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  • Indestructible Xciter is a perfect safety shoe with incredible comfort.
  • The shoe is true to its size and fits perfectly.
  • The shoe comprises military-grade Kevlar for maximum safety and durability.
  • Indestructible Xciter can be paired with casual clothes as it looks imposing.
  • The Xciter shoe is extremely light in weight and weighs about 0.8 lbs.
  • It absorbs shock very effectively.
  • Water resistance.
  • Steel toe for maximum protection at the toe area
  • The anti-puncture base of the shoe allows users to wear it in harsh surroundings and keep the feet safe from any sharp material.


  • The Indestructible Xciter comes with standard width and fits perfectly. But if you have wide feet, then it may be a bit of a problem finding a perfect fit.
  • According to some reviewers, the price tag of the shoe is a little hefty.

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Indestructible Xciter is a futuristic sneaker. It is the perfect sneaker from Indestructible that is both comfortable and durable. According to the company, these are the most comfortable sneakers from its collection.


The shoe has a good design, style, protection, and less weight. With a breathable mesh, puncture-resistant outsole, shock resistant sole, steel toes, high flexibility, and cushioned insole, this shoe is perfect. 


Whether you need to wear it as a fashion shoe (bear in mind, it is better as a safety shoe than a street shoe) or work shoe, this shoe blends and fulfils every requirement and need. 


People are very much aware of its durability and wear it as a safety shoe at their workplaces.

  • The upper has a breathable fly mesh material.
  • Textured and layered upper for safety and comfort
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Attractive construction and look.
  • Premium quality material
  • Lace closure
  • Shock and puncture-resistant rubber outsole
  • Extra padding on the insole
  • Great flexibility
  • Water-resistant
  • Steel toe for security and safety

Brand: Indestructible

Category: Work and Safety

Profile: Low-cut

Technology: European Steel and Military Grade Kevlar

Collection: Xciter 


According to reviewers and users, the Indestructible Xciter is one of the best work and safety shoes that you will find in the market. 

The shoe is very comfortable with padded cushioning on the insole to provide the users with a great feel. 


The goal of the company, Indestructible, was to create a shoe that people do not have to sacrifice comfort for protection. 


Indestructible Xciter has excellent security, which is commendable. It has European style steel toes, puncture-resistant sole, water-resistant and shock-resistant features. 


It is a perfect performance shoe that works very well in every situation of workplaces and keeps the users’ feet safe at all times while providing comfort. However, there are both positive and negative points about the shoe.


    • Indestructible Xciter is a comfortable safety and protection shoe.
    • The shoe has cushioned and comfortable midsole.
    • It has excellent stability and arch support.
    • Indestructible is famous for safety, but via this shoe, the company is now renowned for comfort as well.
    • Heel-tab enables users to wear and take off the shoe comfortably and quickly.
    • The look of the shoe is awe-inspiring.
    • Indestructible Xciter is very light in weight.
    • The shoe is puncture-resistant and water-resistant as well as a perfect shock absorber.
    • The Xciter can also go with any casual outfit because of its modern design and style.


    • The users may feel a little disturbed on their toe area because of the steel toe; that is why it is better to get a perfect size.
    • Despite these many features, the price of the shoe is a little high, according to many reviewers.


Video Review

Here is a detailed video review of the indestructible Xciter Green. He talks about all the features of the shoe and gives his opinion on the shoe.


Check out the video below.

Indestructible Xciter comes in different sizes. Apart from men, women can also wear this shoe. 

There is no restriction to which gender can wear it. It comes in different colours and is very true to size.

According to users and reviewers, Indestructible Xciter has an upgraded insole that grabs the feet and provides an excellent fit to the users. 

The midsole also adds extra comfort, as it is very flexible. The shoe is a little narrow at the toe box. 

So, people with wide feet should bear that in mind when ordering.

Additional Info

Indestructible Xciter is a perfect blend of safety and comfort. The shoe comes in different colours, so people have a variety of choices.

The shoe provides some level of security at nights; it has reflective stripes that will shine from a distance, alarming any car or person that someone is walking or working.

The design and look of the shoe allow people to pair it with any casual outfit and, flex it as a fashion shoe.

The upper of the Indestructible Xciter comprises a fly mesh. The fly mesh is very breathable and keeps the feet dry at all times. 

Its upper also consists of steel-toe that keeps the toes safe from any damage. 

Lace-up closure at the top allows the user to customise the fit of the shoe according to their need.

The midsole of the Indestructible Xciter makes it feel comfortable at all times. 

The cushioning of the midsole does not only provide comfort but also stability to the shoe. 

Flexibility is one of the core functionings of the shoe, and the midsole contributes to it a lot.

The outsole of the Indestructible Xciter comprises rubber. It is also very significant in design and is puncture resistant, keeping the feet safe from nails or any sharp material. 

The grip of the shoe provides excellent stability and control.

Final Thought

Indestructible Xciter is a safety and performance shoe. It has excellent comfort and safety measures. 

With added insole cushioning and fly mesh upper, which is breathable. For protection, the Xciter comes with a European steel toe and features a military-grade Kevlar for added safety. 

It is one of the best shoes from the company that is perfect in all aspects, based on the hype. 

Although the price is a bit high, according to some reviewers, it is fair enough, considering all the features of the shoe.

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