Vans Checkerboard Old Skool Platform – Buy/Not

Vans Checkerboard Old Skool Platform is another version in Vans Old Skool line of shoes. Checkerboard is available in Black and White Checkered and Black and Pink Dogwood Checkered colourway. There are many reviewers that said that the shoe fits true to size.

This version of Old Skool Platform can be a great option for those that love unisex pair. There are variety of sizes for men and women. As some reviewers said, this platform shoe can match with any men jeans, joggers or shorts. As for women, they can match it with skirts and leggings to give a more womanly look.

Find out more about the shoe below.

Vans Checkerboard Old Skool Platform

Colourway: Black/True White


  • Canvas and Suede upper
  • Metal eyelet
  • Padded collar
  • The classic side stripe
  • Outsole: Rubber waffle outsole
  • Heel Type: Platform
  • Lace-Up closure



  • Reinforced toecap to withstand wear
  • Support and flexibility from the padded collars
  • Good traction for effective surface gripping


  • Checkerboard runs a little big



There have been quite a good number of people that have reviewed the Vans Checkerboard Old Skool Platform. I’ve spent some hours going through variety of the reviews. In summary, here are what the reviewers are saying:



  • Most Reviewers recommended the shoe
  • Reviewers regarded the Old Skool Platform shoes as very comfortable
  • Many users said that the shoe is really good to walk in
  • A high number of reviewers commented that the shoe fits true to size
  • Many fans admitted that they love Vans Old Skool Platform shoes in general
  • A good number of reviewers said that the shoe is stylish, comfortable and looks great
  • A customer said that it’s a great walking shoe and doesn’t need any break in period
  • Some reviewers appreciated the comfort of the shoe when used as a work shoe, especially retail work
  • This shoe goes with many outfits and very good for dancing said some users
  • Some reviewers said that the shoe can be used as both formal and casual wear



  • A few reviewers said that the shoe runs a bit big and recommended going half a size down
  • A customer said the shoe looks nice but has no cushion inside and rubs against her heel, and therefore gave the shoe a thumb down


Rating Breakdown

For some people, reading a review is such a task that they don’t want to always get involved in so they look for a section where the rating breakdown is. Rating breakdown is a quick helpful way to know the percentage of positivity and negativity a product has based on customers rating.

I have created a pie chart that shows the percentage of the customer rating from 1 to 5 star below.

Zappos Rating Breakdown


Checkerboard is rated 4.6 out of 5 on Vans US site at the time of this post.

93% of reviewers recommended the shoe.

Here is a pie chart showing the rating in percentage:

Vans Rating Breakdown


Review Video

In this video, the reviewer did a bit of introduction to the shoe. She showed the sides and talked a bit about the material inside. She later showed the look of shoe on feet.

Enjoy the video here:


Bottom Line

Vans Old Skool is one of the most famous Vans line of shoe. The Checkerboard is another version of the Old Skool with extra 1.25 inch tall . It is a shoe that has the comfort any sneaker can offer. Based on a high number of users, this version is very good for walking, working in a shop or just for any casual lifestyle look. Many reviewers appreciate the fact that the shoe is very affordable.

There are few places where you can buy the shoe. You can get it from Office. The Footasylum deal is kind of cheaper for women. Another good place to buy it is Amazon


Additional Information

The Upper, midsole, and outsole are usually the main parts that define a shoe. The part that covers the back of the foot, the toe area and the instep is commonly referred to as the upper part. It is the part above the sole and usually fixed to the sole. On the other hand, the midsole is the middle layer between the outsole and inner sole. The outer sole or outsole is usually the outer layer of the sole that makes direct contact with the ground. The outsole is the part that enables surface gripping, providing some supports for the foot.



  • Checkerboard sticks to its root with the traditional lacing.
  • It features the iconic sidestripe and a combination of suede and canvas materials in the upper.
  • The collar is well padded for additional cushioning and comfort.
  • Reinforced toecap to ensure durability
  • What you could also find in the upper is the metal eyelets.


Checkerboard Midsole

  • Thicker midsole is a noticeable feature in the Vans Checkerboard Old Skool Platform
  • Vans of the wall branding can be found at the back
  • Taller platform compared to its predecessors
  • The chunkier sole provides more cushioning and support





  • Just like other Vans Old Skool shoe, the outsole provides good traction
  • Checkerboard features the outsole that’s similar to its predecessors’
  • It features series of diamond-like cuts



The History

Vans Old Skool was introduced in 1977. It was known as Vans #36 or Style #36 back then. Checkerboard was debuted with the now popular Vans Sidestripe which Paul Van Doren, a Vans co-founder, originally referred to as “jazz stripe”. The Old Skool was the Vans’ first skate shoe that utilised leather panels to ensure increase in durability.

By the 80s, fans got curious about the aesthetic of the shoe and started customising it in a way to show expression and individualism. As the shoe became more popular in the market, Vans continued to release the old skool in a variety of colourways.

Checkerboard had become very popular by the 90s. Skaters, hip-hop stars, rock stars, and many celebrities had become huge fans of the Old Skool. Checkerboard had also become one of Vans most popular shoes.

Since a way of showing expression and individualism seems like a fashionable idea, Vans decided to continue the 80s tradition by launching Vans customs in 2004. With Vans customs, fans have a chance to customize their shoe with their favourite colours and the patterns they choose.

Vans Old Skool is very recognizable by almost everyone today and it’s a very famous shoe that many skaters, celebrities, and so on fancy very much. Over the years, the shoe has been released in different versions. Vans Checkerboard Old Skool Platform is one of those versions. The Checkerboard Old Skool Platform is available in two colourways which are Black and Pink Dogwood Checkered and Black and White Checkered.

Some Cool Old Skool Platform Shoes

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15 comments on “Vans Checkerboard Old Skool Platform – Buy/Not

It’s nice to see us embracing the old again. I have a nephew who absolutely adores this brand I will be sure to pass the website to him.


Can you tell us how tall the sole is? It looks more than 1″ tall. That is a tall sole, almost looks like a platform shoe. Were there any comments regarding this? I’ve seen Vans come back with a force, not only in their shoe program, but also in their soft goods apparel. Its cool to see the resurgence of the brand, but also a throw back to the Old Skool product. 

Your analysis on the ratings is extensive. Thank you. 


Hi Trent,

The sole is about 1.25 inch taller


Ahh for kicks sake, this phrase is just too funny, the vans effect has been felt throughout the world or dare I say; the whole universe. From elementary school to College. We have always clad our feet in vans! Every sex has the right fit. And the checkered vans are an Amazing beauty.


I’m glad you like the phrase.

Yeah, Vans is a famous brand.


Vans so lovely.

Have a lot of vans trust me when I say its the best.

I can easily move around with it without worrying about my location and the best part is that it blends with most of the outfits and occasions.

Have some I wear to churches and most to school and the normal modern society tends to wear vans a lot and am a huge fan of Vans.

I so much love their products.


Well, one thing I mostly consider when getting a shoe is the design. I must tell you, this shoe has it all, it’s very simple with a superb design and nice sole too.

I will love to buy this mainly because it suits any outfits 🙂

Thanks for the review, will definitely check back.


These are some cool shoes. Especially I like the white combined with the black. Also they look very resistant. My brother is so much into shoes. I bet that this site will be his favorite as he would be able to get some awesome ideas of what to buy next. Does this one come with more color options?


Hi Jami,

At the moment, there are two colourways available for this version. The other colourway is the pink Dogwood 

There may be more colourwaya coming soon, but that’s not known yet.

Jafor Iqbal

Amazing shoe, After reading this article i have come to a point that vans checkerboard old skool platform offer best color, size and comfortable show for men and women. It has more effective feature for a user. The positive site is better for negative site so man can buy this shoe for better. It has great combination among uper, midsole, outsole. I will highly recommended for buying.


Thanks for your opinion, Jafor.

Let me know if there is anything I can help with regarding the shoe.

Md moinul Islam

Hello,I have read the whole article about this information.This is an excellent information about this.I think,this information is very helpful for us.Vanscheckerboard old skool platform is really a wonderful version.I like this post so much.This shoe is really good to walk in.My friend uses this.I see this shoe is very stylish.It looks very great.My friends says that this shoe is so comfortable.I want to use it.Thanks for sharing this information with us.


Thanks Md.

I’m glad you find this information helpful.


Wow! That’s was very splendid
I’ve gone through your article and get to understand that we still need go back to old fashion. The Vans checkerboard is really a wanderful site that offers valid information.
Thanks for that information


Wow! Awesome. Lot’s of information. I actually found the shoe I’ve been searching for some information on. ( the vans Checkerbord Old school Shoe ) Right on. Just wondering? So the shoe only goes up to size ten in mens eh? Ill have to do some for digging, and hopefully can find some where to make a size 11. Thanks!


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