Nike Air Max 270 for Men – What Users say

Product Name: Nike Air Max 270 Mens Trainers

Price: £115.00 -£135.04

Place to Buy: Amazon

Nike Air Max 270 is known with its distinctive visible Air Max unit created specifically for Nike Sportswear. Even though Air Max 270 has been updated with the luxuries of modern comfort, it still features the exaggerated tongue top and heritage tongue logo which are directly inspired by the original 1991 Air Max 180. The shoe is known to have been inspired by two Nike line of shoes with big Air unit, both of which are Air Max 180 and Air Max 93. It is designed as a pure lifestyle sneaker. It features a dual-density foam sole and the large Air Max unit which provide outstanding cushioning for casual and everyday comfort. The mesh in the forefront and quarter were created for breathability and ventilation.

Nike Air Max 270 features:

  • Textile /synthetic for upper material
  • inner material is textile
  • Outsole: Rubber
  • Insole : Textile
  • Breathable quarter and forefront mesh
  • Lace up closure with four holes
  • Swoosh logo can be found on the sides
  • The 270° Air Max unit in the heel
  • Bootie construction
  • Profile: Waffle

Nike Air unit was first featured in Nike footwear in 1978. Nike Air Max 1 was the first line of Air Max shoes to feature visible Air-Sole unit in its heel which enables fans to not only feel the comfort of Air unit but also see it. Three years after the Nike Air Max 1 was introduced in 1987, Nike Air Max 90 was debuted with larger visible Air window. Air-Sole unit is one of the features that made Air Max shoe famous when it was first introduced and it is still having the same effect today.

The modern and sporty elegance of this distinctive sneaker has attracted the attention of many sneaker fans over the years. There are many users of Air Max 270 shoe that already bought and reviewed the products more than once. In the Jaaxy Keyword search engine, the average search on the ‘Nike Air Max 270’ per month is 5974 which explains the reason why the shoe is so popular all over the world. Air Max 270 can be found in different styles and colorways.

There are many customer reviews on the shoe. I have talked about customer reviews of other Air Max shoes and can say, so far, there are more reviews on Air Max 270. After hours of research and gathering of knowledge on the shoe, I have been able to categorize the reviews into comfort, satisfaction, dissatisfaction and rating.


In this category, people give their opinion regarding the comfort of the shoe. Majority of these people are the users of Air Max 270 shoe. Some of them bought it for either friends, partners or family member and decided to review after receiving feedback.

What Customers say about the comfort of Air Max 270:

  • Most users rate the shoe as very comfortable
  • Some users find it comfortable for workout
  • Comfortable and stylish are what many users say
  • Good looking and Comfortable shoe
  • Many users say Air Max 270 is the most comfortable among their Air Max collections


Of course, you need to buy a product that can provide you some level of satisfaction. If the product is not able to meet your expectation, there is no need to buy it then. Many guys feel awesome when they put on a shoe that looks good on them and people start asking them where they got it- they like the attention, right? It is so tempting to talk about a product that we are happy about. This is probably the reason there are so many comments about Air Max 270.

Customer thoughts on the satisfaction of Air Max 270:

  • Many customers rate Air Max 270 as durable
  • Some people say they love the shoe and are fascinating with the fact that they can design their own color of Air Max 270
  • Lightweight, great cushion and style are what some users say
  • Many customers think Nike did a great job with the shoe
  • A customer say he was worried about the negative comments on the shoe but still bought it and think it is one of the best sneakers he has ever had.
  • Many users say they love the comfort, aesthetics, breatheability, stability and durability of the shoe.
  • Majority recommend Nike Air Max 270
  • A user says, “Bright, comfy, and stylish. I couldn’t rate these trainers better, can be a bit difficult to put on at first but once they loosen up they are easier.”


Whenever there are pros, without a doubt, there are cons. No matter how had you try to perfect your product or whatever it is you are trying to introduce into market, at least few people, for some reasons, will find something that is not too good about it. Yes, it is supposed to be like that because individuals have different tastes. However, if the product is good, majority would say the product is good and vice versa. The following is what some users and customers think about Air Max 270.

  • Some users complain that the shoe is not durable, and the sole started peeling off after few weeks
  • Few users say the shoe is not very durable for workout or training but think it might be okay for casual wear
  • Some customers think the shoe is awesome but might not fit well for people with wide feet
  • Few users are not happy with how the sneaker’s tongue is designed. The say it makes them feel uncomfortable when putting it on.
  • Few reviewers say the opening is too tight especially for people with bigger feet


Some people find customers rating as a helpful hint when trying to buy a shoe. The following is the chart obtained based on research done on customer rating of Air Max 270.

Rating Breakdown from Foot Locker

  • The average overall rating is 4.6 out of 5 – result from Foot Locker
  • The average overall rating is 4 out of 5 – result from Nike official site

A Quick Overview Video


The Nike Air Max 270 is known to be the first of its kind because it is Nike’s first lifestyle Air unit shoe with the balance of Air Max 180 and Air Max 93. The shoe was built to withstand wear for an active lifestyle. The shoe has a fantastic quality, comfort, fitting, lightness and good looking design impression which make the price what it is. It is important to know that some people with wide feet feel the shoe is too narrow and therefore buy the one that is half size bigger than their normal shoe size.

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