Skechers GOWalk 4 – Incredible: Pros and Cons

There are quite a good number of GoWalk 4 versions out there, but I will be talking about GoWalk 4 – Incredible in this post

Skechers released the GoWalk 4 – Incredible as another version in their GoWalk 4 line of walking shoes. This new version doesn’t feature the traditional lacing system. It’s basically a slip-on trainer designed for walking. It features engineered mesh upper to allow enough air into the interior part. At the toe and heel sections are the synthetic overlays for added durability. Another noticeable feature is the 5GEN midsole cushioning which enables responsive effect in every step. In the inside is the Goga Max insole. The Goga Pillars on the outsole enable shock absorption in every gait. According to Sketchers, the tapering mid foot design provides improved arch support.

Sketcher GoWalk 4 - Incredible
Colourway: Blue Navy/Gray
Colourway: Black BBK

Available on:





  • Engineered mesh fabric upper
  • Rubber outsole
  • Closure: Slip-on
  • 5GEN midsole cushioning
  • Goga pillars on the outsole
  • Sketchers Goga Max insole
  • Synthetic overlays
  • Side S logo
  • Bamboo lined footbed for controlling odour in the interior part


  • Aesthetically attractive
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Comfortable
  • Good shock absorption
  • Synthetic overlays at the toe and heel area for reinforcement


  • Not versatile
  • Could perform poorly when used for running



After spending some hours reading reviews on the GoWalk 4 – Incredible, I managed to obtain different opinions. The following positive and negative sections summarise the reviewers opinions.


  • A vast majority of users recommended the shoe
  • A high number of reviewers pointed out that this walking shoe is very good for shock absorption
  • Very flexible, lightweight and comfortable shoe, said most reviewers
  • There are customers that recommended the shoe only for everyday wear
  • A great product at good price, said by many customers
  • A customer applauded the foam which feels very comfortable
  • Many reviewers feel that the shoe provides good arch support
  • Quite a good number of reviewers said that it fits like a sock
  • Some reviewers said that this version of GoWalk 4 shoes is the most comfortable and lightweight shoe they’ve ever had
  • It fits true to size, said many users 


  • Some reviewers said that the shoe is a bit tight while others say it runs a bit big
  • A reviewers said that the Skecher Go Walk 4 wears out easily
  • Few users said that the shoe squeak
  • A user explained that the deep grooves on the outsole are capable of picking up little rubble
  • There are few reviewers that feel the shoe is not as breathable and comfortable as they’ve expected
  • A user said that the shoe is unsuitable for hill walking but can be a good option for everyday wear
  • Few reviewers said that the shoe is not as comfortable as the previous versions of Sketchers GoWalk shoes



Rating Breakdown

Rating breakdown is such a tool many people find very useful when it comes to buying a product online. Though going through customer reviews can be very helpful, some people may not have a chance to do that. So, they immediately direct their attention to rating breakdown.

To provide additional helpful and useful information, I’ve decided to create a pie chart that shows the percentage of reviewers rating from 1 to 5 star on the shoe.

Here is the pie chart:

Amazon Rating Breakdown

As you can see from the chart above, 4% of reviewers gave the shoe 1 star; 3% of the reviewers gave it 2 star; 6% of the reviewers rated it with 3 star; 14% of the customers rated it with 4 star; and finally, the 73% of the reviewers gave it 5 star.


Video Review

This is a quick video review in which you can quickly grasp some simple facts about the shoe. The guy in the video first showed the shoe on feet with a pair of long jeans. He later talked a bit about the design. He showed the interior part and the Sketcher Goga Max insole. Overall, he summarised all the shoe has got to offer and provided brief information on the upper, interior, midsole and the outsole.

Enjoy the video below:

I’ve also included another video diving more into the benefits of the shoe. It’s actually a video of an expert from sketchers presenting the necessary features of GoWalk 4. She talked about the Sketchers 5Gen Cushioning system, the cushion pods Goga Pillars) on the outsole, the Goga Max insole and the material in the upper.

Please note that the shoes in the following video are the Pursuit version of Sketchers Gowalk 4. The information is helpful in knowing more about the features of GoWalk 4 walking shoes.

If you want to know more about the shoe, you may have a look at the video here:


Additional Details

The Upper, midsole, and outsole are the parts that define a shoe. The upper is the part that cover the back of the foot, the instep and the toe area. It is the part fixed to the sole. Talking about the sole, there is one called midsole and another one called outsole. Some shoes may have insole while some may not. The midsole is the one that represents the middle layer between the insole and the outsole while the outsole is the outer layer. The outsole makes direct contact with the ground. It is usually designed to enable surface gripping.

Now let’s go through what the upper, midsole and outsole of Sketchers GoWalk 4 – Incredible is made of.



Upper View

First of all, the upper doesn’t feature the traditional lacing system. This is an easy wearing shoe which is very good at slipping on and off.

The GoWalk 4 features engineered mesh upper. The material is flexible, lightweight and breathable. It features air mesh on the side panels which enable more air into the interior part. A good improvement to appreciate is the material upper with more open pore which enable more inflow of air.

The athletic mesh fabric upper is not only lightweight, but also flexible which is kind of very good at adapting to the foot movement and adjust to the natural expansion of the foot while walking.

The heel and toe sections feature synthetic overlays to withstand wear and tear of the mesh fabric upper. The overlay at the heel provides some support in keeping the rearfoot steady.




The midsole is made of 5Gen cushioning system. It’s a lightweight and flexible material which enables a good responsive effect in every stride. Its tapering design at the midfoot section provides improved arch support.

The Goga Max insole enables a comfortable feel of the midsole responsive effect. Another good thing about it is its bamboo lining with anti-bacterial odour control. This keeps the interior air fresh and hygienic to the foot.




The cushion pods on the outsole called Goga pillars are not just there for decoration or providing great traction. They were designed to absorb all the shocks in every step.

There are some grooves on the outsole which enhance surface gripping and render the shoe more lightweight. However, the grooves are capable of housing rubble.



This is a shoe that is only available in men’s size. The sizes range from 7 to 16. Unlike its predecessors, it doesn’t feature the conventional lacing system. The upper wraps around the feet and provides a sock-like feel. It naturally adjusts to the foot expansion while walking and keeps the feet comfortable all the time. The tapering design of the midsole provides better support to the arch.


Bottom Line

With the 5GEN cushioning midsole and the Goga pillars on the outsole, Sketchers GOWalk 4 – Incredible provides the comfort feel any walking shoe can offer. These features are not only about providing responsive effect and absorbing shocks, but, also, they are designed to be lightweight making the wearers feel like they’re wearing nothing.

For people with wide feet, it will be a good choice to order have a size big. In the case of people with narrow feet, ordering half a size down could be a good option. The reason is there are people that complained about the shoe running a little big and others complained that it runs a bit small.

If you have a store close by, you may try it out on your feet before ordering it online.



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16 comments on “Skechers GOWalk 4 – Incredible: Pros and Cons

(Some reviewers said that the shoe is a bit tight while others say it runs a bit big) – shoes comes with different sizes so that wouldn’t be a problem.. Two thumbs up! gonna get this one soon!

abioye olalekan

I am just getting to know about Skechers GOWalk 4; These are the type of shoes i have been looking for; Its durable and not too costly.

Thanks for listing out the pros and cons, from my observation the advantages is much more than its disadvantage so i am purchasing mine right away.

Thanks for sharing


I’m glad you found the info helpful. 

Let me know if you need any help.

Florence Ki

Thanks for writing such complete review about Sketchers GoWalk4. I found your site while researching for a good walking shoes. I love the outsole design with Goga pillar that can absorb shocks. As my son is quite heavy, I was wondering whether Sketchers has indication on any particular weight this shock absorber can sustain. Do you have any idea? 


Hi Florence,

The specific weight the Goga pillars can sustain is not mentioned. 

The Goga Pillars are not the only systems for absorbing the weight. It is supported by the 5GEN midsole cushioning. On the inside is the Goga Max insole which offers some level of support too.

I think it should do well, but I can’t tell the specific weight it can absorb.


Dear Stephen,

I personally appreciate all the research and hard work you put into creating this review post. This was a highly informative review post and I learned a lot of new things.

The features, pros and cons you shared is very helpful in making our purchase decision. Thanks a lot for the honesty in sharing other people positive and negative opinions about this shoe. The video you embedded and the images are very helpful in adding more value to the review and gives us helpful information.

Not versatile is a bit concern and as the name itself tells us the story its a “go walk” not for running so I am not going to use it for running.

Mens Skechers Trainers Black is what I prefer and this is on my list. Thanks again for the detailed review, Indeed you are saving people time.

Much Success!



Cheers Paul. I’m glad this review is helpful.


The aesthetically attractive design of the Gowalk 4 is the crux for me, not to talk of its Light weighted flexibility and comfortability. Its effective shock absorption is just good news for someone like me, someone who plays basketball. What I love most about this shoe is the fact that it can be worn plainly for fashion considering its aesthetics.


Yeah, it’s a cool fashionable shoe.



Thank you for creating this review of Gowalk4 incredible version. You have done an excellent job putting up this great article. I am an addicted lover of shoes and will want to buy the Gowalk4  shoe. I love the fact that is has a very light weigh, I love it flexibility and comfort ability. I am flat footed and I am pretty that this shoe will be very suitable for me. The positive comments from buyers is also encouraging. I so much thank you for sharing this information. 


I have watched the video and read the reviews and notice that the Gowalk 4 is the shoe I need after work. I need comfortable shoes to use as I take evening walks.
If it is lightweight, flexible and comfortable yet attractive, what else can I ask for.
Thank you for this thorough review.


Helo! Sketchers brand are very popular here in Taiwan it’s not that expensive and friendly user.

Todd P Matthews

Definitely not a running shoe, but I’d definitely snag a pair of these for casual wear. The fact there are no shoestrings makes me crave this product even more. I’ve always been put off by shoe strings, because of their ability to stretch with time and it only creates mishaps. Fantastic shoe for casual wear.


I agree with you, it can’t be used for running.
It can easily slip off during running stride.

Deepak Agarwala

Will these shoes be good for myplantar fascitiis problem? I’ve been using Go walk 3s comfortably


Hi Deepak,
Skechers GoWalk 3 is one of the best shoes from Skechers for treating plantar fasciitis.
According to my source, Skechers Gowalk 4 is even better. Skechers Flex Advantage 2.0 tops the list


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