comes with a stylish design along with a comfortable feel without being very pricey. 


The Knit upper increases the breathability, and it allows the users to wear the shoe the entire day. 

Cloudfoam technology is a sub-brand of NEO which offers a lighter cushioning system. 


Based on reviewers opinions, the following are the positive and negative aspect of the shoe:


  • The shoe is perfect as casual fashion shoes.
  • Adidas Cloudfoam Ultimate has good cushioning overall.
  • The shoe is very light in weight.
  • The shoe is breathable and comfortable.
  • EVA foam on the outsole provides a good grip.
  • Cloudfoam Ultimate has a very elegant design.
  • It comes in various colours.
  • The price tag is also affordable.
  • The shoe is not a performance shoe, but you can use it for that purpose.
    • The durability of the shoe is satisfactory; it is not up to the ultimate level.
    • Most of the users do not like the lacing system of the shoe.


Video Review

The following is an unboxing video that shows you how the shoe look like out of the box.

Check out the video below.

To save you time and effort looking for the exact colourway the guy shows in the video, we have helped you dug it up from House of Fraser. 

Check it out if you like it.

Adidas Cloud Foam Ultimate Green/Carbon
Colourway: Green/Carbon

Adidas Cloudfoam Ultimate style is for both men and women. According to many reviewers, the shoe is very true to its size.

 There are more than fifteen colours, so you can choose the best one according to your style. 

However, if you have narrow or wide feet, you would probably need to try on the shoe before ordering it online.

According to reviewers, the shoe provides a good fit. The knit upper of the shoe enables it to provide a better fit. It provides a great experience to the users in terms of snug feel and reaction. It adds stability to the shoe as well.

Additional Info

Adidas Cloudfoam Ultimate is the kind of shoe that focuses on comfort, but it also has an appealing design and style. It makes the users pair it with any casual outfit.


The shoe comes in numerous colours. People who love the comfort and cushioning of the shoe have more than one pair as it looks significantly attractive on the feet.


The midsole is of Cloudfoam Technology, while the outsole is made up of EVA foam technology. Both are working together to provide a good and comfortable feel to the users.


The knitted upper has a beautiful texture that is visible from a long distance. The material does not only give the feeling of a sock but also increases the breathability of the shoe.

The upper of the Adidas Cloudfoam Ultimate is one of its major features. 

The knit and light upper feel like a sock when you wear the shoe. It enhances the breathability and feel of the shoe. 

The ankle area is cushioned as other parts of the shoe, but it is quite soft. 

The heel tab is not only for show, but it takes the pressure from the heel and makes your feet feel comfortable rather than tiring.

The midsole of the Adidas Cloudfoam Ultimate consists of Cloudfoam technology. 

The Cloudfoam provides the comfort that the users need. It adds to the contour of the foot and provides good support to the shoe. It also provides a good response while running in it.

The outsole of the shoe contains EVA foam and has a wave groove-like pattern on it. The pattern does not only separate the shoe from any other shoe, but it also provides good traction and grip to the users. 

The outsole of the shoe also adds to the appealing and stylish design.

Final Thought

Adidas Cloudfoam Ultimate is a fashionable sneaker. People love this sneaker very much, and some fans have more than one pair. The shoe comes with a very affordable price tag. 

Adidas has improved the comfortability and cushioning of the shoe in many parts. However, the durability of the shoe is not as impressive as other features. 

The knit upper provides a good feel to the users while enhancing the breathability of the shoe. 

The Cloudfoam technology plays its part very well in the midsole and adds stability to the shoe while the outsole provides good traction and grip. 

Overall, the shoe is pretty impressive, and reviewers rate it as the most comfortable sneaker that can go with casual outfits. The shoe comes in various colours. 

The users said that this shoe is worth every penny.


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