Nike Air Max 2090 Review – Pros and Cons

Nike Air Max 2090











  • This is one of the most comfortable sneakers from Nike 90, the current models.
  • The in-shoe of the Air Max 2019 is black and soft.
  • The shoe comes in different colourways.
  • It features looping style lace which gives it a stylish touch.
  • The upper is made with a plastic mesh that adds to the look of the shoe.
  • Some looks have been kept the same as the Air Max 90, like cassette and mudguard.
  • You can wear the shoe for a long period without feeling any pain as it is comfortable.


  • The lace and tongue of the shoe do not provide a good fit according to many reviewers.
  • It has fewer colourways; more colourways would have increased the diversity of the shoe.

The year 2020 marks 30 years of one of the Swoosh Company best shoes, Nike Air Max 90

As a result, Nike created a revolutionary shoe to pay tribute to the Air Max 90.  Air Max 2090 brings style and comfort into a running shoe. 

Comprising some glimpse of the old Air Max 90, Air Max 2090 has a lot of technical upgrades that make the shoe material from the future. 

Many of the sneaker lovers wanted to bring remembrance to this shoe, so Nike kept the mudguard and cassette that surrounds the Air unit the same as the Air Max 90. 

In this way, it was a perfect 30th-anniversary edition of the Air Max 90.

  • Comfortable midsole
  • Breathable and stylish plastic mesh upper
  • Improved Air Max midsole
  • Better durability
  • Stylish in design
  • Good traction
  • Lace-up closure
  • Attractive grey coloured outsole
  • Pull-on heel tab

Brand: Nike

Profile: Low-Cut

Inspiration: Running

Technology: Nike Air Max Technology

Shoe Line: Air Max


The Nike Air Max 2090 is futuristic according to people. 

It has set a new ground for the Air Max aesthetic. 

Air Max 2090 has a larger Air Unit than Air Max 90. 

The colour combination of the shoe is very fascinating. 

The outsole, midsole and upper look stylish while providing the best comfort. Nike has made improvements on the outsole grooves to increase the flexibility of the shoe. 

There is a huge difference in the performance of Air Max 2090 and Air Max 90; the Air Max 2090 comprises more advanced and newer technologies that help the sneaker look futuristic. 

However, there are both negative and positive aspects of the shoe.


 As it is a new shoe, there are certain positive points, one of them is its futuristic design with a touch of 90s class.


 The upgraded Air Max is in these sneakers to increase the comfort of the shoe.


 Infrared stitching on the sides of the shoe along with the classic logo looks very interesting.


 The transparent midsole in the shoe stands out and is one of the most prominent things about it.


 Nike Swoosh has been inserted in the ridges to increase the flexibility of the shoe.


 Overall, the shoe provides great comfort, durability, and style.


 As this shoe is new, according to some reviews, it has only one or two negative aspects; one is that the front end of the shoe crushes the toe.


 The lace and tongue of the shoe do not provide the required fit.


In the following video, Seth Fowler shows how the Air Max 2090 looks on feet and goes on to provide some useful information on it.

He shows the view of the clear plastic mesh on the upper. 

According to him, the fuse overlays on the upper enhance the durability of the shoe. 

Check out the video below where he talks about various aspects of the shoe.

Nike Air Max 2090 comes in different colours and sizes. 

It comes in women and men sizes as well as juniors, children, and infants. It is true to its size. 

But to get a perfect size, it is better if you try it on in the stores first before ordering online.

According to different reviews, the shoe is very perfect in size; thus, it provides a good fit.

The front toe feels crushed a little, but ordering a bigger size will not just feel right. 

Overall, the lace and tongue do not provide great help in fitting the shoe, but if you get a perfect size, it

will be a good fit.  


The Air Max 2090 gets inspiration from Air Max 90,  and it is the 30th anniversary of the iconic shoe. The love of the sneaker has brought back this new model into life with a more futuristic look.

Nike has put in a lot of work to make this shoe one of the most comfortable shoes by adding extra soft foam and an enhanced Air Max unit.

The infrared coloured slip-on makes this shoe visible from a long distance, and the transparent midsole attracts everyone in the crowd.

It is one of the latest released shoes of Nike and contains an appealing look. It was released in late March 2020 and is available at a reasonable price across its stores.

The upper of the Nike Air Max 2090 is covered with plastic mesh. 

Underneath the clear plastic mesh, you can see a textured ladder pattern. 

The upper of the shoe has a suede overlay to enhance its durability. Around the tongue cut-out, there are overlays to

increase the style and design of the shoe. 

The shoe features a lace which follows a looping pattern that goes up to the tongue.

In the basic colourway of Air Max 2090, underneath the black laces, there is a black textured tongue that gives the shoe a bold look.

The midsole of the Nike Air Max 2090 is semi-translucent grey with a heel tab that resembles that of the Air Max 90. 

Nike has modified the midsole to increase the comfort of the shoe, but it has the same shape as the Air Max 90. 

The midsole consists of Nike Swoosh in the ridges to increase the comfort and durability of the shoe.

The midsole of the Air Max 2090 stands out as it has soft foam. 

It also has the Air Max unit that supports the foam and makes the shoe comfortable. 

The outsole of the Air Max 2090 is impressive because of the semi-translucent grey material.

It adds to the look of the shoe. 

The material and comfort of the outsole make it a solid sneaker. 

The transparent sole of the shoe stands out and makes the shoe look very inviting and desiring. 

It is inspired by Air Max 90, and if you love that shoe, you better get your hand on this new model.  


Nike Air Max 2090 is one of the latest shoes from Nike that just came out in March 2020. 

It is inspired by Air Max 90 that came out back in 1990. 

Nike has upgraded its games on different technology and brought the old and classic Air Max back to life. 

The Nike Air Max 2020 has a futuristic

design with plastic upper and suede stitching. 

The semi-translucent grey midsole and outsole on the default colour look very impressive. 

The Air Max has been enhanced to increase the comfort of the shoe, and Nike has worked to increase the durability of the shoe. 

It is a very nice and decent shoe with an attractive style. 

It comes at a very fair price tag and a sneaker lover would not hesitate to grab a pair.


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7 comments on “Nike Air Max 2090 Review – Pros and Cons


IT is truth and I agree. There are certain features that running shoes need to have if they are going to be considered to be good. The shoe needs to be comfortable, fits good, offer high performance and has great traction. When it comes to the Nike Air Max 2090, it is able to do this extremely well. The comfort of the shoe is courtesy of the technologically advanced Nike Air Max Cushioning. The shoe fits very well thanks to the great lacing system as well an upper that is designed for runners. Good article anyway.


Great words, Fabio.

Stay in, stay safe.


I have to say that Nike is a very well-known brand because my husband is a big fan of Nike. In the middle of last month, he already bought a pair of Nike Air Max 2090, which happened to be received from Nike’s express delivery at 5 last week, he said he liked this sneaker very much.

Muhammad Yahya Dawood

Thanks for the review of the shoe. Really helpful
I just wanted to ask whether the shoes are waterproof or not?


Hi Muhammad,
Thanks for asking. I don’t think the Air Max 2090 is waterproof. It’s got mesh on the upper and the material used is not a waterproof material.










Recently I bought this Air max 2090 model from Nike WEbsite, it was a perfect shoes in fitting but when i walked indoor on smooth tile surface, i nearly had the shock of my life, the shoes were not gripping on the floor, i could hardly move without holding on to support. I couldnt figure out the reason behind this, Can anyone inform me what could be the reasons?


It’s probably the outsole is not gripping enough on a smooth surface.


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