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The Nike Air Max 95 trainers was named after the year, 1995, it was introduced. The modern Nike Air Max 95 features the same iconic style and cushioning of the original Air Max 95 shoe. This is the first Nike shoe to include visible Nike Air cushioning in the forefoot. The design is inspired by human anatomy in which the midsole represents the spine, the mesh stands for the human skin, the graduated panels on the upper serve as the muscles whereas the lace loops represent the shoe’s ribs. Though the shoe was initially designed for runners, it is now available for casual wear. Nike Air Max 95 shoes are now designed for different purposes and functionalities.

You may be looking for that sneaker that will go with any style of your choice and can still function as a sport footwear. Nike Air Max 95 is specifically designed to provide all-round purpose and functionality. The plus is it does not matter if you wear jeans, short pant, long pant, chinos, etc. The shoe features different materials and structures with excellent design. Air Max 95 shoes come in different types such as Nike Air Max 95 Premium, Nike Air Max 95 Essential, Nike Air Max 95 SE, Nike Air Max 95 iD, Nike Air Max 95 SneakerBoot, Nike Air Max 95 NRG, and so on.

The common features:

  • Leather or textile for the upper material
  • Textile for the inner material
  • The insole is textile
  • Lace up closure
  • Air max logo can be found at the heel
  • Air system is visible
  • Heel Type: Flat
  • Outsole: Rubber
  • Profile: waffle

Many people like to go through the reviews of the previous users or customers of a shoe before they can decide whether to buy it or not. This is why the contents of this post give you the opportunity to be aware of what the users say about Nike Air Max 95 comfort, their satisfaction and why they are not happy about the shoe. Rating breakdown from different websites are also provided.


Many people that bought the shoe from different sites say why the shoe is comfortable. Some of these people are users while the other customers bought it for someone else from whom the received feedback before they decided to review. The following are the opinions of the people on the comfort of Nike Air Max 95.

  • Many users regard the shoe as very comfortable
  • Many customers rate it as 100% comfort
  • A customer says, “I have been buying air max 95 for 15 years now! I personally think these are one of the most comfortable Nike trainers on the market.”
  • Some customers say it fits well and comfortable and really looks good
  • A customers says, ” perfect fit! very very comfy trainers!!!! money well spent. :)”


Many People after they bought a product and are happy with what the product offers. They find it difficult to resist the temptation of letting other people know how good the product is. This is the reasons why many people have given their thoughts on the satisfaction the Nike Air Max 95 provides them. In this category, the people thoughts on the satisfaction of the shoe are based on the shoe durability, fitting, liking of style and design. It is also important to know customers satisfaction in term of their customer service experience while purchasing the product or during the delivery.

  • Some users say it is one of their favourite shoe
  • Many customers admire how good looking the shoe is
  • Many customers say they are very happy with the product
  • Most users comment that the shoe is stylish and effortless
  • Nearly all customers recommend the product
  • Almost all customers are satisfied with their purchase and the shoe delivery time
  • Most customers are satisfied with the design, style and price of Nike Air Max 95
  • Some customers regard it as a great trainers that worth putting money on
  • Some customers regard the shoe as one of the Nike most innovative sneakers
  • Most customers appreciate the fact that the shoe can be found in different colorways
  • Many customers are happy with how well the shoe fits them when the bought it
  • Some users say the shoe can be worn for any occasion


Of course, not every product you get into the market every customer will found satisfying. Occasionally, this does not mean the product is not good or up to standard. It just that customers have different tastes. A single defect or mark on the product may make any customer dislikes it. Anyone should not blame customer for this – everyone has different tastes. However, no one is perfect. After going through different reviews, the following are the reasons few customers are not too happy about Nike Air Max 95 shoes.

  • Few customers complain that the shoe wear quickly
  • Some customers are not happy with the customer service they experienced while purchasing the shoe
  • Very few customers do not recommend the product
  • Some customers think the shoe is too narrow and tight
  • It gets dirty easily is what some customers say
  • Some customers regard the shoe as too expensive

Rating Breakdown

Apparently, many people find customers rating as very helpful when trying to buy a product. After going through different websites where Nike Air Max 95 are sold and did some research, the following two pie charts were created to show the customers rating breakdown.


In conclusion, Nike Air Max 95 is one of the most innovative Nike Air Max line of shoes. It lives up to its reputation despite being in the market for over 2 decades. Though the shoe may be a little expensive for some people, that does not stop the Nike Air Max fans buying this distinctive iconic silhouette. Air max 95 shoes are available in different colourways and style. Rest assure you will find the one that suits your taste.





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Wow! To know that something like this shoes that can go with any style exists. This is an exciting news for me.

I am someone who is into style. I am glad to know that something like this shoes actually exists as I can also use it for my daily cardio exercise.

Nike is definitely doing a great job in creating quality products.


Very extensive review of the best tennis shoes available on the market, with great comparisons on the pros of each shoe, giving the reader all the information needed to make a informative decision. Thanks for sharing.


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