Adidas Superstar Review – Pros and Cons

Adidas Originals Superstar

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  • The comfort of the Adidas Superstar is impressive, according to reviewers.
  • The design of the shoes never goes out of style.
  • The sneakers are made of premium materials.
  • Although the white colour of this sneaker is famous, there are other attractive colourways.
  • It is affordable.
  • Durable footgear.
  • It is Adidas’s classic and iconic sneaker that never fails to meet the expectations of people.


  • Many reviewers say that the shoe was very stiff at first.

Adidas is among the leaders of the sneaker industry. 

It has many collections and models that a person of any age can find the appropriate match for himself or herself. 

Being a leader in the sneaker business is difficult. Multiple designs along with comfortability and durability, aiming that people will like it is a must. 

Adidas Superstar is a never ageing shoe. It stays in style and goes casually with almost all outfits. 

Most of its wearers say it is comfortable and durable. 

The fit is perfect, and it satisfies most users. 

The Superstar possess a satisfying build quality. 

It is inspired by basketball and comprises EVA, leather and rubber sole.

Adidas Originals Superstar
Adidas Originals Superstar (White/Black)
  • Available for both men and women in full and half sizes
  • The shoe is fashionable and goes with every outfit.
  • The durability of the shoe is decent.
  • Lace closure of the shoe provides a good fit to the users.
  • It has an iconic design; even today celebrities wear it.
  • The rubber sole of the shoe provides a good grip.
  • The shoe is very budget-friendly.

Brand: Adidas

Inspiration: Basketball

Profile: Low Cut

Editions: 35 Special editions

Style: Classic

Shoe Line: Adidas Superstar


Adidas Superstar is the perfect pair of sneakers that many Adidas fans desire. 

Comfort, durability, style and attractive design are the key features it possesses. 

People love to have it in their sneaker collections. 

Multiple colour range allows the users to pick the shoe according to his/her choice of colour. 

The white colour is very common. 

According to reviewers, it looks classy and matches with every outfit. 

You can also get a personalised Adidas Superstar. 

All you have to do is go to the Adidas website and request one according to your personalisation. 

Adidas Superstar is available in many special editions, by which you can get an idea about the popularity and demand of the shoe.


Here is the summary of what many reviewers are saying about the Superstar:


  • The comfort of the shoe is excellent.
  • The design is classic and looks impressive.
  • There are many colours available.
  • Rubber Sole provides good traction and grip on the ground.
  • People love this sneaker because of its looks and affordable price.
  • The shoe provides some level of arch support.
  • Some people don’t like the thin shoelaces of this sneaker.

Video Review

The following is a quick video review of the Adidas Originals Superstar. 

The reviewer shows the black and white colourway, and talks a bit about the history of the shoe. 

The talk includes how the OG Adidas Superstar was inspired and started getting popular in its early release.


Whatch the video below:

Both men and women will find the right sizes for themselves. The Adidas Originals Superstar is very durable and comfortable. 

The materials used to make the shoe are of premium quality. The combination of EVA and leather gives the users a good fit. 

In case of any misfit, the users can use the lace closure to customise the fit of the shoe accordingly.

Nothing denies the fact that these sneakers are consistent throughout the years. 

It never goes out of style. 

Although many new sneaker designs and editions are being released, it is still on top of the trending chart. 

No matter what fashion brings in, it still holds a place in people’s hearts. 

Not only the OG Adidas Superstar but also the new editions with new colourways are impressive and liked by the fans.

The upper of the Adidas Superstar is a full-grain leather along with textile lining. 

It offers ultimate comfort and a good fit for the users. The front shell toe makes this sneaker iconic. 

Besides these features, the sides of the shoe have Adidas trademark 3-stripes with “SUPERSTAR” written alongside the 3-stripes.

Adidas Superstar Medial The midsole of the Adidas Superstar has EVA technology allowing the shoe to be comfortable to an extreme level. The midsole also adds to the durability of the shoe and holds the shoe together. The clear stitching details look appealing on the midsole.
Adidas Originals Superstar Outsole The outsole of the shoe makes it comfortable and easy in walking or running. It has a rubber outsole designed especially for good grip and traction. A herringbone pattern of the outsole increases the grip of the shoe. The outsole makes the shoe stiff, but after wearing it for some time, it will get more and more comfortable.

The early development of the Adidas Superstar was from a low-top basketball shoe. 

That specific basketball shoe had a leather upper with a shell toe. 

Adidas Superstar came back in 1969, and its popularity and demand have grown stronger since then. 

Its legacy is never-ending, and it continues to be one of the best sneakers of all time. 

The iconic design and simple look, alongside the Adidas 3-stripes signature, make the shoe look impressive.


In 2014, Adidas relaunched this iconic shoe like the Adidas Stan Smith, which gained the same popularity as the Adidas Superstar. 

It was the 45th anniversary of the Adidas Superstar, and people were super excited about it. 


Adidas started the campaign of the shoe by contacting many celebrities that were singers and sportsmen. 

2015 was a hugely successful comeback of the Adidas Superstar. 

Alone in that year, people bought 15 million pairs. Therefore, it got the award for the top-selling sneaker of the year.

Final Thought

Adidas Superstar comes with a beautiful and simple look. 

It has made a 50-year legacy by continuing to be one of the best sneakers. 

Superstar is a comfortable, durable and fashionable sneaker. 

Its colour range allows the users to pick many pairs to match with multiple outfits. 

No matter what the trend is, the shell toe and leather upper of the shoe will always be in the hearts of the fans. 

However, with this demand and features, it is available at an affordable price. 

This is the reason most of the sneaker lovers have this shoe in their collection.

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