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The popularity of Air Jordan sneakers started from the moment Michael Jordan wore the pair of “Black/Infrared” Air Jordan 6 when he won his first NBA Championship in 1991. Michael Jordan is a well-known collaborator in the release of Air Jordan 6. The following video will give you any information you would like to know about the history of Air Jordan 6.

Below are features you are likely to find in Air Jordan 6 Retro:

  • Upper: Leather, textile or synthetic
  • Polyurethane midsole for lightweight cushioning
  • Closure: Lace up
  • Two-hole pull tab on the tongue for an easy wearing
  • Visible air units in the heel and forefoot
  • Outsole: Solid and translucent rubber compound for comfortable surface gripping
  • perforations for easy breathability

The Air Jordan 6 is available in different styles and colourways. So the materials are not always the same. Though the shoe is a basketball sneaker, some people buy it for casual wear and it looks good on them. I have taken some hours to research and gather knowledge on what the users think of the shoe. After gaining some knowledge and obtained different information from reviewers, I decided to categorise their points into comfort, satisfaction and dissatisfaction. The other hints that are very helpful are the customer rating and the video reviews which you will have chance to go through in few minutes.


In this section, users express their thoughts on what they think of the shoe in term of the comfort it offers. The comfort is based on the fitting, aesthetic, style, and the colourway. Apparently, quite a good number of users are happy to express their opinions. The following are the points they make.

  • Many users say they can wear Air Jordan 6 Retro all day
  • Very comfortable and stylish are what some reviewers say
  • Some users say they are very comfortable with their Air Jordan and the colourway they choose
  • A reviewer says, “Comfortable and stylish ! I can wear them all day. I just bought another colour in this style”
  • Most reviewers are comfortable with the style and fitting of the shoe


Satisfaction is what everybody wants from a shoe after spending a fine amount to purchase it. Some shoes are very expensive to purchase. However, a good review on the shoe can trigger majority of people to buy it no matter how expensive it is.  It is very easy for many people to write review when they purchase any good shoes. That is probably why there is a good number people that write about their satisfaction on Air Jordan 6 Retro. After some hours of research, I have managed to obtain important information which highlight users opinions on the Air Jordan 6 Retro. The following are the ones you would find useful.

  • A high percentage of the reviewers recommend Air Jordan 6 Basketball shoe
  • Many users say it is their favourite among their Air Jordan collections
  • Many users are satisfied with the fitting of the shoe
  • Reviewers are happy with the shoe but depend on which colourway
  • A customer says, “Great shoe! Even better price! Love the colourway! Fit true to size. I recommend this to anyone who is unsure about getting a pair.”
  • Some people with wide feet say the shoe fits them well and are happy with the space it provides
  • Many reviewers admire the design and the look of Air Jordan 6 Retro
  • Most users say they are very happy with their purchase
  • A reviewer says, ” Best Shoe ever! First Shoe MJ wore when he got his first title and I felt like it was 1991 again. Very happy with the purchase”


Of course, the Air Jordan 6 Retro cannot be the favourite of everyone. Yes, it is not the best sneaker ever released. True, it gets some negative responses. Some people do fall in love with every sneaker. However, there are few people that have given the reasons why Air Jordan 6 Retro is not their favourite one. The points below are the negative reasons some users give as to why the shoe is not really in their best interest.

  • Some reviewers comment that the shoe is a bit too large and roomy for them
  • A good number of users say it would be a good choice for people to go down half a size down their normal shoe size
  • Few customers recommend buying the Air Jordan 6 by yourself because of the size and few imperfections it seems to have when ordered it online.
  • Some users say the traction is not very good for a place that is not very smooth


Since customer rating can be very helpful to almost everybody, I have decided to create an informative pie chart based on information received from my research.

Note: The information provided in the pie chart below is obtained from the reviewers rating in Finish Line website.

  • Reviewers rate the Air Jordan 6 Retro 4.6 out of 5 in Finish Line
  • The reviewers in RunRepeat also rates it 4.6 out of 5

The next pie chart shows the percentage of rating obtained from RunRepeat from 1 to 5 star.

A Quick Review Video


Air Jordan 6 Retro is not every sneaker lover’s favourite. However, the popularity of the shoe keeps growing among Air Jordan line of shoes. Many of the Air Jordan followers and collectors prefer the shoe because it marks the beginning of Michael Jordan’s NBA Championship run in 1991 with Chicago Bulls. Even till today, many fans still say the Air Jordan 6 is the best sneaker they have ever had.

Important point to note is, some wearers of Air Jordan 6 do not use it for playing basketball and therefore may not have much knowledge on the quality of the shoe for such activity. Some fans that wear it casually are happy with the shoe depending on which colourway they prefer.

Please leave any question or comment below. Also, let me know if there is anything that is not right about this content.

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7 comments on “Air Jordan 6 Retro

Good job on the review. It is very readable which is what you want. There are some places where you could have changed wording and there are some places where there are some spots where the spell/grammar checker would have caught things. Good job on the use of pie charts and how readers have given input on the wearability.


Thanks Larry. I will look into it


I can’t believe they where released 27 years ago that’s crazy they still look so fresh now!! there is obviously a reason they have been making them this long, so cool even now!!

Todd Matthews

I’ve always liked the look of Air Jordans but have never owned a pair, myself. Everyone I’ve ever seen wear them agree; the shoe is a comfortable fit. I wouldn’t mind trying Air Jordans as I’m always looking for the next good shoe to run in. I run a lot in the spring and summer and the fact that they’re basketball shoes might also say they’re good for running as well. I usually run on a track, so it gives you an idea of where I’d utilize Air Jordans. I’ve used Nikes this past year and in 2017, New Balance. Maybe 2019 will be the Year of the Air Jordan?


I like the layout of your site. The information on the nike men Air Jordan 6 Retro is appealing and welcoming. Many people love them and find them very comfortable. Thanks for the information though.


Hi Stephen.

Loved your post! Michael Jordan is no doubt one of the best athletes ever to grace the world stage and his Air Jordan’s are of course legendary.

I must own up to never owning a pair but my son who is basketball mad has around 20 pairs! Haha. Yes he is a big fan.

Loved the post. Great review. You covered everything. How many pairs do you have?



Thanks for asking. I haven’t had one yet, but will definitely go for it someday.


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