Adidas Continental 80 Review – Pros and Cons

Adidas Continental 80











  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Different colour schemes
  • French Terry Lining Provides soft feel
  • Value for money


  • Runs narrow
  • Arch support may not be enough for flat-footed individuals
  • May get dirty quicker
  • Upper: Leather
  • Closure: Lace-Up
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Cupsole: Split Rubber Cupsole
  • Logo: Logo Window next to laces
  • Fit: Regular fit
  • Vent: Breathable mesh upper
  •  Lining: French Terry Lining
  •  Adidas Stripe: Two-tone Stripe


There are many individuals that have used and reviewed the Adidas Continental 80 footwear. Many have given their thoughts through seller websites and youtube video reviews. 

In summary, the following are what the reviewers think:


  • Majority of reviewers recommended the Adidas Continental 80
  • Quite a good number of users applauded the leather and the inner lining
  •  A handful of users said that the shoe is very comfortable and looks very stylish
  •  Many reviewers said that the footgear goes with any outfit and is a very fashionable shoe during a summer period
  •  Reviewers applauded the different colour schemes
  •  The footwear is a value for money and very budget-friendly, according to many buyers
  •  A good number people of applauded the quality of the shoe
  •  A substantial volume of buyers are happy with the retro look of the Continental 80
  •  Very considerable number of users said that the shoe is good for walking around all day
  • A handful of users appreciated the softness of the leather and inner lining which gives the shoe a very comfortable feel
  • Quite a good number of users said that the footgear fits true to size
  • A few number of reviewers complained about the quality of the shoe
  • Some reviewers said that the shoe runs big while others said it runs narrow – depending on how wide or narrow their feet is
  • Some reviewers felt that the arch support of the shoe isn’t enough

Rating Breakdown

As much as customer review provides some helpful information on a product so does rating breakdown provides some data that logically explain how well the product is doing.


Here is the rating breakdown showing the number of customers with their rating from 1 to 5 star.


Video Review

The reviewer in the following video did a good review of the shoe by talking about the features and functionalities of the Continental 80. He  introduced the upper and the split rubber cupsole. Quickly, he showed the removable insole, and finished the video by showing how the kick looks on feet.

Here is the video:

The Continental 80, according to a good number of reviewers, fits true to size and feels comfortable on feet. Its low-cut profile enables quick ankle movement and easy change of pace. The kick is available in men and women sizes ranging from 3.5 to 13.

Additional Details on Adidas Continental 80

The Continental 80 is named after the year in which the original model was released, which is 1980. The shoe features the iconic Adidas two stripes located on the side. Unlike its predecessor, this is a footwear designed for everyday wear. It has the retro look of the 80s lifestyle sneaker which gives the nostalgic fans a feel of satisfaction.

One can easily notice the Adidas Trefoil logo window on the upper and the heel. The toe area and the sides near the sole area have perforated holes and, therefore permit fresh air which keeps the inner part less sweaty.

 The footwear is available in a variety of colourways which many fans are happy about.

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9 comments on “Adidas Continental 80 Review – Pros and Cons


Oh I love the colors of these shoes (that is what matters, right?!). You mention the versatility of these shoes. Would you recommend that these shoes be worn during particular times? Particular sports? 

I run a lot, would these be acceptable for running?                                                                                                          

Thanks so much for sharing!



Hi Ciara,

Thanks for leaving a comment,

If I owned the Adidas Continental 80 I will only use it for walking around or just for casual use. It can look adorable in a nice part shirt and jeans outfit.

I may use it for short distant run. I would not expect it to do very well when it comes to performance.

I recommend the Ultra Boost for long distant and comfortable run.


The Adidas continental 80 looks like an awesome footwear. You mentioned a video and I would have really loved to see it in this post but you just provided the youtube link. The shoe definitely looks nice and for the negative reviews offered I think those are just everyone’s opinions especially those complaining the shoe is too narrow. 

If it is narrow for some people then it must mean that it is too big for others. One person’s disadvantage is another person’s advantage. There is no way a product can please everyone.

So, in my opinion, this is a really nice footwear and the color options are extremely nice.


Hey Jay,

I’ve just seen how bad the post look. I recently made an adjustment so it kind of changed the structure of the post. I will resolve it as soon as possible.

Thanks for pointing it out.


I love adidas sneakers, one of the best in the world for me. The good thing about Adidas shoes is that, they really last, I kept one for 5 years once. And it was still a nice pair of shoes. I love it because of the quality and the comfort. Above all it is because of the design. I like simple and classy shoes. And your article is very informative. The details of the item are well underlined. But how do I purchase it? Should I go back to amazon and search for it? Thanks


Hi Adyn,

Thanks for commenting. You only have to click the Amazon link I provided below the shoe image if you want to purchase it. Once you clicked on the affiliate link, you will be directed to Amazon immediately.

Let me know if you have any other question.


Hello, first and foremost i would like to commend your effort with this post on Adidas continental 80 review. The timing of this post is perfect for me as I have been looking for an Adidas foot wear that’s comfortable enough with a very nice design and I think I just found the perfect one. I love the fact that it’s in different colors so I can have varieties to choose from.


Hi. Thank you for you excellent review of the Adidas continental 80 shoes. 

It definitely brought some nostalgia back to me as I used to have a pair of these.  

I remember the quality not been as good as I though they would be once I starte wearing them. In saying that Adidas products are always top notch so it would not stop me from buying another pair. 

Will you continue to review different Adidas products in the future? 

I found your review well thought out, presented and very informative.

Take care and great work 🙏


Sure Mathew. Adidas product is one of my best product too. So, it’s a top brand for me


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