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Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 White Black – Release Info

Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 White Black

Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 White Black

Colour: White/Black

Style Code: DB3197

Release Dates: Friday, 5th of April 2019 (05/04/2019)

Early this year, the Ultra Boost 2019 was released in different colourways. The midsole is said to deliver 20% more cushioning and responsiveness. Few weeks ago, Adidas dropped six pairs of Ultra Boost Game of Thrones representing the five main houses in Game of Thrones show. The sneakers still stick to their root and delivering more comfort than expected. Since Adidas still not giving up thinking about the better way of making a better Ultra Boost, there is a chance that the Ultra Boost 4.0 White Black will surprise the fans positively.

The Ultra Boost 4.0 White Black features a white Primeknit upper. Just like other Ultra Boost shoe, the upper is designed to be stretchy, breathable and provide a sock-like snug fit. If you’ve seen the Ultra Boost Game of Thrones, you would notice a lace cage at the midfoot similar to the Ultra Boost 4.0 White Black lace cage. The lace cage has a matching colour with the primeknit upper. It helps with securely keeping the foot in place while walking or running. Unlike the upper, the midsole is presented in pitch black.

Ultra Boost 4.0 White Black - Upper View
Ultra Boost 4.0 - Back View
Ultra Boost 4.0 White Black - Side View
Ultra Boost 4.0 White Black - Outsole

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3 comments on “Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 White Black – Release Info


Hey there,

I’ve really enjoyed reading this article as it’s very interesting and informative. I currently own the Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 and I just love it! If you’re a regular walker/runner this is something you should be getting because it’s very comfortable in the inside and won’t give you any problems in the future. No back pain, no sore knees or other body pains.

When I bought this shoe, I was able to run a longer distance because I just didn’t feel anything on my legs.

Thanks a lot for taking your time in writing this blog. Keep up the good work!


OMG! Not only do I love the look of the ultra boosts and the color of this particular pair you posted, but these shoes are insanely comfortable and they are unisex. I’m on my feet 8 to 9 hours everyday at work and by the end of the day my feet don’t hurt one bit like when I used to wear all the other shoes I own. It’s also a plus that my wife fit into the kids size, cos they typically run on men’s sizing. My wife usually a 8 to 8.5 in women’s so I got the size 7 for her. At first I felt like it was just a teeny bit too small for her but after a few times of wear they fit perfect on her. I recommend this for anyone who wants comfortable classical foot wear!

Awesome post,




Thanks Tony.

Almost everyone confirm that Ultra Boost shoes are very comfortable. No wonder, Adidas hyped it as the best running shoe every.


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