Reebok Walk Ultra 6 DMX Max – Pros and Cons

Reebok Walk Ultra 6 DMX Max

Prices From: $60.00










  • Provide protection
  • Sturdiness
  • Enable easy change of directional transitions
  • Comfortable


  • Small and narrow fit

Reebok Walk Ultra 6 DMX Max is another version in the line of Walk Ultra DMX Max walking shoe. The shoe features leather overlays on the upper which provide additional support to the shoe. The low-cut design offers easy ankle mobility and enables quicker transitions.

Plush Memory Tech sockliner provides the footbed appropriate cushioning and shock absorption. It aligns to the contour of the foot to provide unique foot feeling. The DMX Foam can be found underneath the insole. It’s designed to offer comfortable feel for wearers.

Read more about the shoe below.

Reebok Walk Ultra 6 DMX Max
Colourway: White/washed Blue
Reebok Women's Walk Ultra 6 DMX Max
Colourway: Black/Alloy


  • Leather and textile upper
  • Rubber outsole
  • Midsole: EVA foam
  • Lace-Up closure
  • Memory tech sockliner


  • Leather overlays at the toe and heel sections for protection
  • Sturdy rubber traction
  • The low-cut design enables freedom of movement and quick directional transitions
  • Comfortable
  • Specifically designed for walking


  • small and narrow fit


The Reebok Walk Ultra 6 DMX Max is the sixth version in the line of Walk Ultra DMX Max shoes. There are many features that uniquely define the shoe. The pros and cons have been highlighted above. On the other hand, it’s always helpful to hear and know what those that have used the shoe before have got to say.

The following are the summary of what the reviewers think:


  • Most reviewers recommended the Walk Ultra 6 DMX Max
  • Quite a good number of reviewers appreciated the comfort and lightweight of the shoe
  • Sturdy but lightweight trainer with wide toe space, a user said
  • Many of those that reviewed the Walk Ultra 6 DMX Max said that the shoe fits true to size
  • A good number of happy fans were happy to buy another pair of the shoe
  • Brilliant shoe for walking, said many happy users
  • Many appreciated the fact that the shoe is being sold at decent price. Those that are budget conscious are quite happy with the price
  • Some users applauded the shoe for being able to help with their feet medical condition, especially plantar faciitis
  • Quite a considerable number of reviewers appreciated the quality of the material used to make this walking shoe
  • There are some users that reported how useful Reebok Walk Ultra 6 DMX Max is when it comes to working, especially in lab or office (for casual wear)
  • Some reviewers did say that the shoe is very comfortable and lightweight
  • Those that are on their feet all day working feel that this walking shoe is the best shoe option for them


  • The shoe runs small and narrow, said a good number of reviewers. So, it’s better to go half a size up
  • I need a recommended NHS insole but this shoe has a fixed insole which can’t be replaced, a customer complained
  • Few users said that they prefer the previous version of Reebok Walk Ultra DMX Max to this
  • A couple of reviewers felt that the cushioning and support of the footwear is not enough
  • Some reviewers commented that the pocket of Moving Air feels like a lump under their foot

Rating Breakdown

Customers always communicate their opinions on a product through review platform. That’s where some knowledge can be gained on the product – it’s basically the knowledge on how bad or good the product is, based on the experience others have had with it.

While customers review tell us the written or verbal opinions about the product, rating breakdown can always provide data that logically explain how well the product is doing.

However, not many people have a chance to always read reviews. So, it is true to say many people find rating breakdown very helpful when making a quick decision on which product to purchase.

Here is a pie chart that shows the percentage of the rating from 1 to 5 star:

Rating Breakdown - Reebok

As shown in the pie chart above, 6.1% of reviewers rated the shoe with 1 star; the 5.5% of customers rated it with 2 star while 8% of reviewers gave it 3 star rating; the 4 star rating was given by 16.6% of reviewers while the 5 star rating was given by 63.8% of customers.


Additional Details

The Upper, midsole, and outsole are the parts that are always found in any shoe. They are basically the parts that define it. The upper covers the back of the foot, the instep and the toe area. It’s usually fixed to the sole. Midsole stands as the middle layer between the outsole and the insole. Outsole is the part that make direct contact with the ground. It is usually designed to enable surface gripping. Some shoes may have insole while some may not.


Upper View

The upper features breathable materials that allow air into the shoe interior. The leather overlays offer some level of supports which lead to prevention of heel slippage and wobbling. Part of the functions of the overlays is to withstand wear, which increase the lifespan of the shoe in return.

The traditional lacing system helps wearers to customise their fits. The tongue is well padded to prevent it from rubbing against the skin thereby preventing blister on the instep.

The low-cut design of the upper offers easy mobility and allow quick transition of the foot.


Side View

The midsole features the DMX Foam EVA technology which houses the Moving Air Technology. The moving Air Technology absorbs shock and reduces impact force, giving the shoe the chance to provide needed cushioning and support.

Extra cushioning and support are provided by the Memory Tech sockliner. Soft comfort and special footbed feeling are parts of the supports the Memory Tech sockliner can offer.


The outsole

The outsole of Walk Ultra 6 DMX Max features high abrasion rubber which provide extra grip. It was designed to withstand wear due to long walk. It’s a platform that can function well in any surface. The rugged design allow excellent surface gripping and enables it to withstand abrasion.

The DMX Max Moving Air can be found written on the outsole at the midfoot section. This signifies where the Moving Air technology is located.


The DMX Max foam and Plush Memory Tech sockliner are the distinctive features many reviewers are happy to see in this Reebok walking shoe. Both features offer the right amount of cushioning and support needed for walking. Being a comfortable and supportive shoe, it’s a must have for many fans.

Though the shoe may have been perfectly alright for many people, some fans feel like its predecessors are better. As a shoe that has got all the fantastic qualities to offer, fans find its price unbelievably budget-friendly.

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10 comments on “Reebok Walk Ultra 6 DMX Max – Pros and Cons


Great article about reebok walk ultra 6 dmx max, it’s the first I’ll be reading about it and you have made a very good impression about it. I now know alot about it thanks to your site. I love the summary of the reviewers about the shoe being the type for people working for a long time on their feet, I think that says a lot about me. I’m giving it a shot. Thanks for the review. 

Nick L.

Thank you for the review, it was very helpful. I like that the Men’s version comes in both black and white so that if I want one that won’t shoe wear and tear as much, I can choose the darker version. Do you have any thoughts on how long you should keep using a shoe before it is time to buy a new pair? Should you base on length of time, miles walked, or is there a good way to tell when walking/running that a shoe needs to be replaced?




I have to say it depends on if you still like how the shoe feel or look – If it can still do all you want it to do and is still looking fashionable, depending on how you feel about it.

There are some people that don’t mind getting a new pair of shoe just to add it to their rotation. It just that they feel like they need it.

So, I will say if you feel like you need it, just go for it.


I have special live for sneakers. Can wear sneakers to different occasions.

The Reebok ultra 6 dmx max is a very nice looking shoe. It’s a sneaker I will be looking to have, irrespective of the little flaws you’ve listed in its design. 

I do want to know, can these sneakers be gotten in other colours rather than just white and black?

Expecting your feedback.


So far, I have seen only the white and black. There are other colourways like white/washed blue, white/steel, Black/ alloy, black/alloy-bla and so on, but they’re still white and black. The other uncommon colourway I found is the Brush Brown/Black. The women version has the Cloud Grey/Alloy/White.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any further question.


The Reebok walk ultra 6 dmx is a shoe I think every one would like and the things it’s made of are of high quality from my observations from here. I remember I bought a white canvas sometime after its been like ages I bought one last., but Lo and behold what I bought wasn’t what I expected. 


Was it the Walk Ultra 6 DMX Max or another Reebok shoe? I would return it if I were you. They might have made a mistake while packaging it.


This article is appreciated. Reebok Walk Ultra 6 DMX Max is really nice. I have been looking for a site to search for a nice sneaker and tennis. I am happy i got to stumble on your site. I found everything I want. I will have to make my order, I have as well bookmark this page for future articles from you. Thanks. 


Hi Achievers,

Thanks for your interest on this site. I appreciate it.

Let me know if you have any question or sneaker you want me to review.


hi this shoe sounds amazing so many great benefits for all .very detailed and great links to sites to buy them from .If your looking for the perfect long day footwear .. these are great .I look forward to seeing more products


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