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New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v10 Review – Pros and Cons

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v10

Release Price: $150.00








  • Responsive
  • Better Cushioning
  • Comfortable feel
  • Better energy return from the midsole
  • width options
  • everyday training footgear


  • Outsole traction may not be good enough in wet condition
  • Mesh upper
  • Stretch and supportive Knit Upper
  • Full-length Fresh Foam X midsole
  • Drop: 8mm
  • Blown rubber outsole for better rebound
  • Ortholite sockliner
  • Ultra heel design
  • Very Responsive
  • Better cushioning
  • Stretchy knit upper for a snug and comfortable fit
  • Full-length Fresh Foam X midsole for optimum energy return
  • Good option as a daily trainer
  • Width options
  • Outsole traction may not be enough on a wet platform


The Fresh Foam 1080v10 is a running shoe that New Balance just released in November 2019. Many runners have tested it. After the test, they provided their opinions. 

The following are a summary of what they think.

  • No break-in period is required and it’s easy to slip on and off
  • According to many runners, unlike the New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v9, the footwear has no sensation of heel slippage while running
  • Reviewers commented that the heel slippage and discomfort some runners experienced in the previous version have been fixed in this new model
  • A runner says the outsole seems to provide good traction as he took them on 9-miler with a pickup without worrying about cornering or slippering
  • Comparing to it predecessors, Fresh Foam 1080v10 is lighter, softer, fitter and more responsive according to runners
  • A reviewer says he needs not adjusting the shoelaces once his foot is inside as the shoe fits well
  • Many of the runners that have reviewed the shoe said that the heel and the midfoot provide secure lockdown and the knit upper give their toes ample an of freedom to move around comfortably
  • A reviewer says he would not recommend it as a speed workout footwear but as an everyday trainer
  • Reviewers applaud the shoe for its ability to hold their foot firmly in place but give it the freedom to move as they go through their gait cycle
  • One reviewer says he likes the high heel of the Fresh Foam 1080v10 which protects his Achilles Heel and prevents rubbing and blistering
  • A reviewer says the tongue and the curl of the heel are exaggerated and could be dialled down a bit
  • Another reviewer says the room in the toe box area doesn’t seem enough, but it’s not a significant issue as the knit upper is stretchy
  • A runner pointed out that he senses the shoe has the potential to slide in a wet surface

Video Review

Here is the video in which a runner talks about the New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v10. In the video, he compared the Fresh Foam 1080v10 to the previous version. 

According to him, the shoe is softer, lighter, and feels more comfortable. He also mentioned that the shoe is very responsive and demonstrated its flexibility. 

Overall, he considers it as a daily trainer shoe that fits well.

You can watch his review down below.

New Balance released the Fresh Foam 1080v10 in both men and women styles/versions, which means the shoe is available in both men and women sizes. 

On New Balance site, the women’s Fresh Foam 1080v10 sizes range from UK3.5 to UK10 while the men’s Fresh Foam 1080v10 sizes range from UK6.5 to Uk14.5. 

You could also view the size chart on the product page.

The New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v10 has width options for both men and women.

For Women:

  • Narrow
  • Standard
  • Wide

For Men:

  • Standard
  • Wide
  • X-Wide

The Fresh Foam 1080v10 comes with engineered knit upper that wraps around the foot like a shock and provides 360 degrees of comfort all day. This model features an ultra heel design that hugs the foot firmly and provides ample of comfort during the gait cycle. It also comes with a traditional lacing system which will enable individuals to customise their fits. Some people may not even need frequent fit adjustment as the stretchy engineered knit upper will provide a snug and comfortable fit.

The shoe falls in the running category, but this does not mean people can’t use it as an everyday casual kick. 

For instance, Adidas designed the Adidas Ultra Boost for running only, but you can see the shoe on the street in many urban cities. So, it’s just a matter of time before the Fresh Foam 1080v10 takes Urban streets by storm. 

As New Balance just released the footwear, there are not many colourways in the market at the moment but expect them to release more soon.


  • The Fresh Foam 1080v10 is a data-driven design as well as the Fresh Foam 1080v9
  • The differences many runners pointed out are the Fresh Foam 1080v10 is lighter and, the Hypoknit upper design boosts its comfort and feel
  • Another thing they highlighted about the new model is its better midsole cushioning
  • According to a reasonable number of runners, the heel slippage they experienced while running in the Fresh Foam 1080v9 has been fixed. So such slippage is not experienced in the Fresh Foam 1080v10
  • Some runners do give credit to the previous version for its sturdiness and comfort.
  • Overall, many runners prefer the Fresh Foam 1080v10 to Fresh Foam 1080v9
  • For individuals that don’t want to use any of the shoes for running, both kicks can be a cool shoe for everyday wear

New Balance has upgraded the upper design of the Fresh Foam 1080 in this new model. 

The Fresh Foam 1080v10 comes with Hypoknit upper. New Balance team engineered the material to be stretchy, flexible and lightweight. 

According to some runners, the upper of the shoe wraps around the feet like socks. 

A runner says his toes have ample freedom to play around in the toe box area due to the stretchy material. 

According to a reviewer, the toe box room is not enough, but it will not be a big issue due to the stretchy upper.


One of the upper features that reviewers frequently talk about is the Ultra Heel design. Due to the complaints the New Balance team received about heel slippage in the previous version, they modified the heel design to something that almost every runner applauds. The slippage is not there anymore.

The Fresh Foam 1080v10 comes with flat laces. 


the shoe features a gusseted, stitch-in tongue on the upper to offer a midfoot lockdown. The tongue accents the New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080 branding to show which line of NB shoes the 1080v10 belongs. Not only that the branding shows the line of shoes the Fresh Foam 1080v10 belongs, but also makes it look more stylish. 


The mid part of the upper shows a stitch-in fibre which provides some level of support to the material and improves the look of the shoe. On top of the stitch-in fibre is a New Balance logo, letter N.

The midsole of the Fresh Foam 1080v10 is a better version compared to its predecessors. It delivers enhance softness and more energy return. 

The responsiveness of the material is applauded by many reviewers and runners. It’s not as rigid as the previous ones but able to perform better and deliver more comfort. 

A closer look on the lateral side of the midsole would show laser-drill holes which runs from the heel to the midfoot area. The laser engraving on the midsole renders the shoe lighter and more flexible.

It’s like New Balance upgraded every feature of the Fresh Foam 1080. Like the upper and the midsole, New Balance has also touched the outsole. 

The rubber coverage on the outsole of this model is less compared to its predecessors. 

It features some decoupling grooves on the front section. Runners say the outsole grips well, but caution is needed on wet platforms during running gait.

Final Thought

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v10 is the shoe many runners are talking about now. Based on tests results, the shoe is better for running a long-distance run. The knit material hugs the foot very well and provides all-day better feel. 

No complaint about the upper. The midsole provides lightweight and better cushioning. It provides better energy return. 

Runners are fascinated by all the improved features on the kicks. They say it’s a go-to kick for daily training. 

The shoe may be in the running category, but it looks very nice for street style.

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20 comments on “New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v10 Review – Pros and Cons


Hello Stephen, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I was looking for these. I am not a runner but I like to wear them just like that. Design is pretty powerful and I like they are comfortable. Now is the season of rain so I will get them for the spring. They are not so expensive at all compared to their softness.


Good to know, Danijel. Yeah, they seem to be value for money.


Will always love a good runners shoe and this one gets a pass mark on that one. I can see why you give it a close to 10 ratings. I like this New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v10 shoe. Your review is very detailed and also well composed as well. The upper looks cool and the material used in making it is also top-notch. I would like to cop one and buy one for my sister too. I am sure it comes in different sizes.


Thanks Henderson. Yes, it comes with different sizes.


I like the style of this shoe, men and women’s version, they look really cool and comfortable. The foam sole is very thick, a great cushioning which I think makes it so comfortable, right? It looks indeed very flexible. The students at my school would love this for P.E. class, but I think it will also look great to wear on the street. Perfect for long shopping hours and you want to stay comfortable on your feet 😉 


That’s right, Christine. I don’t think only the runners will benefit from the comfort of the shoe. Anyone that gets it for everyday wear will not regret all it has to offer.


Oooooooh!  I WANT a pair of these!  They look so ultra comfortable.  I love the cushion and fit and support.  They really appear to be one of the best trainers I’ve seen.  They are also nice enough looking to wear for everyday walking which is a huge plus for those of us who walk a lot.  My feet feel energized just looking at them!


Haha. Yeah, they definitely are comfortable for walking.

Pamela Arsena

I really love how the Fresh Foam 1080v10 womens shoes look.  Being an avid runner It is hard to find a comfortable running shoe that also is fashionable.  I love the bright colors and most importantly how cushioned my feet feel while running. Furthermore, these shoes allow my feet to breathe which is so important living in the desert. 


Good to know. 



Great review here on the New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v10. The red color is a really unique and sleek design. That the shoe is responsive and has better cushioning is outstanding. Also I like that the shoe has different width options. It’s good to know that runners are fascinated with the improved features and I agree these make for a nice street style as well. I’ll save your post for when it’s soon time for a new pair of trainers and I’ll pass it along to some runner friends as well. Great post and keep up the good work!


Thanks Pentental. 

Wish you all the best.


This is honestly very very nice to read and I think this is the shoe that I have been looking for. I always go to the gym to work out and I have been looking for a perfect shoe that I can use to run down to the centre but I will also be using at the gym. I hope that the shoe will be able to hold all that stress.


As this shoe just drop this month, it’s difficult to say if will do pretty well or last in gym, though one of the testers say it’s not a speed workout foot gear. Anyway, it’s got all the comfort and support you could look for in a daily training kick.



This is a fantastic and thorough review on the New New Balance shoe. I loved the video in particular – in short 5min. you have covered all the elements that I want to know as far as a running shoes go. 

If I have to be nitpicking… when I started reading the page, my first question was “what type of shoes are these for” ie gym training, running or others…. the top of the page wasn’t too clear to me. I found my answer eventually as I started reading and certainly after seeing your video. For me, that’s my first question when it comes to purchase a training shoe, so it would be helpful to make it abit more clear at the start. 

All in all, thanks for the non-bias review. 




Thanks Chloe. I will find time to update the review soon.


Great read on these New Balance running shoes. I have a pair of New Balance running shoes myself which I bought from an actual running shop where they made sure I had the right trainers for the type of running I did and examined how my foot connects with the ground when walking and running. They are the best running trainers I have ever had. These trainers look brilliant and they even look comfy let alone what feedback and reviews the runners who have tested these out are saying. The stretchy material plays a huge part in comfort as when you run, your feet swell so the material used in these trainers allow for that to happen which helps keep your feet comfortable when running. This was a great read about these trainers and they look awesome!! 


Awesome, Lee. You definitely have some knowledge on running shoe.



Is fresh foam the same thing as memory foam? I have 2 pair of Sketchers with memory foam and I thought they were fine in the beginning. But the memory foam conforms permanently to a shape after you’ve worn it for awhile and in both pair, the right shoe is now miserable to wear. It literally has waves in the foam having conformed to the bottom shape of the foot.

That’s why I ask if all these shoes with various types of foam, are the same thing as memory foam. I think I’ll avoid this new fad (few years now), unless you report differently.


Hi Todd,
Thanks for the question. First of all, the Fresh Foam is a New Balance technology. It became available to the public in 2014. Its purpose is to create a softer feel. It’s engineered to be lightweight and offer runners smooth ride. I can’t say the fresh foam is springy, but runners can pick up the pace on it. Memory Foam, on the other hand, is the material designed by NASA for Astronauts some years ago. The reason why it retains the shape of your foot sole is probably because of its viscoelastic property. Unlike some other materials, it does it has very slow potential to return to its original shape. Another problem about Memory Foam is it accommodates heat easily.
To answer your question, the Fresh Foam isn’t the same as Memory Foam, though they have some similar Characteristics.


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