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Indestructible Ryder Review – Pros and Cons

Indestructible Ryder

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  • Stylish and tough
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • The toe cap features steel for maximal protection
  • Military-grade kevlar gives it ruggedness
  • Puncture-resistant sole


  • Narrow Size
  • Limited colourways - comes in only four colourways

The Indestructible Ryder is the perfect work and safety shoe. It provides users with the perfect combination of comfort and toughness. When a person goes to buy a shoe, he has to give up one of the two, either comfort or toughness. But the Indestructible Ryder has multiple functions while being comfortable. Its breathable fly mesh offers the user the perfect breathability and airflow so that their feet remain cool and dry at the same time.

The safety precautions of the shoe are immensely effective because of its military-grade kevlar. It protects the user foot when accidentally stepped on a set of nails or being run over by a car; the steel cap toe and kevlar provides good ruggedness and protection to the user. In all harsh and unlucky conditions, this shoe will provide all safety measures and comfort.

  • The upper material of the shoe is fly mesh
  • The shoe is flexible and twistable
  • Very light
  • The midsole gives excellent cushioning
  • The shoe comes with no-tie laces
  • Despite being tough, it is comfortable

Brand: Indestructible

Category: Work and Safety

Profile: Low Cut design

Weight: 0.9lb (0.4kg)

Colourways: Ryder Black, Ryder Grey, Ryder Pink, and Ryder Green


The Indestructible Ryder is a very lightweight shoe that provides all-day comfort to the users. The upper fabric of the shoe is breathable fly mesh and cotton that gives an experience of comfort and style to the user. The no-tie laces allow the users to slip the shoe on and off. The Ryder comes with a rugged sole which offers protection from all kinds of mishappening, whether it being sharp equipment or heavy objects.

After a long our of research, we have managed to put together the summary of positive and negative opinions on the shoe.


  • The shoe is tough, comfortable, and light
  • Its midsole provides cushioning
  • It comes in different colour schemes
  • Rubber sole has incredible traction and grip
  • The European styled steel toe cap offers safety in all conditions
  • Compared to other safety shoes, the Indestructible Ryder is very lightweight
  • The Ryder is very breathable and good for factory work.
  • The no-tie lace sometimes does not provide the ideal fit.

Video Review

Below is the video review of the Indestructible Ryder. The reviewer goes through various tests to prove the quality and style of the indestructible Ryder. He kicks it off with a swag test, followed by a puncture resistance test. During the puncture resistance test, he stands directly on a bunch of nails. The next thing he does is trying to cut through the toe cap with a sharp knife to see how the steel toe cap can hold on. He then proves that the toe cap can withstand mallet blows. After that, he does a weight test by running over the toe cap with his car. In the final test, you will see him using an angle grinder to cut through the toe cap.

Hope the video will help you know more about the Indestructible Ryder.

The Indestructible Ryder comes in four different colours: black, green, grey and pink. Black, grey, and green are for men and pink is for women. The sizes are available for both men and women. Indestructible Ryder is the most flexible and rugged work and safety shoe one can ever imagine.

The no-tie lace gives the users a good fit plus time-saving. One can put it on and does any work. Its puncture-resistant sole and steel toe cap do not only provide safety but also look appealing. All these qualities add up to less than 1 lb of weight, which is incredible.

The Indestructible Ryder is ideal to style for daily wear as its toughness increases its life. It is available for both men and women with different colour schemes. It does not only allow users to stay safe but also gives a stylish look. Its upper fly mesh and no-tie lace look appealing and attractive. Despite being stylish, Indestructible team designed its sole is for extreme conditions.

The upper of the shoe is a cotton fabric, a breathable fly mesh. It is light and gives an appealing look. The stylish rubber sewed on the sides and back is the icing on the cake. It has a lace closure to provide an ideal fit. But it has a no-tie lace which is a time saver.

The upper of the toe is of military kevlar that adds to the safety measure of the shoe. The steel toe cap is for times when people see your feet as a run over – It will protect your foot against all conditions. The upper fly mesh of the shoe provides superior ventilation that keeps the feet warm and dry.

The midsole of the shoe has a steel plate to protect your foot from a falling heavy object. The steel toe cap provides extra durability and protection. In all unexpected cases, your feet will stay unhurt. The padded midsole adds to the comfort of the shoe. The midsole also enhances the durability of the shoe.

The outsole of the Indestructible Ryder is of a military material that keeps the feet safe from all environmental hazards. The outsole is puncture-resistant and flexible. It does not only provide safety but also provides excellent traction and grip to the ground. One can only hope to see this much in a shoe. It still weighs under 1 lb, which is impressive.

Vulcanized rubber came in 1839. People have worn rubber-soled shoes since the 1860s. From the early 1920s, Converse started the trend of sneakers. Later Nike, Air Jordans, and others adopted the trend. All these sneakers were lightweight and comfortable. Every new edition of the shoes brought innovation to the sneaker industry. But many fewer people thought of building sneakers that are safe and ideal for working environment. That’s where Indestructible came in.

The company thought of combining comfort along with all the safety measures that a shoe can have, such as steel toe cap, puncture-resistant sole, shock insulator, skid-proof grips, and ultra-durability. With all these qualities, one may think it may look like a boot, but it is a lightweight sneaker. The Ryder is easy and quick to wear. It has added cushion in the midsole. Deals are available that might give you a chance to buy this sneaker at a discounted price.

Final Thought

The safety and ruggedness of the shoe while maintaining the looks are spectacular. It is not only safe but stylish and appealing too. Only the user can experience the qualities it possesses. The company’s idea of creating a shoe that is safe and comfortable at the same time is very thoughtful. The safety measure and look of the Ryder are very rare and very hard to find. Considering all the qualities of the shoe, it is a value for money.

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