Adidas Samba Super – Customer Review

Product Name: Adidas Men’s Samba Super Fitness Shoes

Fit: 73% fit as expected

Price: £42.78 – £119.99

Place to Buy: Amazon

The original Adidas Samba came out in 1950. Many football fans love the shoe for the surface gripping ability. The more interesting thing about the shoe is, it was not only designed for football fans but also for indoor uses. The Adidas Samba is known to be one of the best-selling shoes Adidas has ever produced till today. Adidas has released the shoe multiple times throughout the years, and Adidas Samba Super is one of them. Adidas Samba Super is a classic leisure trainer that never goes out of fashion. The trainer has admirable sporty and casual looks that make Adidas fans fall in love with it. The chunkier upper made in soft and flexible full-grain leather makes it more distinctive and qualitative. The midsole is made with EVA and comfortable cushioning material which render the shoe lightweight and comfy daily wear. It comes with molded synthetic tongue and chunky toe bumper. The cleat-inspired rubber sole makes the underfoot gripping more effective.

For more details, check the following:

  • Full grain leather upper for comfort and soft feel
  • Molded synthetic tongue
  • Big Rubber toe bumper
  • Midsole: Eva
  • Lace up closure
  • Outsole: cleat-inspired rubber
  • Contrast heel patch can be found on the heel area
  • Three stripes to the sides
  • Iconic Adidas branding

There are many reviews on this iconic shoe. Based on research done on different users” thoughts about Adidas Samba Super, customers/users” opinions are categorized into comfort, satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Also, If customer rating is the information you need, this content would not have been completed without it.


The comfort part of this content provides the information about the customer thoughts regarding the comfort they think the trainer offers them. The people in this category are divided into the long time users” of Adidas Samba Super and those that bought it for their friends, partners or family. Below are what they think about the comfort of the shoe.

  • Many customers think the shoe is very comfortable for home use
  • Some users” feel that it looks really comfortable with jeans
  • Very comfortable and stylish are what some users” say about Adidas Samba Super
  • Some users” think Adidas Samba Super is the most comfortable trainer they have ever had
  • A customer says, “smart, comfortable and they just look good”
  • Many users” comment that they have been using Adidas Samba shoes for more than 20 years and are very happy with the comfort it offers


It is true that no man likes to put money on the shoe that cannot meet the level of satisfaction he desires. When you get what you want from a shoe, it is easy to say something positive about it. Getting out there with good shoe on feet feels so amazing for guys. Looking good on a shoe that goes well with your style worth talking about. So this is probably why it so hard for some people to not talk about how comfortable or cool looking the new shoe they just bought is. Many fans have bought, used and reviewed Adidas Samba Super, and their thoughts worth sharing to other people who are considering of adding it to their Adidas collection or buying it for the first time. Based on the research done, the following are some user thoughts on Adidas Samba Super.

  • Many users” regard Adidas Samba Super as very durable
  • Many people talk about the good quality of the shoe and how often it can be worn without being torn apart.
  • Many customers are happy because Adidas Samba Super is as it is described
  • Fit as expected are what users” say when they ordered the Adidas Samba Super size that usually fit them
  • Some users” comment that they would like to add the shoe to their Adidas collections after they have used up the current one
  • Many customers rate the width, size and the overall quality as perfect
  • Some customers say the shoe is good for casual and sporty occasions
  • Few say it looks fabulous with any type of cloth
  • Many say their partners, brothers, and friends love the shoe
  • Many users” praise how strong the leather is


The comfort and satisfaction sections have highlighted some reasons why some users” are comfortable and satisfy with Adidas Samba Super. This post would seem uncompleted without adding the part where customers think the shoe is not the best one to recommend. Not everyone has to be happy with every product, every product has its pros and cons. No matter how perfect it may look for some people, it may look somewhat different to others. What look okay for you might not look okay for other, as everyone has different tastes. People have their reasons for disliking a product. After some hours of research, I have had the chance to come with some reasons why few people are not recommending Adidas Samba Super.

  • Some people think the size runs small so they go for a size half higher than their normal shoe sizes
  • Few customers are not too happy with the fact that the shoe is too narrow for their feet
  • Few people comment that the design looks good, but the sole inside is very hard
  • Some users” advice to order half size bigger while few users advice to go for one size bigger
  • Very few users” complain that the shoe started wearing after few weeks/months – the front rubber peel off, holes appear at the crease, not too good insole


Many customers like to check out the customer rating when trying to buy a product. At this point, poor rating can change the mind of the person. Since it is a very good tip for some people, some research has been done to provide rating breakdown of the customers that have bought, used and reviewed the shoes. See what the chart looks like below.

Note: 306 positive reviews and 93 critical reviews on one of Adidas Samba Super shoes on Amazon. Customers rated the shoe 4 out of five stars. Adidas Samba Super receives 4.6 rating in Adidas official website and 98% of customers recommend the product.


Adidas Samba Super is available in many sizes and colorways. The fans love this because it offers them the chance to choose the design they like. And since the shoe was released, many has been sold. There are some fans that love the shoe and decided to buy it more than once. This is the shoe with a very affordable price for some people.

Please feel free to leave any comment or ask any question below.

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One comment on “Adidas Samba Super – Customer Review

I have been playing soccer/football for over 30 yrs and this shoe is in the same category as Patrick and Kevin Keegan’s shoes.Very iconic shoes.I played both indoor and outdoor soccer/football.

Great article and excellent details in this post


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