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New Balance X-90 Review – Pros and Cons

New Balance X-90











  • Splendid and stylish look
  • Comfortable
  • Slip-On Funtion
  • Durable
  • Revlite technology adds 30% of foam to the shoe
  • Good traction


  • A little stiff when new
  • Low breathability

The New Balance X-90 features both past and futuristic designs, which attracts the users. 

The company has revived its cushioning technology of the 990 series, which adds more comfort to the shoes. 

The X-90 promises a sleek design and comfortable feel to the users; making it easy for running and workout. 

It is stitched beautifully throughout the exterior and interior. It is not only for running purposes but can also be used casually in daily life.

  • Upper is of mesh and suede
  • Low-cut design
  • Revived 90’s midsole trend
  • Extra cushioning for comfort
  • Good Traction
  • Rubber Sole

Brand: New Balance

Category: Running

Profile: Low Cut


The New Balance X-90 is one of the best running shoes from New Balance. It has the retro 990 series touch and comfort that make it ideal for running and casual purposes. 

We have researched, and read the reviews of experts for a few hours and came to a thoughtful conclusion. 

We have summarised positive and negative thoughts for your ease so that you can make an easy decision.


  • The shoe is comfortable and breathable
  • It comes in many colourways and variants
  • Specially designed for running
  • The durability makes it to last long
  • Rubber sole provides excellent traction
  • The retro design is appealing
  • It doesn’t go with every casual dressing because it is a running shoe.
  • It is hard to clean muds off the shoes.

Video Review

The following is a quick video review of the New Balance X-90. The reviewer shows the yellow colourway, and another colourway on his feet. He doesn’t talk about the features of the shoe. 

The only thing he does is a reaction on the sneaker. That’s all he basically does in this video.

If you like, you can watch his reaction down below.

To save you time and effort looking for the exact colourway the guy shows in the video, we have helped you dug it up from New Balance. You can see the image in the front here. Check it out if you fancy it.

New Balance X-90 Goldrush with Castlerock colourway
New Balance X-90 : Goldrush with Castlerock

New Balance X-90 is available for both men and women. Both genders can use this shoe for running and workout. 

Its fit is a little tight; thus, we prefer ordering the exact size that can fit according to your desire. 

It comes with the lace closure so that you can change your fit accordingly. The X-90 has padded collars that provide comfort and cushioning.

The X-90 displays a perfect combination of modern-day and classic sneaker design. It may portray a dad-like sneakers, but New Balance sock-like fit attracts the sneakers lovers. 

The company never fails to impress its enthusiasts through its midsole and sleek upper design. 

The low top design and the variable colour scheme allows the user to pair it with the right outfit, which will catch everyone’s eye.

The upper of the New Balance X-90 is a one-piece material of mesh and suede providing great comfort to the user. 

The low top design makes it fashionable like new sneakers, but the comfort is not compromised. It also offers a sleek design so that it can go with casual wear too. 

Its upper part has eight shoelace holes, which provide an excellent fit for the user.


The Revlite technology of New Balance is the revision of the 990 series, which is more comfortable because it adds more cushioning to the shoes. The upper portion has a stitched like pattern which looks appealing, and it provides comfort. 

You will also see ‘Engineered by New Balance’ on the front side of the shoe, which is excellent for the sight. 

The sides of the shoe have the ‘N’ logo, which represents New Balance.

The midsole of X-90 is made of rubber which provides excellent traction and grip to the ground. 

As discussed earlier, the cushioning on the X-90 is excellent due to Revlite technology. It offers superior fit and comfort to the user. 

These are running shoes and are lightweight due to which running is relaxing, and your feet never get tired.

The outsole has a wave-like pattern, which not only looks good but provides an excellent grip to the user. 

The outsole is elevated at multiple places providing stability, and it helps the user in the running. 

The grey colour of X-90 has three coloured outsoles, which not only looks appealing but provides good traction and durability. 

New Balance came into existence in 1906. Therefore, the company is in the sneaker business for over 100 years. 

During these years, New Balance has gathered an enormous following. It became famous for its sportswear, especially for running and workout purposes. 

The retro designs of NB classics were a great success. It gave great experience to the user. 

The journey of sneakers from being sporty to casual use was never easy, but New Balance took it as a challenge and succeeded. 


The design of the X-90 was taken from the early released series of New Balance 990. Its creators have plucked out small details from it and transformed it into a new sneaker. 

The 990 series came in 1982, and its popularity as a running shoe was unbelievable. It was declared as the most innovative running shoe of that time. 

This is the reason that New Balance revived the 990 series through X-90.  With New Balance X-90, the old users and lovers of 990 series can now enjoy the new comfort and design.


Many of the celebrities loved the 990 series, which includes Steve Jobs, Pharrell Williams, Denzel Washington, Chris Brown, Kanye West, Kendall Marshall, Ben Affleck and many more.  

The 990 series success pushed the company to revise the sneaker that combined the modern-day look plus the retro design. They made it lightweight and easy to wear. 

The midfoot design of the 997 series and the ‘ABZORB’ window style of the 991 series were combined to make the X-90. 

Final Thought

New Balance has been in the shoe industry for over 100 years and knows its customer’s demands. The company has always been famous for its comfortablr, durable, and stable shoe line. 

The X-90 is the successor of the 990 series, but with more comfort and style. It comes for both men and women, in multiple colourways. 

It is perfect for running and workout purposes. New Balance has included many new technologies to make this sneaker an ideal sneaker for athletes. 

Get these awesome sneakers and start burning some calories.


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4 comments on “New Balance X-90 Review – Pros and Cons


hello, i really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. i would not consider that this foot wear has concerns because the comfort i felt when i first wore them was magneficent. although i still think they come second to the nike. thanks for the review


That’s awesome comment from you, Benny. Thanks


Thanks a lot for such an amazing review about Balance X-90 Review and explanation are given.

I had a pair of slippers exactly the same, but unfortunately, they broke. It was very comfortable, I think I will buy 3 more pairs for my parents.

Thanks again for this post. If you don’t mind, I will share this article on my social media account. Good luck!


Thanks for dropping by, RazVanllie. Glad to know you like the review.

No, I don’t mind at all.


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