Nike Air Max Sequent 2 Review – Pros and Cons

In the previous model of the Nike Air Max Sequent, runners complained about skin rubbing and irritation with the tongue. The tongue of the new model is well padded to prevent more contact with the skin and resolve the problem. So there is a big chance that runners will experience less rubbing and irritation.

The absolute noticeable change in the Air Max Sequent 2 is the combination of knit and mesh upper. This is what’s most obvious in comparison to the previous model. The knit and mesh upper provide good wraparound feel and enable snug fit.

Another noticeable change is the heel drop. The heel drop of the Air Max Sequent 2 is 14mm whereas the heel drop of the previous version is 12mm. The higher heel drop in this model is as a result of the additional cushioning in the midsole.

  • Fabric outer material
  • Textile inner material
  • Rubber outsole
  • Lace-Up closure
  • Foam midsole
  • Visible Air max unit
  • Profile: waffle
  • tretchy and supportive engineered knit upper
  • Midsole for lightweight cushioning, enabling shock absorption
  • Rubber outsole for good traction and durability
  • Max air unit creates responsive effect
  • flexible forefoot
  • More padded tongue
  • narrow fit


I spent a good number of hours going through customers reviews and watching review videos to obtain the best information I could on the Nike Air Max Sequent 2. The following are what sneakerheads think of the shoe.

  • The highest percentage of reviewers recommend Air Max Sequent 2
  • Many reviewers applaud the look of the shoe
  • A high percentage of reviewers say the shoe is very comfortable
  • Very stylish are the words some reviewers use
  • Many users are very happy with the midsole cushioning as it provides a great amount of comfort and support
  • The reviewers that use the shoe as a lifestyle sneaker applaud its quality design and comfort
  • Many customers say it’s a perfect gift for partners, children, nephews and so on
  • A good number of reviewers say the shoe fits perfect
  • Many reviewers are happy because of the comfort of the shoe and its affordable price
  • There are reviewers that say the shoe is exactly what they want and even better than what they expected
  • Fit as expected, look good, good shoe, love this sneaker, and very comfortable are the words many reviewers used to describe Air Max Sequent 2
  • A good number of reviewers say Air Max Sequent 2 is the most comfortable/best shoe they’ve ever owned
  • Many reviewers applaud the shoe for its lightweight and great support
    • A good number of reviewers complain about the air pocket being inflated after a few months
    • Few reviewers complain about the poor quality of the heel
    • Some reviewers say the shoe is a bit wide in the toe box area
    • There are some reviewers that say the shoe won’t be durable if used for running or any aggressive training
    • A few numbers of customers say the shoe is not as comfortable as the expected
    • Few reviewers say the shoe squeak
    • Some customers say it runs a bit narrow



Rating Breakdown

In the chart below, you will find the data of the reviewers who have rated the shoe based on their overall thoughts/opinions on it. Hope you will find the chart helpful and useful.


A Quick Video Review

In this video, you will get a quick information about some features of Air Max Sequent 2. The guy quickly shows you how the shoe looks on feet and display its flexibility at the forefoot. He quickly shows the inside lining and the Max Air unit in the heel. He also displays the outsole in a very short informative way.

Enjoy the video here:



Final Thought

The Air Max Sequent 2 is the shoe many fans regard as stylish, lightweight and comfortable. The shoe may not be the most popular shoe in Nike Air Max line of shoe, but being a performance and comfortable lifestyle sneaker are what make it the choice of many guys. The more padded tongue and the combination of knit and mesh upper make its look more appealing and functionalities more deserving. The Air Max unit is another feature you would be glad to find in the shoe. Overall, I would want to buy the shoe for everyday wear only or maybe for running short miles.



Additional Information

The upper, midsole and outsole are the important parts of  a shoe where the comfort, design and the durability lies. So, it’s always good to know what those parts are made of and what they’ve got to offer.




The combination of knit and mesh upper can be traced back to the upper feature of Nike Flyknit. The mesh upper enables breathability while the knit upper renders the shoe lightweight and offers snug, secure fit. The upper provides improved support, lightweight and comfortable feel compared to the earlier model. If you say the upper is very flexible, that is true.

Also, the interior features fabric lining which enables more comfort. The tongue is well padded to prevent skin rubbing or any irritation. The support and wraparound feel of the Air Max Sequent 2 is much better than the previous model.



Nike Air Max Sequent 2 features a Max Air unit in the heel for responsive cushioning. The midsole features phylon foam cushioning which runs the length of the shoe. This provides more comfort for runners. Compared to the previous version, there is higher heel drop as a result of more cushioning in the heel. The overall construction of the midsole opens for higher shock absorption.




The Nike Air Max Sequent 2 has an outsole that is almost the same as the Nike Air Max Sequent. The shoe features rubber outsole. There are numerous square nubs on the outsole that are designed to provide additional grip on any type of surface. However, a reviewer says the shoe does not grip well on a wet surface.




Air Max Origin

In the 70s, Nike Air-Sole unit is a revolutionary air technology that was first utilized in Nike footwear. Nike showcased the Nike Air Max 1 in 1987. The very noticeable feature in the Nike Air Max 1 was the visible air window in the heel. That was the first time the fans were able to see the shoe in such an innovative way. The fans were not only able to feel the comfort of Air-Sole, but also see it. Three years later, Nike released the Nike Air Max 90 which featured larger visible air window. Over the years, Nike has released variety of Air Max shoes in different colourways for athletes, pop stars, sneaker icons, sneakerheads and so on. Every wearer of Nike Air Max shoes applauds the comfort it offers.



Hope you enjoyed this review. Have any question? Please ask in the comment section below. If you have no question, just say what you think about the kick.

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11 comments on “Nike Air Max Sequent 2 Review – Pros and Cons


Great Post!

Personally, a huge Nike fan and your information helped pick my new gym shoes. I don’t really look much into the details of shoes unless they look or feel good. I really just enjoy the overall Nike brand, but your information really helped me notice the fine details and consider the Nike Air Max. 

Thank you, looking to get my new pairs soon. 


Mike products are always known for quality. And I’m sure Nike must have put on a lot of work to correct the lapses on the Nike air Max sequent. I do not own one but would love to have one cos it looks really good and I’m sure it would be of top notch quality. Would be a nice shoe to use regularly.

Thanks for Sharing

Warm regards


Nice information.  I came across this article as I am looking for a comfortable pair of shoes to wear around daily, not so much for training purposes.  It looks like this shoe would be quite comfortable and sufficient to wear around town.  Thank you for the great review, and explanation as to why each part of the shoe is important. 


Great review. I have not had a pair of Nike’s for some time now, but am looking around at the moment for a new pair, as my current Adidas CloudFoam trainers are falling apart. I have to say that these are the most comfortable pair I have ever worn. How do you think the Nike Air Max compares to these?


Hi David,
Thanks for the question. Adidas cloudfoam is indeed very comfortable. What I will say is there is difference between working on air bubble/pocket than working on the one that has no air at all. The feeling is the difference. Both are comfortable, but it depends on which one you prefer most.
I will suggest you try the air max out in a store before ordering it online.
Hope that helps


I like it’s look so bought one recently. On my first wear I came across wet floor and I hardly could walk because my shoes were slipping. I felt like I was wearing ice skating shoes. I’m not sure if the soles will get grip after wearing for couple of times or it’s the defect in the shoes


Aww,that’s quite dissapointing then. Thanks for sharing.


Hello Stephen,This is a great review on the Nike Air Max Sequent 2.  Nike Air Max has evolved and have improved on the later models.  I’m not a runner but I am involved in loading, unloading and driving most of the time for my small business.  I will be needing this excellent footwear especially that you have mentioned that it is lightweight and very comfortable which will perfectly suit me for my everyday wear.This review really helps me in deciding my next footwear.


Hi! I appreciate all the information you have gathered concerning Nike Air Max Sequent 2. You have saved me a lot of time.

I appreciate a high heel drop in shoes. And I’m glad to hear this edition has a higher heel drop than the previous version.

I have found the list of negative opinions very useful. This is a very good shoe, but it’s good to hear what the most critic people have to say about it. Thank you very much for putting toguether this review.


I like Nike and grew up a shoe guy.
This site has a lot of options and information on all brands. I’m gonna book art this site and refer back later when I need some shoes


Great post! I wear Nike’s all the time and they are my all time fav. shoe. A lot of information I never really thought about Nike and other brands of shoes. Will definitely have to refer back to this when buying some new shoes, thanks!


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