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Nike React Element 87

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  • This is one of the most comfortable sneakers.
  • The in-shoe feel of the shoe is very impressive.
  • It comprises improved React sole.
  • It comes in many colourways.
  • Translucent upper makes the shoe attractive.
  • The breathability of the Nike React element 87 is amazing due to the upper.
  • It goes with every type of casual attire.
  • The shoe is very light in weight that allows the wearer to wear it for a long time.


  • The durability of the shoe is one of the main concerns for buyers.
  • The shoe gets dirty as dust particles stuck in the upper and enter the shoe.
  • It has a very disturbing tongue as it is asymmetrical and disturbs the feet while walking or running.

Nike has listened to the sneaker lovers and designed a sneaker that is impressive in design and comfortable from the inside. 

According to people, it is a well-constructed shoe that is fairly durable and provides a good fit. 

It is one of the most comfortable sneakers of 2018. 

The Nike React Element 87 delivers maximum comfort as its midsole has the finest cushioning provided by Nike React Sole. 

Although the shoe has a premium feel along with maximum comfort and impressive colourways, it comes with a high price tag. 

If we see it from another perspective, it serves as a value for money because of its many quality features.

  • Comfortable midsole
  • Breathable and semi-translucent upper
  • Improved React midsole cushioning
  • Better stability
  • Added durability
  • Extra traction
  • Lace-up closure
  • Impressive outsole design
  • Pull-on heel tab

Brand: Nike

Profile: Low-Cut

Inspiration: Running

Technology: Nike React Technology

Shoe Line: React


Nike React Element 87 is one of the most comfortable sneakers of the Nike React series. Nike has worked to improve the cushioning of the midsole, and it has been successful in doing so as people love its comfortability. It’s breathable upper enhances the durability and in-shoe feel. There are both positive and negative aspects of the shoe.

    • Many reviewers want this shoe in their collection because of its comfortability.
    • The design of the shoe is enough to attract anyone.
    • Users love the different and vibrant colours of the shoe as it allows them to pair it up with many casual outfits.
    • Nike drilled rubber pivots into the midsole for added cushioning.
    • Reviewers and users love this sneaker because it is a complete package of style, design, comfortability, durability, and stability.
    • The shoe provides a great fit and a good feel to the feet because the insole material is soft and light.
    • Some reviewers say that the shoe is not durable enough.
    • The upper TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) material makes the shoe dirty and hard to clean.
    • According to some reviewers, the tongue of the shoe digs in and makes the user’s feet feel uncomfortable.

A Quick Review Video

In this Nike React Element 87 review, the reviewer shows how the shoe looks on feet while walking and running.

First, the reviewer talks about the price at which the shoe came into the market and then he went on to talk about how Nike designed and improved the React technology by adding cushioning and making a better midsole.

The reviewer compares the shoe with other models of Nike React and Flyknits in terms of comfort and performance and concludes that the React Element 87 is one of the most comfortable shoes from Nike.

 Later, he talks about how the upper looks and how it is super breathable and looks fantastic. 

According to him, the midsole along with the upper seems like it is still in the designing phase, but it is very comfortable even if you wear it all day long.

He further states that he does not like the insole as Nike made it from cork and recommends replacing it with regular insoles.

The Nike React Element 87 is a unisex shoe but comes only in men’s sizes. 

These are easy to get, and if women want a pair, then they can order 1.5 (one and half a size) sizes lower than their usual size. 

The shoe is true to its size and supports narrow and wide feet.

Many reviewers suggest that you should go to the stores and try the shoes for a better fit as a loose shoe will get creases and wrinkles. 

The thin tongue of the shoe also adds to the fitting. 

Also, the shoe comes with a padded collar to provide support and extra cushioning feel to the ankle.


Because of the stylish design and breathable upper, many NBA stars (players like LeBron James and Devin Booker) have worn Nike React Element 87.

To increase the visibility of the shoe in dark and low-light conditions, there are reflective materials in the heel tab and eye stay.

Popstar and rappers also love this shoe because of its design. Singers like DJ Khaled and Tinie Tempah have worn this sneaker.

Translucent rubber pivots in the midsole increase the traction and comfort of the shoe.

Many reviewers say that the fit of the shoe is a little loose. 

If you want the shoe to look fitting and impressive, then you go for a size smaller than your actual size. 

Otherwise, your feet will not fill up the shoe completely, and it will crinkle and not look good. 

Moreover, a reviewer said that it is better if you can go to the store and try the shoe yourself to get a better fit and look.


The upper of the Nike React Element 87 is revolutionary and is even better than Nike Zoom Fly

The upper comprises 100% TPE material that makes this shoe light in weight, breathable, and see-through. 

This means that the look of the shoe can be changed depending upon which socks you wear. 

This is a unique feature of the sneaker. 

The Nike Swoosh is on either side of the shoe and meets the midsole in the middle. 

There is another swoosh on the big toe area of the foot, allowing the sneaker to look a little more impressive.


The midsole of the Nike React Element 87 is made entirely from React foam, as the company wants to increase the comfort of the shoe by adding more cushioning to it. 

The company has textured the midsole of the shoe, adding more value and design to it. 

The React midsole does not only provides comfort but also takes in less energy from the users when they are running. 

And, it boasts Nike logo to blend in with the shoe.


Nike React Element 87 Outsole

The making of the outsole of this shoe is fascinating because a lot of AI work has gone into it. 

Nike wanted this shoe to withstand the challenge of time and ensure that it lives up to the expectation of the React technology. 

Nike drilled holes into the outsole and filled it with rubber pivots so that depth and pressure points would align with comfort. 

The rubber bottom also adds support and grip to the shoe. 

This is done not only to increase the life of React foam but also to increase the life of the shoe.



Nike React Element 87 is one of the best shoes of the React lineup. 

Nike has stepped up the game in performance and comfort. 

Revolutionary improvement is made to the midsole of React technology. 

The upper of the shoe comprises 100% TPE, allowing it to be breathable and keeping the feet fresh at all times. 

The sneakers are very light in weight and allow the users to wear them across the day without tiring their feet. 

Coming to the price, this shoe is a value for money and comes in different colour variants that go with many casual outfits.



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