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  • These are very comfortable sneakers.
  • The design is modern and stylish.
  • Materials used shoe are of premium quality
  • The shoe comes in many colourways.
  • You can easily pair this up with any casual outfit.
  • The dual closure (lace and strap) provides an excellent fit to the users.
  • It is a running shoe but can also go casually because of its design.


  • Many reviewers say that the shoe was a little bit narrow.
  • The strap ripped off too early, according to some reviewers.

Nike wanted to create a shoe that could be a mixture of old and modern sneaker design. 

The idea behind the creation of Nike Air Huarache is to provide the people with comfort, durability and eye-catching design. 

The Nike Air Huarache gives a vintage sneaker look while pulling with today’s trend. 

There are very few shoes that can pull this look off. 

The amount of comfort and durability that it comes with is really impressive. The price is very affordable as well.

  • Nike Air Huarache has a very stylish design.
  • The shoe is very breathable.
  • It is durable.
  • Lace and strap closure of the shoe gives a good fit.
  • The retro design of the shoe catches the eye.
  • Neoprene internal sleeve provides an excellent feel to the users.
  • The shoe is very affordable in price.

Brand: Nike

Inspiration: Running

Shoe Line: Air Huarache

Designer Name: Tinker Hatfield

Editions: 10 editions

Colourways: Multiple

Shown Above

Colourway: Black/Grey/Black
Style Code: 318429-003


Nike Air Huarache is a shoe that is fascinating in its style. 

With a wide range of colours and attractive design, it attracts people. 

The shoe is beautifully stitched from the sides and the top. 

The upper of the shoe is very breathable that keeps the feet dry. 

It is a classic shoe suitable for running and as well for casual wear. 

These are for middle-age people, especially dads. 

As they look for comfort and durability with a range of colours to select from, it is the perfect shoe that they can go for. 

Let us discuss this sneaker by looking at its positive and negative aspects.

  • The comfort fit of the shoe is very impressive.
  • The design is a mixture of old and modern-day sneakers.
  • There are many colours of the shoes allowing the user to choose accordingly.
  • The outsole has flex grooves to provide an excellent grip.
  • Looking at the price tag of the shoe according to the features, it seems affordable.
  • The straps of the shoe can rip off after a while.
  • The shoe runs narrow

Video Review

Below is a short video review of the Nike Air Huarache from Wear Tester. 

In the video, the reviewer talks about the features of the shoe and shows how it looks on foot. 

Among the features he talks about are the neoprene material, air unit, rubber heel counter, and the lacing system.

Check out the video below.

Another thing you may find interesting about the Nike Air Huarache is the chance you have to customise it according to your liking. 

You can change the colour and the design to suit your style. 

Use the Air Huarache image in the front to go to the page where you can have fun designing your own Nike Air Huarache.

Nike Air Huarache By You Lateral
Nike Air Huarache By You

The Nike Air Huarache is available in all sizes for both men and women. The shoe is extremely light and comes in more than a hundred colours. 


A high number of buyers have praised its fitting. 

As it comes with both strap and lace closure, it allows the user to set the shoe according to their fit. 

However, a considerable number of users have complained about the durability of the strap.

It is the style of this shoe that makes it stand out in the crowd. 

The shoe combines the classic and modern look and provides the users with maximum comfort and style. 

It can go with shorts and jeans. 

It is a guarantee that the shoe will catch everyone’s eye. 

The reason behind the never-ending trend of the shoe is its appealing design and wide range of colours. 

Many celebrities casually wear these sneakers as they seek comfort and durability in the shoe while representing the best style.

The upper of the Nike Air Huarache comprises neoprene and leather. 

It has beautiful stitching and thread work on the upper of the shoe. 

The lace and strap closure add to the look of the upper. 

Most of the Nike sneakers are made of mesh and suede, but this one provides the best comfort and durability using only neoprene cleatie upper along with leather.

The midsole of any shoe plays an important role in providing comfort to the user. 

The Nike Huarache consists of an EVA midsole with an air-sole unit to provide the maximum comfort to the user. 

It also offers the shock-absorbing qualities in the Nike Huarache.

The outsole of the Nike Huarache is decent and modern. 

While being a classic sneaker, the outsole of the shoe has flex grooves allowing maximum flexibility along with a good grip. 

 With the help of NikeID, the shoe is now more desirable than ever, anyone can get a customised Air Huarache. 

Nike wanted to develop a shoe perfect for running

It was Tinker Hatfield that came up with the idea of using neoprene material. 

This idea struck him during his skiing-sessions. 

He could feel the grip and fitting of the shoe in the neoprene Cleat. 

This is when he decided to make Nike Huarache. 

Hatfield, later on, developed a dynamic structure of the sneaker that would combine the classy and modern-day look while providing the fit and comfort of neoprene cleat.


The Nike Huarache came in 1991. 

Since then, it has been in the trends because of its looks, design and comfortability. 

The OG models of the Nike Huarache are still very much in demand and sell out in minutes. 

However, there are many other editions of Nike Huarache inspired by the OG to provide the users with maximum comfort and support.

Final Thought

Nike Air Huarache is an iconic shoe that has been trending since its launch. People love the design and colour. 

Using NikeID, the user can customise the shoe as he wants. 

Users can design the shoe as they like. 

The materials of the shoe are very impressive and are responsible for the good build quality of the shoe. 

Overall, it is an amazing shoe that can go casual with jeans and shorts. 

The price of the shoe is very affordable and in the reach of almost everyone.

 Nike has continued its legacy in producing stylish sneakers along with the best comfort with the Nike Huarache.


Additional Information (Questions and Anwers)

To answer this question, we need to go back to the root of the Nike Air Huarache – how the shoe was inspired.

The original inspiration of the Air Huarache comes from a water-skiing shoe. But that doesn’t mean that it was designed for water skiing.

It was the idea of how the neoprene material in the water-skiing shoe can conform around the ankle and how its structure can adjust to different foot shapes that led to the creation of Nike Air Huarache.

The shoe was released as a performance shoe and used for running.

Over the years, the Air Huarache has been released in different styles. Today, the shoe is not only used as a performance shoe but also as a lifestyle sneaker.

According to the majority of reviewers, the Air Huarache is quite comfortable. 

However, A few reviewers have complained about the narrow fit of the shoe.

So, if you have wide feet, you may want to go half a size or one size up. Or you could try it in store before ordering online.

The Nike Air Huarache is breathable, but the breathability is a bit poor. 

If you use it for performance (e.g. running or gym) during summer, your feet may be quite sweaty.

Based on different opinions from various reviewers and users, it seems like the shoe worth it. Bear in mind there are different styles out there.

Tinker Hatfield is the original designer of Nike Air Huarache.

The OG Nike Air Huarache was released in 1991 by Nike.

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4 comments on “Nike Air Huarache Review – Pros and Cons

Dave Sweney

Thanks for the thorough review of the Nike Air Huarache shoes. This is a great looking shoe and I agree with your ranking (9 of 10). I think it is a heck of a value for the price. The explainer video was great and it really was effective for me. I was convinced in any case that these are a good option for me, but the video was the icing on the cake.

I agree that the shoes can be used for casual or more formal settings even, they look that good. It is also cool that you can design them as you want. Iconic shoe, and definitely worth your money I think! I am excited to order a pair and get them delivered! Thanks again… 


Good to know, Dave.

Let us know if you find them comfortable after you got one.


These Nike Air Huarache sneakers provide ultimate comfort and style – a must-have for any sneaker enthusiast!


Glad the review is helpful


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