Nike Air Max 270 React Eng – Detailed Review

Nike Air Max 270 React Eng











  • Good Fit
  • TPU overlays provide stylish look
  • Very well-padded
  • Feels good around the ankle
  • Offers height gain
  • Combination of React foam and 270 Air Max unit provide supportive and comfortable ride


  • The 270 Air Max unit is a little stiff at the heel

I recently unboxed the Nike Air Max 270 React Eng and, the following is the detailed review.

Air Max 270 React Eng. Colourway: Black / Obdisian / Sapphire

 First of all, the Eng stands for engineering named after the engineered mesh upper of the shoe. 

The Air Max 270 React Eng was released on the January 16th of this year. 

The design looks like the Travis Scott version of Air Max 270 React.

Unboxing Video

I have done the unboxing video of this shoe already. 

You can check it out here:

Anyway, without further ado, let’s get into the details of this shoe right away.


Nike Air Max 270 React Eng Medial View
Medial View

Starting from the upper, the first very noticeable thing is the wavy TPU welded overlays that run from one end of the shoe to the other end. 

According to Nike, these wavy overlays add to the lightweight structure of the shoe. It also gives the shoe a modern style look.

Air Max 270 React Eng Upper Description

The purpose of the engineered mesh upper is to enable airflow in and out of the shoe. But how is the breathability? In my opinion, I would say it’s average.


The 270 React Eng comes with a no-sew toe tip. The reason it’s called a no-sew toe tip is that it’s a welded-in toe tip. As a result, the structural integrity of the shoe at the toe area is better.

The Eyestay and Shoelaces

There are two sets of a leather overlay on the eyestay. One is closer to the toe box, and the other is just above. 

In many shoes, we see shoelaces passing through eyelets. In the case of Air Max 270 react Eng, there are 6 lace loops through which the shoelaces pass. 

Two lace loops are located under the front leather overlay, while the other four lace loops pass through the leather overlay above. 

The middle of the eyestay features a TPU overlay which is the same colour as the welded Wavy overlay. The overlay has four eyelets through which the shoelaces pass.

The Tongue and Removable Lace Toggle

Moving on, we have a well-padded traditional tongue with webbing loops that run from the top to the bottom. Each pair of the Air Max 270 React Eng features a removable lace toggle through which the webbing loop passes.

Some people think the removable lace toggle is useless. Well, maybe they’re right, or they don’t know its importance yet. According to Nike, the lace toggle enables quick, adjustable fit and offers versatile style option. 

Some people might find a different way to use it, but let me show you how I put it into a purpose.

Step 1: Tie your shoe lace the normal way.

Step 2: The lace toggle has push button on both sides. So, it can be pushed inward. Therefore, push the button inward with your thumb and index finger.

Step 3: Once the buttons are pushed inward at both sides, target the small holes and pass the aglet of the shoelaces through.

In that way, you don’t have your shoelaces flying around the tongue.

The Swoosh Logo

On many Nike shoes, the swoosh logo is usually and widely embroidered on the lateral or medial side or both sides. But the case is different on the Air Max 270 React Eng. 

Instead of a large Nike logo on the sides, we have this compressible pillow-like material closes to the heel that accent the Nike logo. It is on both sides of each pair of the shoe.

The Collar

Furthermore, the collar area is well padded and feels great around the ankle. You won’t get a wrap-around feel at the ankle, but you will get a smooth and comfortable feel.

The Heel or Rear

Nike Air Max 270 React Eng Heel View

Moving on, the rear features a pull-tab with “270react” written on it. The pull-tab does nothing else than to offer easy wearability. 

Underneath the pull-tab, there is an engineered mesh material with welded wavy TPU overlays and a stitch-in leather overlay in the middle. 

These features altogether make the shoe looks sturdy and supportive at the heel.

The Air 270 react Insole

Before talking about the midsole, let me also mention that the shoe comes with a removable insole that accents the Nike Air Max and Nike React logo. How does the insole feel? I think it feels like a normal one, to be honest.


Nike Air Max 270 React Eng Lateral View

Now, to the midsole, the Air Max 270 React features two Nike technologies in the midsole. 

The first one is Nike react foam and the second one is the Air Max unit. 

The Nike React foam takes the full length of the midsole while the Air Max unit, underneath the React foam, forms a 270-degree shape and runs from the middle of the shoe to the heel. 

The 270 Air Max unit seems rigid at the heel. Therefore, the heel area feels stiffer than the forefoot.


Nike Air Max 270 React Outsole View

Just like the midsole, the React foam also takes the full length of the outsole. There is more of react foam at the forefoot than the heel. The reason is the 270 Air Max unit takes some space at the heel.

Final Thought

As this shoe is very new, there is no much to say about its durability. However, the design looks great, and it looks like the shoe can last a for a while.

In term of breathability, Nike did a good job incorporating the engineered mesh upper. But, I can’t rate the breathability above average.

Overall, the Air Max React 270 Eng is comfortable enough to be used as a lifestyle sneaker, not a running shoe. What’s most outstanding about the shoe is its design. It looks good on feet.

Comment and Rating

What do you think about this version of Nike Air Max 270 React? Let me know in the comment section.

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