Nike Air Force 1 Men – What You Should Know

Product: Nike Men’s Air Force 1 Mid ’07 Sneakers

Price: £92.96 – £398.67

Fit: 86% fit as expected

Place to buy: Amazon

Nike Air Force 1 trainers was named after the aircraft that carries the president of the United State. The shoe was first introduced in 1982. Its legendary is probably one of the reasons it is liked by many athletes and sport fans. It can be worn at any occasion, either during your training or in your free time. Apparently, it was originally created for basketball players. Now the modern Air Force 1 comes in different designs giving you chance to go for the design that can do you well.

Nike Air Force shoes are of different categories such as lifestyle, basketball, running, gym and training, skateboarding and so on. The Air force line of shoes began with Nike Air Force 1 followed by Air Force 2, the next one after is Air Force 3, etc. The Nike Air Force 1 is known to be the first basketball shoe to use the Nike Air technology. This shoe is now being produced in different style, either low or mid or high. You can also find it in different sizes, colours and designs.

The following are the features that Nike Air Force 1 Low shoes are made of.

  • The upper material is made of leather
  • The inner material and the insole are made of textile
  • Swoosh design and perforated toe area
  • The outsole is rubber

Nike Air Force 1 High features:

  • The upper material is made of leather or textile
  • The inner material is textile
  • Insole is leather
  • It has ankle strap and lace up closure with 9 holes
  • Swoosh design and perforated toe box
  • Resistance to wear rubber outsole

Nike Air Force 1 Mid:

  • The upper material is made of leather
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Lace-up closure
  • perforated toe area

Like Nike Air Max, Nike Air Force is also a very famous shoe. Apparently, Nike is one of the most popular shoe brand in the world today and their Nike Air Force 1 shoes has been the favourite of many fans since 1982 when it was first introduced into market. No matter how famous it is, sometimes it becomes very difficult to make a decision whether to buy it or not. Many shoes are out there; it is mostly depends on which brand you prefer and which of their shoes you would like to put your money on, based on the quality they offer. After going through different customers reviews, the following are the information that will be helpful when making your decision.


The term of comfort used in this category is based on the fitting of the shoes on the users feet, the comfort they derive when using them either on the street, for running or for any other sports. Many users have shared their opinions on the shoes after using the shoe. Majority of the customers that shared their opinions bought it for themselves, some bought it for their partners, other bought it for their sons or friends.

The following are the customers opinions on the comfort the shoe offers.

  • Most Customers rate the shoe as 100% comfortable
  • Most users say the product is very comfortable to wear
  • A customer comments, “I’ve had these shoes before and I bought them again, because they’re so comfortable and they fit with anything.”
  • Another customer says, “Fitted fine wanted new pair.”


The term satisfaction in this category is based on how happy and satisfied customers are with the overall quality, design, size and durability of the shoe. Generally, the customer service received by customers during the purchase and the delivery is very important which is why the customers opinions regarding customer service experience are also provided below.

The customers under this section are not all the users of the shoe. Most of them are users, some bought it for their family or friends. After going through their reviews, the reasons for their satisfaction are provided in the bullet points below.

  • Some customers rate the shoe as 100% durable
  • Most customers are satisfied with the size of the shoe
  • Most customers recommend the product
  • Many customers say they are satisfied with the delivery service
  • Some customers think the shoe is a must have in summer
  • Many customers appreciate the customer service they experience during their purchase
  • Some users say the will buy it again
  • Some customers say they are happy at the shoe because they are very appealing to look at
  • Customers think Nike Air Force 1 can go with any casual outfits.
  • A user says, “I bought this shoes about 2 weeks ago and I use this like more than 10 year. Dear Nike I’m so happy you made this shoes I appreciate it. Love Nike forever.”
  • A customer comments, “Bought these trusted trainers for my son for school. Strong and sturdy and last ages compared to most trainers.”
  • Most customers say it is a very nice trainers


Apparently, as a manufacturer, whatever product you get out there in the market will definitely have something that customers will not be happy about. It might be the design, the price of the product, the customer service, etc. This is why there are some customers that are not happy with Nike Air Force 1. In order to help other customers, they have provided their reasons and what they think about the product. Few of those reasons are provided below.

  • Very few customers complain about the size of the shoe
  • Few customers do not recommend the product
  • Few users say the shoe crease easily, but that is expected
  • Some users say the shoe come up big and advise users to go down one or half size.

Customers Rating

In many occasions, star rating helps most people make decision whether to put money on a product or not. So, that is why the customer star rating pie chart for Amazon and Foot Locker are provided in this section.

A Quick Overview Video


As far as this post is concerned, any information that is not of the shoe cannot be found in this content. The content above is not based on the writer personal preference of Nike Air Force 1 but the reviews by the customers or the users. The information is based on research done on the Nike Air Force 1 using sites like Foot Locker, Nike official website, JD and others. This post intends to provide the information to enable individual to have some knowledge on the shoe to help with their decision-making on the shoe.

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One comment on “Nike Air Force 1 Men – What You Should Know

Hi Stephen. This is a thorough post. I do like the design of the shoe; that all white look is really appealing to me. It seems to go well with many different outfits. It also look like Marty McFly’s shoe from Back to the Future Part II. Is that it?! If it is, 5+ star review for this post Stephen!


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