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Nike React Runner WR ISPA Low – Release Details

Nike React WR ISPA

React WR ISPA is a new hot kick from Nike. The name ISPA is a philosophy and set of design principles developed by Nike innovative team. ISPA stands for Improvise, Scavenge, Protect and Adapt. ISPA is said to be a design principle that will have the abilities to withstand unexpected circumstances in the form of weather and related conditions.

Nike describes the footwear as functional, adaptable and versatile. It’s a stylish performance shoe driven by experimentation and targeted toward solving athletes problem.

Here is how Nike describes the philosophy behind the making of the shoe:

I – “Never be blocked by the first answer to a problem, IMPROVISE to see if it can be improved”

S – “To find the materials you need, SCAVENGE and pull together the best available options to solve the problem”

P – “Your solution must PROTECT against the problem”

A – ” ADAPT all solutions to fit their broadest potential”

This is a philosophy Nike believes will offer a unique way for creating and solving a problem. This philosophy allowed the designers and engineers to work across different functions in which they scavenged existing innovation and ideas.

The designer of this version of ISPA is said to have been inspired by Apollo 13. This is why ISPA React WR Low features a tape-like upper. Inside the shoe are tape-like bandages which provide lockdown and heel cushioning.

The shoe makes it debut in three colourways which are: Black, Velvet Brown, Summit White.

The following are the three new colourways that will be releasing on February 2019.

image from Nike

Colourway: Black/Metallic Silver-Gunsmoke

Release Date: 23/03/2019

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image from Nike

Colourway: Velvet Brown/Terra Orange-Dark Stucco

Release Date: 23/03/2019

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image from Nike

Colourway: Summit White/Deep Royal Blue-Khaki-Black

Release Date: 23/03/2019

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7 comments on “Nike React Runner WR ISPA Low – Release Details

These are very sharp looking shoes, I notice on the bottom side view you can see different connecting peices, does this have a purpose or is it just for look?



So this is a new innovative way to design for nike. They look interesting. I am not seeing how they lace up or are they a velcro strap that just looks like you lace them up? Do they help with leg problems or just the extra cushion for the feet? I do like the look of them. Going to wait for the Summit White ones. Thanks for the info.


These are great running shoe models you’ve got here. I particularly love the philosophy behind the React WR ISPA. I live in the tropics and face adverse weather condition that is unfavorable to certain shoe types.I recently bought a pair of sneakers (not Nike), and they are already deteriorating in less than 6 months. These Nike shoes seem to be a perfect fit for my environment since they are very adaptable. If I would pick one of these, then it has to be the black model. Thanks for the great review.

Mark Baker

Wow, never even thought that there could be a whole philosophy behind the making of a shoe. It kind of makes the React WR ISPA from Nike instantly more attractive. I like that you say that the shoes is ” targeted toward solving athletes problems”. That is after all what any business should be about. I have to admit that I have not worn Nike for a few years but I always look at their shoes. Your post has ignited a new interest of mine in this shoe. Thanks for sharing this. 



Very stylist  looking footwear. They look very different from Nikes. Im sure anyone who wears them will feel a difference on their feet. Good for sports or just wearing every day. I like how  you descibe the shoe and the benefits you get when wearing them. Very nice site and hope to see more in the future



I love the slogan improvise scavenge protect adapt is a nice slogan. React WR ISPA is promising like every other Nikkei product. I love it I love your detailed review and the shoes are fine. I think that they should subsidize the price since it is a new product in that wise more people will buy and give review 


Nice Looking Shoes.
Thanx for Sharing The ISPA Code 🙂


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