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  • The Nike React Vision looks like Nike React Element 87 and React Element 55, but has textured fabric all over.
  • Although it is a running shoe, you can wear it as a casual or fashion shoe.
  • The shoe is very light in weight.
  • The comfort and cushioning of the shoe are praise by Nike fans.
  • It has two pull tabs with prominent colours.
  • It has extra padding on the tongue.
  • Due to comfortability and weight, you can wear it all day.
  • It comes in different colours for men and women.


  • The shoe is not as breathable as other React models due to the layered upper.
  • According to reviewers, the shoe has a narrow fit.

 Nike’s D/MS/X division is back with another striking and amazing sneaker. 

This time Nike has stepped up the game and brought an upgrade to the Nike React Element 55 and Element 87

The result is the Nike React Vision that just came out in February 2020. 

React cushioning technology is better in this sneaker. 

It has a beautiful honeycomb pattern upper with a mesh base and stacked suede overlays. 

  • The midsole provides better stability
  • Layered and textured mesh upper
  • Improved cushioning
  • Better durability
  • Futuristic in design
  • Better grip and traction
  • Rope type lace closure
  • Translucent heel cup
  • Pull-on heel tab

Brand: Nike

Category: Running

Profile: Low-cut

Technology: Nike React Technology

Shoe Line: Nike React


Nike has been recently working on making its shoes futuristic in design and comfort. 

The React technology has taken over the market due to its extreme light and padded cushioning. 

Nike React Vision comprises textured layers with vivid colours that attract people towards it. 

One of the most striking parts of the shoe is the Swoosh on both sides that differs from the Nike Element 87 Swoosh. 

Cushioning is great at mid-foot, so it provides all-day comfort to the user. 

Reviewers have mentioned both positive and negative aspects of the shoe.


The following are the summary of the reviewers view on the React Vision:


  • The Nike React Vision is a part of the D/MS/X lineup of Nike.
  • Nike has improved and incorporated the React technology in the shoe for extra comfort and cushioning.
  • The layered upper and honeycomb pattern stand out on their own
  • The Swoosh on Nike React Vision looks very different and provides good style to the shoe.
  • It provides all-day comfort due to extra padding and cushioning.
  • The footbed/insole provides extra comfort.
    • According to reviewers, React Vision has no padding on the ankle area.
    • The shoes are hard to put on.
    • The shoes are tight in the toe box area and are slightly narrow widthwise.
    • It does not have an excellent airflow due to its upper.


Video Review

The following is a quick video review of the Nike Reat Vision. 

The reviewer shows the Honeycomb colourway, and compares the shoe with the Nike React Element 87. 

He talks about the plastic heel counter which gives the shoe some level of support. He also shows the clear mesh on the upper which enabables fresh air to flow in and out of the shoe.

According to him, the look of the React Element 87 is better than the React Vision, but in term of comfortability, the react vision comes on top.

Check out the video below.

To save you time and effort looking for the exact colourway the guy shows in the video, we have helped you dug it up from End. 

You can see the image in the front here. Check it out if you fancy it.

Nike React Vision Honeycomb
Nike React Vision Honeycomb

Unboxing Video

Nike React Vision comes for both men and women. 

For both genders, there are striking colours that one can go for. 

The shoe is narrow, so it is better to go for half a size above your actual size. 

But it is better if you go to the stores and check it out in person and try it on to get a perfect fit.

According to some reviewers, the shoe is perfect to size and provides a good fit. 

But not all the reviewers agree on this, so we will let the people decide about this. 

But overall, rope style lace along with good length and width of the shoe will provide a good fit to the users.

Additional Info

The React Vision is simply a successor to Nike React Element 87 and Element 55. 

It has good qualities of both shoes and has some good points of its own.

Nike React technology is enhancing day by day as more people are reviewing it, so Nike is putting a lot of work in making the React more comfortable to compete with the Ultraboost and Fresh Foam.

The insole of the shoe is thick, but there is a reason behind it. 

Due to its thickness, the overall step and comfort are outstanding.


The back of the shoe has a fuse material along with prominent coloured heel tabs that makes the shoe look good in design. It provides a good fit to the users. 

The upper of the Nike React Vision consists of black mesh. There are two layers of mesh on the upper. 

The top layers have a honeycomb structure on it while the second layer has a polyester material. 

But despite being a mesh, the upper feels like plastic, and it has rope style lace. 

The laces are held together by film material. Furthermore, there is enough padding on the tongue to provide extra cushioning to the users.

The midsole of the Nike React Vision comprises React Technology. 

As it is an upgrade to Element 87 and 55, it has better stability than them. 

The React technology in this shoe also adds stability to the mid-foot. 

The heel cup on the midsole adds rigidity and durability to the shoe.

The outsole of the React Vision is better than other React models because of its extra traction. 

It is very soft and provides a boost to users when running or walking. 

Nike has also improved the grooves on the outsole so that the users can wear it the whole day without getting tired. 

Final Thought

Nike React Vision came in February 2020. So, it is a new kick in the market. 

People have liked its futuristic design and style. 

The honeycomb pattern stole the show, and people are very much inclined towards the shoe due to this pattern. 

The most prominent things about the shoe are the heel tab, nylon padded tongue, translucent heel cup, and its lightweight. 

The cushioning of the shoe is great and has a robust external TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) heel counter. 

Overall, the shoe looks nice and stylish and has a comfort level of its own. 

Sneaker lovers are happy with the design and comfort of the shoe.

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14 comments on “Nike React Vision Review – Pros and Cons


Hi there! As someone who owns a pair of the Nike React shoes, I can say that these are highly recommended for anyone that is looking for a comfortable running shoe with flexibility and ultimate cushion. I have never tried the Nike React Vision shoes but they seem just as great, if not better. I will have to add these to my collection at some point!


The Nike React Vision just dropped. So, many people still have no idea how it looks like.

Stay in, stay safe.


Hello.I’m fan of sport shoe and i find the design to be very appealing.I like the improvement they have made on the new version of Nike shoe. They look promising in terms of generating prospects. The review part will assist in identifying  the strength of the product and areas to work on.Great revolution,best wishes.


Thanks, Alex.

Stay in, stay safe.


Hi There!

I highly reccomend to use Nike products for any outside activity. I used Nike shoes whilst I was a runner, and I never had to worry about them. Nike is just a professional brand. I like the way you show the audience the bright and the dark side of the shoes as well.

Best of luck with your website in the future!


Thanks, man. Really appreciate it.

Stay in, stay safe.


I must admit that I am a Sketchers fan and haven’t tried buying anything from the Nike brand apart from clothing for my daughter.

These shoes look really comfortable as well as good looking. I wonder how soft and flexible the soles of these shoes are? I wouldn’t mind a pair of the Nike React Vision Honeycomb that you show here. They look both stylish and comfortable.


To be honest, they aren’t as flexible as skecher’s, but they have their own qualities.


Hello, thanks for sharing the Nike React Vision review. I like the pros & cons section. You covered all the parts that we need to know. Actually, I’m also wearing Nike brand shoes. They are lightweight. Because of that, I can wear the shoe throughout the day. Keep up the good work, looking forward to more reviews about shoes.


We’re glad you like the review.

Have a lovely day. And, stay in, stay safe.


Guys I’ve bought these for my wife are they considered a running shoe or just casual ?


I would consider this kick more of a casual sneaker. This doesn’t fit well for running purpose.
Any other opinion is welcome.










Hi I’ve bought 2 pairs of theses nike reacts 1 for my son and 1 for my nephew they have only had the 3 month and the honeycomb material at the side has ripped both shoes. I buy nike all the time for my children and this is the first time I’ve had to go back and by another pair of trainers in 3 month( not the same shoe) has I think the material is very thin and easily rips and for it being on the side of the shoes it shouldn’t even happen there I think they have not been properly tested has nike shoes always last long but these lasted 3 months not happy at all after spending £115 on each pair. Don’t get me wrong the shoes is nice but the material is not good at all


I can’t disagree with you about the material durability. I don’t think they really designed the material to last very long. It’s just the aesthetic look they care about, I guess. It may last long for some people though – depends on how often they wear it or how they maintain it.


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