Nike Revolution 4 FlyEase Review – Pros and Cons

The Nike Revolution 4 FlyEase is a new version in the line of Nike Revolution shoes. The shoe features two main distinctive features which are Lace-free FlyEase closure system and Velcro strap. 

The FlyEase closure system connects a hook-and-loop strap with a wraparound zipper which enables wearers to open and close the shoe fluidly. This system allows users to easily slip on and off the shoe. The Velcro strap can be found on the upper. It has its own function too.



Midsole of the shoe is designed to be lightweight and has a proper shock absorbing ability. The footbed or insole is well cushioned for better comfort. The out part, also known as outsole, offers good traction and is designed to withstand wear and tear.



Read more about the footgear below.


Nike Revolution 4 FlyEase (Black/White/Anthracite/Total Crimson

Nike Revolution FlyEase (Midnight Navy/Cool Grey/Dark Obsidian



  • Textile upper with seamless overlays 
  • Mixed mesh upper
  • Synthetic overlay
  • Closure: Lace-Up
  • Phylon midsole
  • Rubber outsole
  • Padded tongue
  • Padded collar
  • FlyEase closure system




  • The outsole grooves

    aid flexibility at the forefoot

  • Good shock absorption
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable



  • Velcro strap may not be quite durable


There have been quite a good number of people that have bought and used Revolution 4 FlyEase and have made their voices head on what they think of the shoe. After spending some hours going through their opinions one by one, I decided to provide the summary of their thoughts.

The following are the summary of what the reviewers think:


  • Reviewers applauded the wraparound zipper for the fact that it creates a wide entry space for them when putting the shoe on
  • Those with medical condition in their feet appreciated Revolution 4 FlyEase for the support and comfort it offers
  • Majority of users are happy with the shoe 
  • Users appreciated the fact that Nike Revolution 4 FlyEase is easy to put on and off
  • Very comfortable, flexible, and lightweight are the words some reviewers used to describe the footwear
  • Quite a good number of users said that the footgear fits true to size
  • Also, handful of reviewers appreciated the Velcro strap for the support it provides
  • Those that have used it commented that they ordered two or more pairs as back up, in case Nike discontinue producing them in the future
  • This is also a great shoe for people who wear AFO braces or use orthotic, said by some reviewers
  • Those people with wide feet appreciated the width of this shoe
  • Reviewers commented that they are happy that this shoe doesn’t give them the stress of tightening any shoelace when it comes undone


  • A reviewer said that the shoe feels so comfortable but lack enough support
  • Few reviewers complained about the velcro strap falling apart after few months
  • A handful of users felt unhappy with the less diverse colour schemes

Rating Breakdown 

Customers review provides some information on a product which enable people to gain some knowledge on the product whereas rating breakdown provides data that logically tell people how well the product is doing. Rating breakdown can be helpful when a quick decision has to be made.

Zappos is one of those sites where you can find customers review and rating. The rating  percentages of Revolution 4 FlyEase from 1 to 5 star are shown in the pie chart below.

You may want to click through to see the current rating of the shoe.

Nike Revolution 4 FlyEase Rating Breakdown

Star Percentage of Reviewers
1 7%
2 8%
3 3%
4 10%
5 72%

According to the pie chart and the table above, approximately, 7% of the reviewers gave the shoe 1 star; 8% gave it 2 star; 3% gave it 3 star; 4 star was given by the 10% of the reviewers; and the last 72% of the reviewers rated Revolution 4 FlyEase with 5 star.

Video Review 

In this video review, Jeff introduced the shoe and showed how it looks on feet. He later talked about the mesh upper and the synthetic overlays which give the shoe additional structural integrity. The uncommon lace on the upper is another feature he mentioned. He went on to show the FlyEase closure system. Quickly, he showed how the closure can be opened and closed by a wraparound zipper. According to him, the interior part of the shoe consists of a breathable fabric lining that offers comfortable feel. Later, he showed the soft foam midsole which provides appropriate cushioning and enables good shock absorption. He finished the video by showing the outsole.

Enjoy the video here:

Additional information

Nike Revolution 4 FlyEase is an update to the Nike Revolution 3. The shoe has some admiring features that keep the foot locked down, supported, and comfortable while walking or running. Two of these features are velcro strap on the upper and the wraparound zipper. In term of material quality, the shoe does well to maintain a long enough lifespan.


Upper View

Nike Revolution 4 FlyEase features fabric mesh upper that is breathable and permit fresh air into the interior which keeps the foot fresh and cool. To ensure more support and increase structural integrity, Nike utilised thin layer of synthetic overlays on the upper. 

A good deal of traditional footwear  usually feature adjustable shoelaces for fit customisation. However, the Revolution 4 FlyEase features unadjustable shoelaces, but stretchy. The good thing, in this case, is you don’t have to worry about tighten a loose lace.

The shoe comes with a FlyEase closure system that connects hook-and-loop strap to a wraparound zipper. The zipper runs from the back to the medial side of the collar and allows you to open the shoe for easy slip on and close it for a comfortable, snug fit. It comes with a Velcro strap to enable a secure lockdown.



Side View

Revolution 4 FlyEase midsole is made of phylon material. The soft foam material was crafted to be lightweight and flexible. Its function would have been nothing without shock absorbing or impact shock resistance ability.

To increase the comfort of the responsive soft foam sole, a foam insole is added. The cushioned foam insole offers the underfoot a better comfortable feel during performance or off performance.  




There isn’t much to say about the outsole than pointing out the grooves. These grooves are not just there for decoration but to increase the gripping effect of the outsole. The outsole was designed to grip any surface, either wet or dry.

 This durable rubber was well crafted to not leave any mark or scuff on a smooth walking platform. It also has the ability to prevent itself from wear and tear. 



Bottom Line

What many people find fascinating about this shoe is its Lace-free FlyEase closure system. The fact that there is no need to bend down and tighten or loosen a lace is what some people find admiring and inviting about the Revolution 4 FlyEase. Velcro strap on the upper provides additional level of support. Though many reviewers find the feature very supportive, there are some reviewers that complained about it.

The price of the product is what wows some people. The shoe is a value for money, according to reviewers, and they appreciated the quality it offers.

If you are looking for a lace-free stylish and performance easy slip on and off footgear, Nike Revolution 4 FlyEase may be a good option.

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4 comments on “Nike Revolution 4 FlyEase Review – Pros and Cons

Todd Matthews

These shoes would provide for crazy comfort, I can tell you that much. I used a similar pair last year and was extremely happy with them, though they lacked the velcro strap. I’d be for the strap, since I believe it would provide more support, but the fact it might break after a few months worries me. Nevertheless, these shoes would be an upgrade over what I was used to last year, and those shoes were tough to beat, they were so comfortable. 


Yeah, Todd. I agree with you on the Velcro strap. 

However, it’s only few people that have problem with the Velcro. It may depends on how they used it or something else happened to it.

Thanks for your opinion. Please do let me know if you have any question.


I for one, I hate laces in my shoes. Whenever it’s not absolutely necessary, I discard it, and where my shoes without laces. While, those times when I can’t do without them in my shoes, I tie them a lose, fashionable way, such that, all I need do is skip my feet in and out. 

I’ve always preferred shoes that use zippers instead of shoe laces, that’s why I think I like the Nike Revolution 4 FlyEase, among other reasons.


It’s good to know about your opinion on shoes with laces and without laces.

Thanks for dropping by.


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