The Best Trainers For Summer – The Top 5 Best in 2020

Summer is the season in which people go out with their families to spend quality time with them.  People like going out in summers, as they can put on their favourite jeans and t-shirt, but one of the most important things for summer that people care about is trainers/sneakers. 

The sneaker fashion trends numerously in summer as people can go out without the hustle and tension of snow and slipping.

People Walking on the Street in Summer

The sun feels good and the atmosphere blisters with natural views.

Gir Playing in the Beach During Summer

The best sneakers for summers are those that are light in weight and breathable. People feel comfortable and calm in them.
A summer sneaker requires proper cushioning and light upper material like mesh or suede. Many sneakers are good for summers, but
we will talk about the most liked sneakers in summer. We will list the sneakers that provide a comfortable feel along with being trendy and impressive in design.

List of Best Trainers for Summers

Why These Sneakers Are Best for Summers?

Adidas Originals NMD R1

This sneaker was released in 2015. It is a product of Adidas Originals and is stylish in design. 

This was the first model of the NMD R series and people like it very much. The main thing to focus on is its stretchable upper mesh. Due to this upper, the foot is grabbed by the shoe perfectly. 

The style of NMD is very unique from other shoes; it has a signature NMD heel tab. The sole is made from the Boost Technology and provides a well-cushioned and responsive feel.  

Adidas Originals NMD R1 is extremely light in weight and durable. It is a shoe that is versatile and can be worn on any clothing, as it looks good on everything. 

The shoe is very breathable and allows the user to wear it in summers for a long period. Most of all, this shoe is very affordable looking at the features it provides. 

It is well designed, cushioned, perfect fit, breathable and stylish. It is one of the best sneakers for summers that one can get.


Nike Air Max 270 React

Nike is one of the biggest names in the sneaker industry. As a result, it never fails to surprise its customers. 

The Swoosh company has once again proved its capability with the Air Max 270 React. 

Its impressive design, colour combination, and comfortability all together with the React technology blows everyone’s mind. 

React is a new technology from Nike that enhances the performance, response, and comfortability of the shoe. Nike Air Max 270 has a knit upper with a soft and cushioned midsole. 

The upper and midsole of the shoe are what makes the shoe best in the eyes of the wearer.

Air Max 270 React is one of the most comfortable shoes of Nike up to date according to reviewers. 

The breathable mesh along with 3-piece midsole gives the shoe an additional advantage over other shoes. 

The shoe is available for both men and women and has a very creative and innovative colour combination.

 However, it is best if you are looking to fashion it out with casual clothes in summer.

Vans Old Skool

Vans Old Skool is one of the most popular shoes for teenagers as it is very comfortable and stylish. 

It has a simple low-cut design just as the converse sneakers. That is why people are more inclined towards it. 

Vans Old Skool is a daily wear shoe that one can never get tired of because it is very light in weight and suits well with jeans and t-shirts and even with shorts.

 The Old Skool is breathable and enables ample circulation of air in the interior. Therefore, the feet never get wet even on the hottest days.

Besides being comfortable and lightweight, the sneakers are also durable. It features a padded collar which adds to its comfortability. 

The shoe comes in many colours, so you can easily choose the one that suits your style and look. 

People who skate more often, totally love this shoe as it provides a good grip and traction while contributing to their outfit fashion.

New Balance 501

New Balance 501 has a similar look just like the 547. The simplicity of the shoe is what makes it appealing and desirable. 

New Balance has incorporated the ENCAP technology in the sneaker to enhance its durability, cushioning, and shock absorption. 

New Balance is pretty famous for the outsole of its shoes; 501 comprises properly sized lugs from heel to the forefoot that makes it comfortable for all types of men.

The New Balance 501 is true to size and comes in different colour schemes. It is one of the retro running shoes that are very lightweight and simple in design. 

Even after a long day of walking or running, the low top of the shoe feels very comfortable and breathable. It is one of the best choices to go for during summers.


Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit

Last but not the least, one of the best sneakers for summer is the Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit. 

As its name suggests, the upper is made of very light material that is Flyknit. 


The Flyknit is one of the Nike signature qualities that you can find in Nike Flyknit shoe line 

Moreover, the shoe has a cushioning midsole along with durable outsole. 

The shoe is very responsive and has a great fit. The design, colours, breathability, and versatility of the shoe are what make it one of the best to use during summers.


Summer is the season in which people can dress as they like and fashion as they want. 

Shoes contribute very much when it comes to fashion. During summers, you must wear shoes that are comfortable, breathable, and stylish. 

Some of the best shoes for summers are Adidas Original NMD_R1, Nike Air Max 270 React, Vans Old Skool, New Balance 501, and Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit. All these shoes have their benefits and different looks. 

Everyone has a different choice, and you can choose from these shoes, which suits you the best.

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6 comments on “The Best Trainers For Summer – The Top 5 Best in 2020


Normally, I am a very big fan of sneakers but seeing that there are some that are very perfect for the summer is good. I have the Nike you listed here. Okay maybe not the exact type but it is something very similar. The old school vans is very popular however and I didn’t know that it was a retro design that it has. I think I should buy that for when the summer comes. I hope we can continue our lives at that time.


Yeah, Riley, hopefully.

In the meantime, stay in, stay safe.


This is really good to see as we are already getting into summer and there is an urgent need to get major things against summer.  The trainers you shared here are all good and all made specially but based on preference sake, I like the Nike Air Max 270. It looks really dope and I like that it can blend so well with casual clothes too. Thats really good.

Thank you


I’m glad you picked my favourite. I already have the Adidas Nmd R1. I just ordered the NIke Air Max 270 React Eng from Nike.

Thanks for dropping by.

Stay in, stay safe


Hi there, it’s nice to see some of these nice trainers and i have been a fan for a long time coming now and these products just keep being the best I have seen so far. Lately, I have been growing so much love for the Nike product and of the list you have given, I would go with the Nike Air Max 270. I love the design and the comfort I get from it 


Good choice, Benson.

The shoe look great, indeed. Thanks for dropping by.

Stay in, stay safe.


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