Nike React Element 55 Review – Pros and Cons

Nike React Element 55











  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Variety of colourways
  • Stylish
  • Budget-friendly despite its quality


  • Narrow fit
  • Less affordable

Nike recently released the Nike React Element 55 Premium to add to their Nike React Element line of shoes. 

Unlike Nike React Element 87, the upper of the React Element 55 is not a translucent one. 

The Midsole Boasts the Nike React foam which Nike hyped as their most responsive cushioning technology. 

Another part of the shoe that’s quite noticeable is the outsole which looks rugged and supportive.

Nike React Element 55 and Nike React Element 87 are quite popular among sneaker fanatics. 

Read more about the React Element 55 below.


  • Textile and other material upper
  • Textile inner material
  • Lace-Up closure
  • Nike React foam in the Midsole
  • Rubber Outsole
  • Textile insole
  • Heel pull tab
  • Heel Clip
  • Design: Swoosh

Brand: Nike

Profile: Low-Cut

Inspiration: Running

Technology: Nike React Technology

Shoe Line: React

  • Lightweight material upper offers breathable comfort
  • React foam renders the shoe more lightweight
  • Variety of colourways
  • Midsole/outsole rubber pods offer durable surface gripping
  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) heel clip for additional support and security
  • React technology underfoot for better cushioning
  • One of the most responsive cushioning tech in the midsole (Nike React Foam)
  • Budget-friendly despite the quality it offers
  • Narrow fit for people with wide feet
  • Some people may not find it quite affordable
  • The tongue may be too thin for some wearers


The Nike React Element 55 was released as an updated version of the Nike React Element 87. 

Since the release of the React Element 87 and React Element 55, many fans have flocked into both the online and offline stores to cop the kicks. 

Many of those that have used the Nike React Element 55 have given their opinions on what they think of it. 

In summary, the following are what reviewers think:

  • Majority of reviewers recommend the Nike React Element 55

  •  Extremely comfortable and lightweight are the words some reviewers use to describe the shoe

  • A user says this is a good sneaker that’s easy to keep clean because of the material

  •  Many reviewers are pleased with Nike React Element 55

  • Reviewers give thumbs up to the different colour schemes of the footwear

  • Some wearers say the bouncy effect and cushioning of the React Element 55 is better than that of the Ultra Boost 

  •  A good number of people say the shoe has the necessary support it needs and appreciate the heel clip which provides more support

  • According to some reviewers, the shoe is good for workouts because of its great shock absorption and responsiveness

  • The versatility of the kick is appreciated by many wearers

  • Some users prefer the React Element 55 to React Element 87

  • Quite a considerable number of reviewers commented that the React Element 55 runs narrow at the toe box and recommended going half a size up

  • According to some reviewers, the tongue is a bit on the thin side

In this React Element 55 video review, the reviewer first introduced the shoe by showing how it looks on the feet.  

He later jumped into the reviewing and talked about the incredible design of the shoe – the upper, midsole and outsole design. 

He showed the stitching at the front on the upper at the forefront and the React Element stitching at the heel. 

The construction of the Element 55 is identical to that of the Element 87, according to him. 

He also described the feeling of the shoe as that of a sock. 

The midsole is very comfortable, based on his opinion. Also, the outsole is shown and described to be durable.



Are Nike React Element 55 True to Size?


Good question. 

For people with a narrow fit, he recommended that they should go for true to size fit. 

However, those that have wide feet may want to go half a size up to get a comfortable feel of the shoe. 



Enjoy the Video below: 

The React Element 55 is available in men and women sizes. 

You can get the men sizes from 6 to 15 and that of women from 5 to 9. 

The footgear comes with a regular width.

The Nike react Element 55 profile is best for narrow fit. 

According to a reasonable number of reviewers, you do need to go half a or one size up depending on the shape of your feet as it runs a bit small. Generally, the kick feels very comfortable.


As much as customer review can be a great way to know how well a product is doing so does a rating breakdown. 

In customer review, reviewers give information about the quality of the product after using them. 

Generally, reviewers information on production is usually categorised into good and bad. 

When it comes to rating breakdown, there’s no explanation on how bad or good the product is. 

What is needed is data that shows how the reviewers feel about the product on scale levels. 


The pie chart below shows the data of how reviewers feel about the Nike React Element 55 in percentage. 

Basically, the reviewers rated the footwear from 1 to 5 star. 

In the pie chart, each star represents a certain level of feeling about the shoe. 1 star represents the worst feeling while 5 star stands for the best feeling. 

Also, each of these stars has a percentage of reviewers. 

The star with the highest percentage has the highest number of reviewers that have expressed their feeling in that level and vice versa. 


The pie chart only shows the rating breakdown at the time of this writing. 

If you want to see the current rating breakdown on the footwear, click on the chart and it will take you to footlocker where you can find the current rating breakdown and customer reviews.

When you looked at Nike React Element 55, you would notice a profile similar to the Nike internationalist that was released in 1982. 

According to Nike, the React Element 55 is a blend of the past design and forward-looking innovation. 

Nike React Element 87 is an alternative to the React Element 55, but the Element 87 came out before the Element 55. 

So, Nike React Element 55 is an updated or improved version of the Nike React Element 87.


What’s more interesting is the chance given by Nike for anyone to customise their own React Element 55 to their liking. 

As a customer, all you need to do is pop into the Nike website and choose your favourite colour and customise your React Element 55 to suit your taste. 

Nike will do the rest by designing and shipping your customised shoe to your doorstep.


The following image carousel shows the samples of customised Nike React Element 55 Premium. 

If you want to have some fun customising your own React Element 55, click on any of the images.

Nike engineers have made a slight change on the upper of the shoe. 

Read more about what the upper, midsole and the outsole of the React Element 55 made of below.


Unlike the React Element 87, the upper of the React Element 55 is not a translucent one through which wearers socks remain visible. 

The material upper is breathable. 

So, it allows the inflow of fresh air to keep the interior fresh and less sweaty. The tongue appears to be quite thin, and it turns out some wearers are not quite happy with it. 

Though some people are not happy with the flimsy tongue, they find the Nike React logo on it quite attractive. 

The traditional lacing on the upper shows a wavy pattern. Apart from that, React Element 55 features several stitchings and overlays to increase the structural integrity of the material.

The Nike swoosh logo can be found on the lateral side and the heel. 

At the rear, the shoe features pull tabs which are specifically constructed to enable easy wearing. 

Aside from the pull tabs, the heel also features heel clips. 

The heel clips are incorporated to provide support to the feet and also ensure security. They stabilise the feet upon heel strike.


The Midsole of the Nike React Element 55 features Nike React foam technology. 

Nike described Nike React foam as being extremely responsive. 

It’s a midsole with impressive energy return. 

The shock absorption of the foam is quite impressive as well. 

According to some reviewers, the Nike React foam is better than the Adidas Boost. 

Many reviewers describe the midsole as being extremely comfortable and supportive for all-day wear.


The midsole is also supported by a removable insole that seats atop. It enhances the comfortable feel of the shoe. 


Nike React element 55 Outsole

The rubber pods are probably the first noticeable features when you take a look at the outsole. 

Those pods are not just there to only make the shoe looks more rugged and stylish but to also provide more support. 

Nike engineers collected data on the areas where shock absorption is needed. Based on the data, they constructed the outsole to have pods on those areas. What those pods do is absorb shock on every running or walking stride. 


The rugged outsole offers durable traction on an either wet or dry surface. 

It’s designed to leave no mark or scuff on a smooth platform. 

Also, the construction is capable of preventing the outsole from wear and tear.



Nike React Element 55 is another Nike React Element shoe that came out after the release of the Nike React Element 87. 

With Nike React foam technology, the shoe delivers comfort that everyone desires. 

Some people prefer the React Element 55 to the React Element 87 as they don’t like their socks being visible while having their shoes on. 

Translucency is not a problem for some fans, they just feel like the React Element 55 looks better. 

Being less expensive is another reason some fans tend to go for the React Element 55.


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11 comments on “Nike React Element 55 Review – Pros and Cons


Very nice review of this Element 55 review. Seriously, its very awesome footware because I got a pair for me and my son. I like the fact that it blends so well from both the past designs of Nike and it looks amazingly cool. I like the softness and how comfortable it is when being worn by me, I really like the shoe a lot…its very nice and cool from my end. I give it the maximum rating around.


Thank you so much for sharing this review about  Nike Element 55. I have been a consistent follower of Nike and their various releases.  I actually like this particular shoe just that I hate the little transparency of your socks while on. Altogether, its another very nice release by Nike and surely one that I will wear for a longer time. Thanks so much for this review and I like the highlights you did here on this post.


I’m glad you like the review. I would like to clarify that the issue of translucency is with the React Element 87 not React Element 55.


OMG! I love this Nike Element 55 shoe. Wow! The review has really enlightened me a lot more on the shoe. Though I heard a lot about the shoes already but I never realised it is this much cool and awesome with all these highlighted features. Truthfully, I need to get a pair of this. It would surely be a good catch for me


Another head bursted by Nike. Very nice review about Nike React Element55, I have really heard a lot about this shoe and I’m glad I finally read about it here. The features are really awesome and huge considering the price too. Being a blend of the then and future of Nike males it really exciting. Had I have the money, I would have placed an order to buy one right now.


Hi Stepho,
Thanks for the comment. Also, you can always come back and place an order when you feel like.


Fantastic review of the Nike React Element 55.
I really love Nike shoes but I must admit I’ve never really gone in depth into how they’re made or what each section does or is for.
I always just liked their look and feel.
Such a thorough, detailed review of them was great to read. Especially as you included the pros and cons.
Have to say my favourite part was the link to custom design your own pair. Bravo, great stuff!

Leigh Parry

£115 to feel like someones overdoing the back of your foot with a ped egg. £120 because its cost me an extra £5 just in plasters alone. Let alone the bandages i had to take out of works first aid kit. God forbid Will doesnt have an accident in work anytime soon. Although the design is great, i love the look. Two days ive walked to work like i have special needs trying to break them in. still no joy. Advice for anyone looking to buy, buy a size bigger! and some very thick socks!


Thanks for letting others know about this. You comment is very much appreciated.










Absolutely fantastic sneakers. I don’t remember the last time I had this experience related to footwear. I feel like a nod again, delighted with his gift.


Good to know, Millan.
Thanks for dropping by.


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