Nike Air Max 1 Men – Buy or Not

Product: Nike Men’s Air Max 1 Essential Trainers
Price: £57.88 – £398.00                                                    
Fit: 94% fit as expected
Place to buy: Amazon

Nike Air Max 1 was the first Nike Air Max shoes debuted in 1987 with visible air unit in the heel for lightweight cushioning. The air-sole incorporated within it provides special comfort and flexibility for it users. This is one of the reasons Nike Air Max 1 is one of the most successful and widely recognized shoes by athletes and every fan that delights in wearing it for any type of occasion.

Over the years after the Air Max 1 came out, there have been many more Air Max sneakers released by Nike. In 1990, the Nike Air Max 90 came out with larger visible air window. The next Air Max product called Air Max 180 was released in 1991 featuring larger visible air unit through the outsole. The other Air Max shoe released after are Air Max 93, Air Max 95, Air Max 97, and so on.

Air Max 1 has gained huge popularity right from when it was first released. There are currently various types of Nike Air Max 1 such as Nike Air Max 1 Premium, Nike Air Max 1 Essential ( check above picture), Nike Air Max 1 Desert Camo’, Nike Air Max 1 Premium QS, and so on. Its legendary design is still the same but with new colours and materials.

The following are the features that you could find in Air Max 1 shoes:

  • The upper material can be leather or textile
  • The inner material is usually textile
  • The insole is usually made of textile
  • It has lace up closure
  • The lace is reinforced with Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) which helps to protect it against wear, oil and grease
  • The design is Swooshy
  • You will find Air Max logo at the tongue and Nike logo at the heel
  • The visible air unit can be found under the heel
  • The material used for the outsole is rubber
  • Phylon midsole

The shoe is indeed popular, but there are many popular shoes out there. So it is not only Nike that designs the only best shoes in the world. For this reason, different customers try to find the shoe that the previous users have reviewed and testified to be a good and reliable product to put money on. Yes, many customers have used the Nike Air Max 1 and there are many reviews on it. According to what customers say, the reviews are categorized into comfort, satisfaction and dissatisfaction.


The term of comfort used under this category is based on the fitting of the shoes on the users feet, the comfort they derive when using them either on the street, for running or for any other sports. There are many users of Nike Air Max and many have commented and shared what they think after using the shoe or after getting feedback from the people they bought it for. Majority of the customers that reviewed bought it for themselves, some bought it for their partners, other bought it for their sons or friends.

  • May costumers said that Air Max 1 are the best because when you put them on they are so comfortable and it is like you are not wearing any shoes at all.
  • Most costumers give 100% rating for the comfort of the shoe
  • Many costumers say the product is beautiful, comfortable and very fashion!
  • A customer says, “Great looking shoe, however a little tight on the right side by the small toe. Other than that quite comfortable.”
  • Some costumer said they bought it recently, it is comfortable, look so stylish and smart.
  • One user says, “What I had expected from Nike Air Max ones, Lightweight, comfortable and smart. Had few compliments wearing them.”
  • Some customers say they bought it for their Nephew, son and partner and they loved them.


The satisfaction in this category is based on how happy and satisfied customers are with the overall quality, design, size and durability of the shoe.

The customers under this section are not all the users of the shoe. Most of them are users, some bought it for their family or friends. After going through their reviews, the reasons for their satisfaction are provided below.

  • Some costumers said that Air Max 1 is their first pair of many more to come. They said they love them; the fit is excellent; the price is fabulous and the fit is perfect for them.
  • Some customers said delivery was on time
  • Many that commented said they are satisfied because of the fitting and lightness
  • Some say they bought it and they are perfect and they wear them every day
  • May users say it is a nice shoe to have
  • Many say the purchasing and the delivering service is great
  • Many users commented that you can never go wrong with an Air Max shoe.
  • A customer says, “What I had expected from Nike Air Max ones, Lightweight, comfortable and smart. Had few compliments wearing them.”
  • Many customers said they bought it for their son, nephew, brother and partner and they loved because of its fitting and great look.
  • Some users say, they upgraded from another pair they had for a couple of years.
  • Many say the shoe is great
  • Majority of the costumers highly recommend Air Max 1
  • Some say the feeling is fantastic


Under this category, there are some customers who feel the shoe is not up to the standard they want. Non of them complains about the customer service experience, but there may be some customers that do not feel good about their experience when buying it in other reviews from another website. After going through different reviews, it turns out that the number of people who are dissatisfied with the design and quality of the product in general is very low compared to those that are very happy with them.

The customers under this category are not all the users of the shoe. Most of them are users, some bought it for their partners, sons, friends and so on. After going through their reviews, the following are the few reasons they provide for not liking the sneaker.

  • Some say the shoe is not as comfortable as Air Max 90.
  • Few customers said they do not like the shoe because they notice a defect
  • A user says, “Love air max 1s. But lately each pair I try has one foot a bit tighter fit than the other. Not comfy like they used to be made. Disappointed
    I’ve recently taken them back.”

Nike Air Max 1 Customers Star Rating

It is apparent that star rating helps most people to make decision whether to buy a product or not. So, that is why the customer star rating evaluation is also included in this post.

The following are the evaluation of the customers interest on the shoes based on the information provided on FootLocker website.


The content above is not based on the writer personal preference of Nike Air Max 1 but the reviews by the customers or the users. The information is based on research done on the Nike Air Max 1. The writer intended to provide the information to enable individual to have some knowledge on the shoe before making a decision  whether to buy it or not.

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One comment on “Nike Air Max 1 Men – Buy or Not

Have had several pairs of this shoe and they were great. Changed exercise program and needed to go to a more specific use shoe or would still be wearing them.


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