Here Are Top 10 Sneakers in 2022

Sneakerheads deal with the pain of choosing trendy footwear for themselves and often buy the wrong shoes. As soon as you enter the online stores, you are bombarded with thousands of options, making it more complicated to get the perfect sneaker for yourself.

You can stay relaxed and check out our list. The list is well made after intensive research to present you with the Top 10 sneakers in 2022. Sneaker features like comfort, size, fitting, traction, stability, price, trendy design, weight, foot adjustment, flexibility, and breathability are regarded during our hunt for the best sneakers in 2022. So, here, you get all the sneakers with good reputation in the sneaker-lover community. 


The information we provide here is due to hours of hard work to ensure you know which sneakers are the best in 2022. 


Okay, let the exploration of the top 10 sneakers in 2022 begins.


Air Jordan 1 Lost & Found

Air Jordan One Lost and Found

With every step you take, this sneaker gives your feet a lot of comforts. The high-quality materials and true-to-size flexibility make it a perfect choice for runners.

It combines midsole padding and below-the-heel cushioning to reduce heel stresses during a run. It also features excellent ankle support to protect your ankles from injuries while runing.
The famous Air Jordan 1 is one of the best-selling sneakers in the world, thanks to its sleek appearance and high-quality materials that make it one of the most durable sneakers in the market.

Like other sneakers, this might not be a good pick for summer due to less airflow. However, the top-notch fitting of this sneaker will serve your feet the ultimate comfort for daily use.
Finally, durability is the best thing you can expect from this cool-looking colourful sneaker.

  • Large toe room & ankle support keep your feet at ease
  • High-quality materials make it a heavy-duty sneaker
  • Soft & textured outsoles deliver superb grip
  • True to size gives you the advantage of a first-class fitting
  • Flexible materials let you maintain the natural feet shape during a run
  • A combination of midsole & heel padding reduces impact significantly
  • The lightweight of the sneaker puts less stress on your feet
  • Low-level breathability makes it less desirable for summertime

Nike Dunk Low Panda

Nike Dunk Low
Nike Dunk Low Retro White Panda

The Nike Dunk Low’s premium cushioning and fitting makes it an excellent choice for the discerning sneakerhead in search of a low-cut shoe that guards against injury.

Besides, you will like the looks of this sneaker on your feet with the combination of sporty & casual looks. These sneakers are the perfect mix of form and function, with enough stability to keep you upright but cushioned enough to keep your feet comfortable.

Additionally, it gives a lightweight feel. The light weight attribute is beneficial for runners and basketball players. However, the less breathability makes the inside temperature a bit higher than other competitors.

Apart from that, you will be thankful for the impressive traction of this sneaker. It offers maximum comfort at a suitable price for every shoe shopper around.
The reasonable price makes the shoe an excellent pick for most sneaker lovers. Due to less flexibility, these sneakers may crease very fast.

  • Outstanding stability reduces the chances of injury
  • An ample amount of cushioning keeps your feet safe
  • Sock-like fitting & lightweight ensure your feet get less stress
  • Represents minimalistic looks 
  • Upper mesh ensures the durability
  • The price range is buyer friendly 
  • Insole & midsole padding cut off impacts from the ground
  • Flexibility is a bit low, and it gets creased easily
  • Less breathability might raise the heating issue in feet 

A Ma Maniere x Air Jordan 4

The A Ma Maniere Air Jordans 4 is a true classic, and for a good reason. This iconic sneaker features the ultimate glove-like fit that keeps your feet at ease, as well as an ample amount of toe space to provide a sore-free benefit.


Also, the sturdy design will withstand heavy wear and tear but still be comfortable all day. A breathable upper mesh allows maximum airflow to keep your feet cool in warm weather.

Though the price tag is a bit high, the comfort will make it worthwhile. These sneakers come in a wide variety of eye-catching colours. So, you will find the one that fits your style perfectly.


In addition, the excellent traction holds the feet in place during your strides, while the top-notch cushioning gives you all-day comfort in the process.

Also, an injection of high-quality leather adds a luxurious touch to this retro masterpiece. Another drawback of this sneaker is the cleaning would be a bit tough & time-consuming.

  • The sturdy sneaker is for everyday use
  • Uncompromised looks come with the genuine upper leather
  • Mind-boggling comfort & snug fitting 
  • Excellent traction from the rubber outsole 
  • True to size & the upper mesh is breathable 
  • Heel cushioning adds extra comfort for walking 
  • High price tag 
  • Cleaning would be a bit painful

Adidas adiFOM Q

The Adidas adiFOM Q is a futuristic sneaker with genuine comfort. Perfectly breathable for both running and casual outings. It also runs true to size, and no need to shed extra sweat while wearing it.

Moreover, the adiFOM Q has some impressive features like a cotton-made interior, seamless traction, and tongue & heel padding that prevent the feet from getting any blisters.

Besides, the affordable price makes it a solid pick for anyone who wants a bargain sneaker without compromising quality or performance.

With all the features, you may still have some trouble with two things. The first one is the small toe box. And the other one is the large size of the shoe.

  • The futuristic design stands out from other sneakers with a bold level of comfort
  • Perfectly breathable shoe for running & casual use
  • Cotton-made interior lets your feet stretch perfectly for running
  • Flawless traction from the rubber outsole
  • Tongue & heel padding help from getting any blisters
  • The affordable price margin makes it an easy pick
  • Suitable for users with a narrow foot
  • The toe room is a bit small, making it a less desirable choice for the wide-foot user
  • Built of the sneaker is much bulky, a bit odd for a sleek sneaker lover


The Kayano 14 shoes by ASICS come with a unique design which makes your feet look good and work great. These sneakers are not just for aesthetic purposes, but they also help you perform your daily tasks well.

Also, this sneaker boasts marvellous comfort. It has good consistency and durability to satisfy customers who need a reliable shoe.
Nothing is flawless, and the same applies to this sneaker. This sneaker is a bit bulky, a big disappointment for sleek design lovers.

The sturdy construction makes it possible to wear it for rough use and prevents it from tearing apart – thanks to the Gel technology that enables the user enjoys a plush ride every time.
While buying this sneaker, you are left with only two different colours, which is a big drawback. Still, the price tag of Kayano 14 is excellent for people who want a stylish sneaker at a reasonable price.

  • TRUSSTIC support system reduces the chance of twisting of feet while running
  • Eye catchy icy blue colour of the sneakers easily stands out in the crowd
  • ASIC Gel tech provides jaw-dropping cushioning and offers you a plush ride
  • The terrific quality upper mesh allows enough airflow reduces the feet-heating issue
  • The durability level is too good that you can wear it for rough use
  • Fitting of the shoe gives your feet the perfect hug
  • Limited colour choice is a big problem
  • The bulky design makes it a less suitable one for users who have a soft corner for a sleek sneaker 

Wales Bonner x Adidas Samba Cream Green

These Adidas sneakers are highly durable sneakers and provide matchless traction on any indoor court. Apart from these, the stylish looks of the sneaker listed it as one of the trendy casual wear among youngsters.


Also, the Adidas samba is true to size and gives a very snug fit. The thick upper layer and front have a solid reputation for saving the forefoot & the toes. Unfortunately, not a good option for wide-feet users. 


Also, the gummy rubber outsole will impress on versatile surfaces, especially on indoor courts. Along with that, the EVA midsole takes comfort to a different level. 

Every buck spent will be worth it for years if you rock the Adidas samba a bit carefully. 

  • The flexibility of the sneaker is way too good that makes the running strides comfier
  • Tough built will ensure it lasts for years
  • Classic looks that make a great pick for casual use
  • Remarkable traction lets you enjoy the indoor ground with safety
  • Less impact on the foot due to the solid-thick materials
  • EVA padding adds more comfort to the user
  • A not so good pick for the wider feet runners

Thisisneverthat x New Balance M1960R

Boasting multiple features, the New Balance M1960R sneakers are already dominating the market. Even though the price of this footwear seems a bit high, this one is worth every single buck.


For your daily hustle, this footwear is an unparalleled one as it provides your feet with pure comfort. This old-school shoe is ultra-breathable and kicks out any chance of feet sweating. In addition to that, the captivating design is blended with the perfect colour combination. 


When it comes to a proper foot lock, the New Balance M1960R sneaker is top-notch and ensures excellent stability. Unlike other sneakers, the premium quality material adds the ultimate comfort to your feet. Which also ensures high durability.


Plus, the combination of exceptional shock-absorbing features & the lightweight put it on the top list among hundreds of sneakers. Apart from the high price, another shortcoming of this shoe is it is not the right shoe for wide-foot runners.

  • Top-notch padding inside the shoe for regular use
  • The upper mesh allows an ample amount of airflow that keeps the heating of feet very low
  • Fit the feet so securely that cut off any chance of heel slip & imbalance
  • Rubber outsole gives high-level traction while absorbing shocks greatly
  • Premium quality material helps to last long 
  • The lightweight of this sneaker adds more to the comfort zone
  • A classic design line that catches the eye
  • A bit pricey for some buyers
  • Not compatible with wide feet 

Nike Kobe 6 Protro Mambacita

The first look of the sneaker will get the attention of anyone around you. Undoubtedly, the Nike Kobe 6 Protro is a glamorous sneaker that makes the perfect choice for users who like to send a message through their shoes.

Along with the stylish looks, the brilliant flexibility of the sneaker makes it super comfy. Regarding traction, Nike Kobe 6 Protro is, aesthetically, a killer and ensures no slipping during your casual walk.

Moreover, the Zoom Turbo unit cushion delivers top-level responsiveness and adds more protection to your feet. The proper locking of this sneaker will give you a superior level of balance.
Like other sneakers, one of the downsides of this footwear is it needs a break-in period for comfort.

  • Zoom Turbo cushion technology provides exceptional comfort
  • An ample amount of traction & tight fit increase the stability of your foot
  • Colour blending is remarkable. and the sneaker looks trendy and stylish from a distance
  • Upper material lets your foot have enough flexibility; walking and moderate running feel stress less
  • True to size cut of the issue of ordering with a confused mind
  • Overall padding and breathability make it the perfect combo for indoor use
  • Not made for outdoor & rough use
  • It takes a bit of time to set your foot in perfectly

Nike Air Max Penny 1

The moment you see this sneaker, you can feel the 90’s vibes with the modern touch. This sneaker is gifted with Nike Air Max tech, which means you will enjoy the uncompromised comfort from the cushioning.


If you are a big fan of roomy shoes, then the Nike Air Max Penny 1 is the one to get. However, the same reason makes it less appealing; for sleek design lovers.


Moreover, needless to say, the design pattern of these big sneakers is a unique one. If you sometimes play basketball for fun, you will see endless support from this brilliant sneaker.


A combination of a bit bulky size & less flexibility can irritate you if you do not like something fluffy on your feet. However, the spacious interior of the sneaker ensures you get no injury from being too tight. 

  • Nike Air Max tech adds the appropriate comfort 
  • Fitting is near perfect & snug, supports heavily for stability during lateral movement
  • The unique design line gives a strong vibe of 90s boy’s sneakers
  • Premium quality materials & internal cushioning make it a marvellous comfortable sneaker
  • The plush outsole will not only absorb shocks, but you get an ample amount of traction for daily use
  • True to size, plus the combo of tongue & hill support reduces any chance of slipping
  • More than enough space for people with big toes 
  • Too roomy for users with small foot size 
  • Weighs a bit more compared to any average sneakers 
  • A bit of stiffness provides support but blocks the natural 

New Balance 90/60 Penny Cookie Pink

The New Balance 90/60 is another pure comfy shoe from the Nike house filled with all the things you name for comfort. The first thing you will love about the shoe is the premium-level construction that does the job to the point.

Unlike other sneakers, it comes with a rubber outsole that generates traction for both casual uses & running. The less breathability of the sneaker will not be too problematic if you want to wear it casually.

In addition, the excellent materials make this footwear one of a kind that lasts for years. While enjoying the durability of the New Balance 90/60 sneaker, your foot is also being provided with elite-level comfort.

If futuristic looks are your top priority after comfort, this is the sneaker you want in your shoe rack. Despite all the comfort, it has a squeaky sound issue, a big turn-off for some users.

  • Packed with all the luxurious feature that comes with premier-level comfort
  • Futuristic looks and stability make it the ultimate show-off sneaker
  • Rubber outsole never fails to impress you, even in a rough surface area
  • Heavy-duty sneakers that are built with premium-level materials
  • True to size keeps you worried free, and the excellent lock gives the foot protection
  • The price tag is fine if you look at the comfort & safety
  • Flexibility is pinpoint which helps the user to do smooth feet movement
  • The colour option is limited 
  • Breathability is a bit poor not a good pick for running purposes
  • Generate a squeaky sound that can turn off your mood at a casual party

Final Thought

We tried our best to present you with the list of top 10 sneakers in 2022. If you find the perfect shoe for yourself here, it would be our pleasure. 

This article provide the necessary info regarding the best footwear in 2022. We hope you will not have a problem making a decision!

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