Indestructible Gravity Review – Pros and Cons

Indestructible Gravity

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  • Tough and stylish
  • Breathable
  • Light
  • The shoe has a steel toe
  • It is rugged and protective
  • It is water and puncture-resistant


  • The shoe only comes in two colours
  • Some customers reviewed that the insole is not very comfortable, and it needs extra padding

We have taken a few pictures of the shoe to give you a quick view of how it looks. Check the photo gallery below.

The indestructible Gravity is the first waterproof shoe by Indestructible. It perfectly combines style, comfort, and protection. It is time to take your work shoe to a new and different level. The indestructible Gravity always provides all-day comfort to users while protecting the users’ feet from dangerous hazards. The overall look of the shoe is appealing and pleasing. It is easy to wear and not very heavy compared to other work and safety shoes. It also provides the users with a steel toe and rubber sole that adds to the features of the shoes.

The Indestructible Gravity shoes are very protective because it features military-grade Kevlar, which gives it ruggedness. The entire idea of creating the shoe is to develop a perfect all in one shoe that offers comfort, durability, ruggedness, and protection at the same time. It is changing the game of sneakers and engaging people towards itself. The shoe is also waterproof and will keep your feet dry even in wet and rainy conditions.

  • The upper is of fly mesh material
  • It is waterproof
  • Pull-tab for easy slip-on and slip-off
  • The rubber sole makes the shoe grips well
  • The steel toe cap provides optimal protection
  • Lightweight
  • The sole is also shock-resistant
  • It is flexible
  •  Despite being very protective, the shoe is also stylish and comes in two colours

Brand: Indestructible

Category: Work and Safety

Design Profile: Low Cut

Weight: Less than 1lb (-0.45kg)

Release Date: Not Specified

Waterproof: Yes


The Indestructible Gravity is all in one shoe that provides all-day comfort along with protection. The upper and midsole materials make it light and easy to wear. The users can wear it all day without getting blister or feeling any discomfort on their feet. It is the first shoe by the brand, which is waterproof; it gives dryness in all conditions. The shoe can survive in all harsh conditions and has gone through extreme condition tests. By reading reviews for hours, we can discuss the points, which are both positive and negative.


  • It is comfortable and safe in all conditions
  • Its lightweight allows the users to wear it daily
  • It is suitable for any casual attire because of its stylish look
  • The no-tie lace closure provides a good fit to the users
  • Rubber sole provides excellent grip
  • The pull tab enables easy wearing
  • The shoe is sometimes hard to clean

Video Review

The following is a video review of an indestructible shoe. The reviewer takes the shoe through some tests to find out how long it can hold on. First, he walks on a bunch of nails with the outsole to prove that the sole is puncture resistance. He then uses a sharp knife to try cutting through the toe cap. Another thing he does is using a mallet to hit the toe cap as hard as he can. Then, he goes on to run over the steel toe cap with his car to find out the result. In his final test, he uses an angle grinder to cut through the shoe.


Find out the results of all the tests in the video.

Note: The Indestructible shoe the guy uses for the tests is the Indestructible Ryder Grey. We have provided the video review of the Indestructible gravity below. In the video, the reviewer talks about the features of the Gravity.


Watch the video below:

The Indestructible Gravity comes in two colours: black and red. The red colour shoes are not entirely red but have an essence of redness with a black upper that looks good. It is available in sizes for both men and women. The protection that this shoe provides is unimaginable.

The fit of the shoe is to praise. The no-tie lace with an easy slip-on and slip-off gives the user easiness and agility in wearing the shoe. The most interesting thing about the shoe is that its waterproof, shock resistant and puncture-resistant allows the users to wear it in all conditions. With all the features discussed, the shoe is light too.

First of all, the Indestructible Gravity is a work and safety shoe. However, the style and design of the shoe are attractive and appealing. It goes with everyday style and casual outfits. The upper fly mesh and no-tie lace add to the style of the shoe. The shoe has only two colours which are black and red. The slip-on, on the red colour shoe, is red, which showcases the shoe and stands out in the crowd. It is for daily use in offices or with casual outfits. In both conditions, the shoe will not only give comfort and durability but will also provide protection.

The upper of the shoe uses fly mesh material. The fly mesh is very light and comfortable to wear. Its military-grade kevlar is the one that makes this shoe protective. It offers safety in any condition. It has a beautiful rubber pattern on the upper side. The red colour has red stitching that looks fascinating.

The midsole plays an important role in providing comfort to the user. The midsole uses a steel plate to give proper safety. It also has paddings, so it comforts the user. The midsole makes the shoe durable and flexible.

The outsole of the shoe uses vulcanised rubber. The outsole is shock and puncture-resistant that outperforms every other outsoles ever created. It has set the trend in creating an outsole that does not melt even when lighted on fire. The extreme condition tests also involve the fire test that the Indestructible Gravity has passed with ease. Being protective and comfortable is not all, the outsole of the shoe is light. The shoe is only 0.91 lb, which is a good result compared to other work and safety shoes.

The Indestructible is not a new company and doesn’t need any introduction. Its rugged and bold shoes are a class apart. The inventors of these sneakers had the vision to create a shoe, which is comfortable and safe in all measures. The goal was to create a work shoe for the harsh environment, and it should be comfortable at the same time. The market attention it got after the launch of its first edition was insane. Following the lead, the brand continued its legacy in creating shoes like this.

The company’s hard work is visible in their shoes. Their uniqueness is the metal toe cap along with the outsole that is rigid and puncture resistance. Indestructible’s famous shoes are Ryder, CamoX, J3, Hummer, and Gravity. Each having features and advantages of their own.

Final Thought

The slip-on and no-tie lace give the user easiness in wearing the shoe. The midsole and collar add cushioning to the shoe. The upper provides ruggedness and safety. All the features work together for the comfort and safety of the user. Shoes like these are hard to find. In case you find it, then the qualities it possesses are never the same. Indestructible Gravity perfectly combines durability, mobility, style, and comfort.

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