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About Me

Hello to Everyone

I am Stephen, a graduate, a worker and a fan of fashion. I live and work in London. As a guy with some free time, I enjoy using it in a way that benefit myself an others.

Being a fashion lover, I decided to do something that is a bit different from my work right now, but based on what I am passionate about. That is the reason I created this website.

I did not know where to start at first, but I’m now glad there are some people out there finding the information on this site useful and helpful.


Why For Kicks Sake

The main goal of For Kick Sake is to provide quality information on different types of sneakers which can help people to make decision whether to buy a sneaker or not. 

For Kicks Sake provides the reasons to buy and the reasons not to buy. These information are provided after some hours research. Quality videos that are relevant to the information are also provided.

With the opportunities provided by For Kicks Sake, readers will have the information about the comfort, satisfaction and dissatisfaction of different sneakers. They will also have access to rating breakdown of various sneakers


What I Strive For

Providing quality review on most of the sneakers I post on this site is one of my top priorities. I intend to make the information as simple as possible and find a way to enable readers have the best user experience.

If you ever need a hand or have any question, feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to help you out.

For Kicks Sake is open to any suggestion or idea to continually develop and improve the services it provides.

All the best,

For Kicks Sake

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One comment on “About Me

Hello Stephen. Your reviews here are very good. It’s always helpful to be able to read up on a pair of kicks before buying them.Now I know where to come and not only research but also buy a pair. Thanks Stephen


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