Indestructible Galaxy Shoe Review – Pros and Cons

Indestructible Galaxy

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  • The Galaxy is tough and stylish
  • Upper of the shoe provides good breathability
  • Light in weight
  • The shoe has a European style steel toe
  • It is rugged and protective
  • It is water and puncture-resistant


  • The shoe only comes in two colours

The indestructible Galaxy is the most comfortable shoe of all the work and safety sneakers from Indestructible.

 The shoe is waterproof and puncture-resistant. It portrays a perfect mixture of style, comfort, and protection. 

The Galaxy is a perfect work shoe specially designed for safety and comfort. 


Not only that it is comfortable, but also light. It has an upgraded insole that has padding for extra comfort and cushioning. 


It has a steel toe, ensuring the safety of users at all times. The shoe has a rubber sole that gives the ground a good grip.


The indestructible provides optimal protection from a Military-grade Kevlar technology that gives ruggedness. 



 It features a light breathable mesh material which provides a snug fit and allows the users to wear it all day without getting a blister. 

The users’ feet remain dry and cool in all conditions due to the breathable feature.


The reason for creating the Galaxy shoes is based on the idea of designing a shoe that offers extreme safety while providing comfort to the user.


  • The upper is made of a Flymesh material, allowing maximum airflow
  • The shoe is waterproof
  • The rubber sole makes the shoe good in grip
  • Optimal protection from the steel toe cap
  • Shock-resistant sole
  • Flexible feature
  • Very light
  • Despite being protective, the shoe is also stylish and comes in 2 colours

Brand: Indestructible

Inspiration: Work and Safety

Profile: Low Cut

Availability: Mainly on Indestructible and Amazon

Colourways: Galaxy Black and Galaxy Grey


The Indestructible Galaxy perfectly combines safety and comfort. 

It features an added cushion which allows the users to get an extra level of comfort. 

The Galaxy is the most comfortable shoes by Indestructible. 

Having a shock-resistant, puncture-resistant and slip-resistant sole, the shoe is an example of perfection. 

The features are mainly to offer safety at work. 


After reading many reviews, we can discuss the positive and negative points of the shoe.


  • The shoe is very comfortable and provides safety in all conditions
  • Its lightweight allows the users to wear it daily and comfortably
  • The users can wear this shoe casually with many outfits
  • It comes with a no-tie lace closure provides a good fit to the users
  • Rubber sole provides good grip and traction to the users.
  • The shoe is sometimes hard to clean

The Indestructible Galaxy comes in two colours which are Galaxy Black and Galaxy Grey. 

The Galaxy Black is a good-looking shoe and can go with any attire. 

The fit of the shoe is to praise. The no-tie lace gives the user easiness in wearing it. 

The shoe is shock, puncture and water-resistant.

 It comes in multiple sizes and fits perfectly. 

The upper mesh of the shoe gives wearers good breathability.

The style and design of the Galaxy are appealing.

The upper mesh and no-tie lace enhance the style of the shoe. 

Its upper is sewed beautifully and provides great comfort to the wearers. 

It can go with many everyday outfits besides being a work-shoe. 

The two colours of the shoe are black and grey. The grey colour has a pattern of black and grey lines. Both colours look stylish and stand out in the crowd. 

The weight of the shoe is less than 1 lb, which is good.

The upper of the shoe uses a breathable Flymesh material. With Flymesh, the shoe is very light and comfortable to wear. 

The front upper of the shoe has a steel toe. The steel toe is the trademark of Indestructible and is available in all its shoes. 

The inflow and outflow in and out of the shoe are due to its breathable upper material and no-tie lace.

The midsole of any shoe plays an important role in providing comfort to the wearers. 

Indestructible Galaxy comes with a good midsole for providing enhanced comfort. 

The midsole of the shoe is very light, and it also plays a role in increasing the safety of the shoe.

The outsole of the shoe uses rubber that allows the wearers to get a good grip to the ground. 

It is extremely flexible and provides comfort to the users. 

The outsole of the shoe is puncture-resistant, shock-resistant and water-resistant. That is very rare to see from an outsole of a shoe.

 The effort Indestructible has put into making this shoe is remarkable and visible by its performance. 

The indestructible shoe outperforms every other working shoes as it provides great safety along with comfort.


Indestructible has set the trend for making a work-shoe safe from almost all the work-related hazards. The company’s goal was to create a shoe that is comfortable and provides safety in all conditions. 


The ruggedness and comfort of the first-ever indestructible shoe is the main reason that people demand and show affection for it. 


After the success of earlier editions, the company enhanced its comfort by upgrading its insole. 

The insole of the Galaxy provides a 3D arch support and has a breathable mesh material.


The work the company has put into making this shoe is to praise, and it would be wrong to say that the shoe is not comfortable. 


The features that set these shoes apart from the other work and safety shoes are puncture-resistant, water-resistant, shock-resistant and the front steel toe. 

Each of the features has its advantage and plays a vital role in the performance of the shoe.


Final Thought

Indestructible Galaxy is an amazing work and safety shoe.

The no-tie lace gives the wearers easy slip on. 

According to a significant number of reviewers, there are no work and safety shoes in the market that can beat the Indestructible Galaxy. 

It is a symbol of comfort and safety. It has features that are not all present in any shoe. 

The flexibility of the shoe is fantastic. 

The main thing that the users see is the weight of the shoe. 

Besides having a steel toe and many other safety features, the shoe weighs less than a pound.

 Apart from the features, the price tag of the Indestructible Galaxy is reasonable.

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