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New Balance 574 Classic – Pros and Cons

New Balance 574 Classic











  • Comfortable
  • Versatile
  • Great support
  • Durable
  • Budget-friendly


  • Runs Small
  • Not as breathable as some modern running shoes

In 1988, the New Balance 574 running shoes were released. 

There are many updated versions that have been released in different colourways over the years. 

The shoe sticks to its root while offering some modern running shoes qualities.

The New Balance 574 classic can be found in men and women models. 

There are variety of colourways to choose from. 

On the upper is the traditional lacing system and, it comes with extra lace. 

The New Balance ENCAP technology is one of the important features that make the shoe more comfortable. 

Other noticeable features are the padded tongue and collar.

Another interesting thing about the shoe is there is an option for you to customise it to your liking.

Read more about NB 574 classic below.



  • Leather outer material
  • Textile inner material
  • EVA sole
  • Rubber outsole
  • ENCAP® midsole
  • Lining: Knit
  • Lace-Up closure
  • Suede/mesh material composition
  • Width: Regular
  • Heel height: 2cm

Thoughts on New Balance 574 Classic

New Balance 574 shoes have been around for a while and there have been many fans that have expressed their thoughts on the classic shoe.

In summary, the following are what reviewers think:

  • Most reviewers recommended the shoe
  • They said that it’s very comfortable and supportive
  • Quite a good number of customers regarded the shoe as a value for money
  • Some users said that it eased their plantar fasciitis and bruised metatarsal
  • It’s a stylish shoe that feels great and can be used for walking or just for everyday wear said many reviewers
  • Looks good, feels great and fits well are the words some reviewers used to describe the New Balance 574
  • A handful of customers are happy with the design and the materials used
  • A customer said that these pair of shoes are good options for anyone looking for good looking and comfortable trainers
  • Most of the happy reviewers said that the pair is very budget-friendly
  • A considerable number of reviewers complained about the fit and recommended going half a size up
  • Some reviewers recommended going a full size up, especially people with wide feet
  • The outsole becomes slippery on a wet smooth surface, a customer complained
  • A very few reviewers complained about the shoe durability

In this video, the reviewer did some introduction to the New Balance 574 classic. 

He briefly introduced and talked about the outsole, then showed and talked about the famous New Balance ENCAP technology running from the heel to the midfoot. 

Also, he was able to talk about the upper design featuring rugged suede, New Balance branding, well constructed collar lining and breathable vamp.


Before the end of the video, he showed how the shoe looks on feet.

Enjoy the video here:

Bottom Line

This classic shoe is one of the most sought-after New Balance shoes. 

For some people, it’s the most comfortable shoe they’ve ever owned. 

Many fans can’t even get enough of the benefits it has got to offer. 

Being budget-friendly and comfortable, it’s a shoe that some non fans don’t mind adding to their rotation.

Despite being regarded as durable, comfortable, and perfect fit, some reviewers are not happy at all with the quality.

Overall, majority of users are pleased with the quality of New Balance 574 classic. 

It may not be the best running shoe ever, but it has got the quality running shoes can offer. 

Many people regard it as a stylish shoe for everyday wear and road running.

The Upper, midsole, and outsole are the parts that define a shoe. 

The upper part covers the back of the foot, the toe area and the instep. 

It’s the part that houses the foot and is usually fixed to the sole. The sole consists of the outsole and the midsole. 

The part that represents the middle layer of the sole is the midsole. 

It’s the area that is commonly designed for shock absorption. 

The area that makes direct contact with the ground is called the outsole. It’s specifically designed to provide good traction and some sort of supports during walking or running gait.

Insole is another part of a shoe that the feet normally sit on. 

Some shoes feature a fixed insole while others feature removable insoles. There are also some shoes without insole – example is Adidas NMD R1.

The New Balance SL-2 last was used when building the New Balance 574 shoe. 

For clarity, SL-2 last is a foot-shaped mold around which a shoe is built. With a shoe last a shoe internal shape can be created. 

The shoe that is built on SL-2 Last is said to have a higher instep height, a wider toe box, and a slightly narrow heel.



The shoe features the traditional lacing, breathable mesh and suede upper. 

The breathable mesh is located in the vamp section. 

The tongue and the collar are well padded to provide smooth comfortable feeling to the feet. 

The materials used to make the upper give the shoe a better structure and thereby making it more durable.

New Balance 574 is a shoe designed for running and has been tweaked by many popular brands over the years. 

The EVA material in the midsole of the New Balance 574 can be found in most running shoes. 

This shoe doesn’t only feature the EVA material for cushioning but also the iconic ENCAP technology which provides more support and ensures effective shock absorption. 

The ENCAP technology runs from the heel to the midfoot. 

It’s designed to withstand impact force in every step.


Some running shoes may feature fixed insole, but the insole in the New Balance 574 Classic is removable. 

So, there is a chance for replacing it with a more suitable insole based on individual preference.

There is nothing much to say about the outsole except that it’s a rubber and seems to provide a good traction. 

The New Balance branding is located in the heel section. 

Its rugged design looks great but a customer complained that it becomes slippery on wet surfaces. 

In conclusion, majority of reviewers do not have any negative opinions on the outsole.

The shoe is available in different styles and colourways for men and women. 

The men’s size range from 6.5 to 18 while that of women’s range from 5 to 12. It’s available in standard (D) and wide (2E) widths for men. 

In the case of women fit, the shoe can be found in medium (B) and wide (D) widths. 

Though some reviewers said that the shoe runs true to size, there are some users/reviewers that disagreed. 

New Balance 574 classic is a running shoe that has been around since 1988. 

Many fans, over the years, have added this to their collection either for performance or lifestyle purpose. 

It’s a stylish, well-designed, good looking shoe that has gained iconic status of how running shoes should be designed. 

The shoe has ENCAP cushioning technology which usually helps with shock absorption. 

It features suede-and-mesh combo or leather upper.

The restyled version of New Balance 573 came into market in 2003. 

When it comes to colourways, the New Balance 574 presents itself in a variety of colour. 

There are many celebrities that collaborated with New Balance to release the NB 574 in different styles. 

The American hip hop group, “Wu-Tang”, is one of the popular collaborators. People like Mos Def, Pharell and Steve Job were seen wearing the shoe.

Over the years, the design of the New Balance 574 has been updated to compete with the model running shoes. 

The iconic sneaker is still considered as one of the best running/lifestyle shoe options available. 

It’s a shoe for performance or just everyday wear. 

The 574 line of New Balance shoes is available in different colourways, giving the fans different options to choose from.

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16 comments on “New Balance 574 Classic – Pros and Cons


I love the New Balance range, but I am a walker, not a runner. They work well for walking too. I didn’t realize that they had been around since 1988, as I have only noticed them in stores over the last couple of years.

Just a warning when ordering these shoes online, and I think you did mention it, is to order a 1/2 size higher than your shoe size as New Balance is a small make of shoe.

One thing I must say about my New Balance Shoes is that I have had them for years and I go on two to three walks a week in them. I don’t know if I am supposed to change them a little more often, but they are still as comfortable as they were when they were new.


My first pair of sneakers are New Balanced. Not sure which one I had but it looks very similar to 574 Classic but they were slimmer. That pair of New Balanced got me through my college years and my interns work. They were very comfortable and very durable. I am about to attend a marathon soon on May 5th in Bear Mountain, NY. Do you think these classic will be perfect for it?


Yeah, I would recommend the New Balance 574. It’s not that expensive compare to some other running shoes. 

However, if you see Adidas Ultra Boost on sale, I will say get the Ultra Boost instead.


Looking at the standard of this shoe NB 574 classic I already fell in love with the shoe without thinking about it twice. 

with the ability for the owner to customize it the way he or she a shoe a sport man like me must have in my shoe collection.

Also I like reading history of the brand I like and I must say u really try with the short history you right about New Balance 574 Classic



I like the look of these trainers, they look comfortable and stylish enough to wear as casual shoes.

I have a few questions, how well do they clean? Sports shoes take a lot of pounding and soon start to look worn and dirty so I would be interest to know if they can be cleaned easily. Also how do they wear? Obviously this does depend on how much usage they get but It’s important that they are hard wearing shoes/ trainers.

Overall they look good, there is a good choice of colour.

It’s useful to know about the sizing as I have wide feet and generally have to try several sizes before finding a pair of shoes to fit.


They do clean fairly well. you may use material like this: Sneaker Cleaner. The cleaner kit can work well with leather, suede, rubber, cotton, etc.

In term of wearing, I can really say when they can wear out. As you said, it depends on how you use it. The materials used in the upper are indeed hard wearing. I can’t remember reading a review about the wearing. So, I have to say the materials used are of good quality.

Hope that helps.

Let me know if there’s anything else you want to know.


I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. New Balance shoes are great and I know some of my friends were using them. I am not some runner but I will definitely try them as my friend also recommends me. I like their design and they are definitely not expensive compared to benefits.


Hi Admin,

I have read your article on new balance 574 classic pros and cons review, i am very happy and interested about the shoes because, as a sportsman i would like to buy your shoes cause you have all the qualities that a sports shoes need to have. i will definitely buy your shoes and will suggest others also. thank you so much for the article.


Thanks Tawhid.

I really appreciate that.

Let me know if you need any help with any trainer. 


Thanks for sharing a review on new balance classic. This is really cool. I have been looking for a site to buy a nice sneaker hand shoe. Getting to know about this is really cool. I really like the blue colour and I will as well get one for my fiancee. She’s going to love it. Thanks for sharing this. 

Seun Afotanju

These aready indeed a classic range of sneakers although they are been designed for running these are also highly stylish and the simple look of them might well be the main reason for my purchase. Because of the variety of styles on offer, which are very similar it would be advisable to careful while choosing as the differences are very subtle between them.

usman gagi


Thank you for sharing this great informational article about 574 classic running shoes. I think it’s a stylish shoe that feels great and can be used for walking or just for everyday wear said. You have written lots of helpful article which encouraged lots of people about 574 shoes.I will definitely be back to your website. I will share this article with my friends.


Hi! I absolutely love these shoes. New Balance 574 Classic are very stylish. I use them both for performance and for everyday life. But mine need to bee replaced soon. So, I have been considering purchasing a different color. I really like the blue navy and white ones you have at the bottom, at the end of this post and also at the beginning (the very first one we see when we start reading).


Hi Henry,

The first one, blue Navy, looks great. It’s a favourite colourway for many people. I’ve personally owned a shoe in that colourway, not the 574. It usually goes with any jeans.










It’s a great shoe , but I personally prefer their 997h.

NB is by far the best sneaker manufacture in the world today,imho.


Good to know, Ken.
And, thanks for dropping by.


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