Nike Air Max Motion 2 Review – Pros and Cons

Nike Air Max Motion 2

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  • Stylish and appealing
  • Breathable
  • Different variant and colourways
  • Lightweight
  • People have praised the high-quality material of the shoe
  • The heel clip turns most of the foot pain away


  • People have complained that the colours are a little different when seen live

Nike Air Max Motion 2 is inspired by Air Max 270 series. Air Max was first introduced in 1987 and became popular due to its comfort and durability. At that time, Nike and Tinker collaborated to create the Air-Sole technology. Nike has made many changes from the launch of Air Max 1 to give its users the best experience of Air Max.

Being in this business for a very long time, Nike has many rival brands, but due to its consistency in introducing the best sneakers, its users love to stay with them. Air Max is undoubtedly one of the lightest sneakers in the world. Not only light, but its performance has been a masterpiece.     

  • Upper of the shoe is made up of Mesh
  • Low-cut design
  • Excellent breathable mesh
  • Extra light and comfortable
  • Good Traction
  • Rubber Sole

Brand: Nike

Category: Running

Shoe Line: Air Max

Profile: Low Cut

Shown Above: Team Red/Black/Bright Crimson

Style Code: AO0266-602


Air Max has been gaining followers since the launch of its first model. It is one of Nike’s most favourable and trending sneakers. After reading a bunch of reviews and customer feedback, we can discuss all the positive and negative thoughts that have been running throughout the world about this sneaker.


  •   The shoe is comfortable and provides a good fit.
  • You can wear it all day because it remains dry because of its breathable mesh.
  •  Its vibrant colour scheme suits any casual dressing.
  • Its durability makes it last long for years.
  • You get excellent traction and grip on the ground.
  • The classic look together with Air-Sole makes it looks appealing.
  • For some wide feet users, it is narrow due to its good fitting design.

Video Review

In the video below, you will see a reviewer unboxing and showing different features of the Nike Air Max Motion 2. He shows the upper, midsole and outsole in a better view than the images above. He went on to show how the sneaker looks on feet. The colourway of the Air Max Motion 2 he shows in this video is Black/Anthracite/Racer blue.

Watch the video here:

To save you time and effort looking for the exact colourway the reviewer shows in the video, we have helped you dug it up from Nike. You can see the image in the front here. Check it out if you fancy it.

The NIke Air Max Motion 2
Colourway: Black/Anthracite/Racer Blue

Nike Air Max Motion 2 is available for both men and women. It comes in a variety of colours, so it looks stylish with any dressing. Customers have liked its fit due to which they can run with ease. Although it is a running shoe, it has a comfortable collar so that even if you wear it all day, you won’t get any blister or annoying rubbing against your ankle.

The shoe has lace closure so that you can modify the fit according to your comfort. The laces cover mid-foot and provide perfect fitting to the user. It provides a narrow fit so the users with a wide fit can order the shoe accordingly.

Nike Air Max motion has a retro design which gives it a classic look. The Air Max Motion 2 is inspired by the 270 series released recently. It has an upper mesh which gives it comfy feel while looking stylish at the same time. The extra cushioning on the collar gives it a minimalistic look making it easy to wear casually as well.

Men can style their outfit with the colour of their liking as it comes with multiple colour schemes. They can wear them with shorts, jeans, and even trousers. The shoes perform best when the users are running with it. Also, when working out, the shoes are at their best.

Nike Air Max Motion is an everyday use shoe. It is an untiring shoe. Air Max Motion has kept the comfort and lightness of its predecessors, and the customers are pleased with the shoe.

The upper of the Nike Air Max Motion 2 is a single piece of mesh with no-sew overlays. The design is beautiful with no-sew overlays on the top. The breathable upper keeps the feet dry and provides mobility. The Nike logo is stitched on both sides of the shoe. The upper of the shoe has three colours which make it look appealing. It has a lace closure and extra cushioning at the top too.

The midsole of the Nike Air Max Motion 2 has a U-shaped Max Air unit for which the Air Max is renowned. Keeping the revival and promise of the Air Max, the midsole provides extra cushion and style to the shoe.

The outsole has a rubber heel to provide an excellent grip on the ground. The heel also adds to its durability and comfort. The colourful outsole design makes the sneaker stand out in the crowd. The bold heel clip and Air Max unit improve the look and feel of the shoe.

The first edition of Air Motion was released in 2013 as the successor to Air Max models. Air Max technology was introduced in 1978 by Tinker Hatfield in collaboration with Nike. Tinker thought of developing shoes with Air motion Technology and was successful in doing so.

While developing the Air max, the thought was to create such a noticeable shoe with intrepid design and vibrant colours. Hatfield and Nike concluded to use the heel of the shoe for exposing Air-Sole technology.

In later 1987, they produced and displayed the first-ever shoe comprising of Air-Sole technology like the Air Max 1. Air Max has gripped the market since then. Providing comfort and breathability, the Air Max has been reinvented multiple times. With different colours and adaptable looks, it has been a centre of attraction for the people. The new collection of Air Max comprises of the retro design with modern-day execution so that the shoe still looks classic. The most effective work was to max out the heel clip for providing extra cushioning and comfort.

For more than 30 years, Nike has been redesigning Air Max to give the best experience to its users. Nike Air Max Motion 2 is inspired by the Air Max 270 series but giving extra style and comfort in every way. Vibrant colours of the shoe provide an immense look. 

Final Thought

Nike Air Max Motion 2 is one of the best-selling sneakers of Nike. Air Max technology has brought fame to this brand. The comfort, durability, and fitting of the shoe is undoubtedly amazing. As always, Nike never fails to impress its users. Anyone who likes or loves sneakers will surely go for Nike Air Max Motion 2.

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14 comments on “Nike Air Max Motion 2 Review – Pros and Cons


My son gave me a pair of Nike Air Max Motion this past Summer as he invited me to travel to visit Toronto as he knew we would be walking a lot every day there.

Wow, as soon as I saw your article on the internet, I came to read it, as I wear them and I noticed how easy was to walk everyday over 20,000 steps without feeling my legs tired or sore, I need to buy a new pair because after seen the high quality of these shoes, I want to have two pairs ready before the weather gets nice and warm here as I want to keep my walking every day.

Thanks for sharing a good review. 


You’re welcome, Alejandra. And, thanks for dropping by. 

We appreciate it.

Have a lovely day and happy new year in advance


Hey thank you for the great post!  I really enjoyed this post because I do a lot of walking, and I need a good set of shoes to accommodate that!  These shoes look pretty freaking awesome if you ask me!  My only fear would be that the colors would be slightly off, since there have been some people saying they noticed that.  However, given the fact that it’s Nike I would probably still buy the shoes because they have good quality usually.


Good to know your opinion on the Air Max Motion 2. And, we’re glad you like the review.

Thanks for visiting. 

Happy new year in Advance


Nike has always been one of my favorite show products, most of my shoes are Nike and this is mainly because of the kind of gallant nature they provide and also the durability. Nike Air Max Motion 2 is a good one but I’m yet to get it, I obviously can’t buy all Nike shoes, an the colour I think they should work on it, all other things are good. 


Good to know, man. Thanks for dropping by.

I totally agree with you.

Happy new year in advcance


Hello Stephen, Thank you for writing a Nike Air Max Motion 2 Review – Pros and Cons. I enjoy your article while reading and get many things out of it. Air Max has been gaining followers since the launch of its first model. It is one of Nike’s most favorable and trending sneakers. The comfort, durability, and fitting of the shoe is undoubtedly amazing. Thank you



Glad you agree with those sentences.

Have a lovely day. And, happy new year in advance.

Juan Saladin

If the color similarity in regards to what you see in your monitor is the only complaint arroound that’s deffinetly something I can deal with (goin black is like the secured bet on this one).

Brilliant colours are great, but as per my understanding, even though it:s part of the experience, there are other factors that are more deterministic than the exact colour matching against screen seen models: 

  – Comfort

  – Breathability

  – Ease of use (when putting them on or taking them of)

  – Shock Absorbance Capacity

 I’ll definitely go for them as my own personal New year’s gift to myself.

Thanks for your review!


I completely agree with you Juan. The colour you seen on the monitor can always be exact same colour of the material. The cameral effect do affect the colour. Anyway, not everybody is complaining about the colour though.

Thanks for visiting. And, happy new year in advance.


Hello Stephen,

Thank you very much for this review, the video showed exactly the shoes. It reviews the expected materials as demonstrated in the video. The upper, out and midsole were properly demonstrated.
Like you said in your article above, you have helped us save time and effort. No need to struggle to get the right product info from Nike.
Once again, thank you.


You’re welcome, man. Thanks for the comment.

Have an amazing day. And, Happy new year in advance.

Mugalu Mansoor

Thanks for this great review.

Actually, Nike is one of my favorite brands. Air Max Motion 2 is such a good quality shoe I have ever seen. It is made in high-quality material and nothing I like from this shoe more than its being lightweight. I actually disagree with you on the issue of color,  when I bought this shoe it was actually the same as it was in the image. What I liked here is that you have a link to the Nike store, this assures reliability to the buyer. Thanks.


Thanks Mugalu. I’m glad to say I welcome your disagreement as it proves you are one of the people that don’t have any issue with the colour.

Happy new year to you, man.


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