Adidas Ultra Boost Running Shoes – What You Should Know

adidas Men's Ultraboost Running ShoesThe Adidas Ultra Boost is one of the best line of shoes ever released by Adidas. Adidas hails it as “the greatest running shoe ever”. The shoe is a top choice by runners, style icons and sneakerheads for its comfort and functionalities. The year of release is 2015.

Getting feedback from customers on the product you introduced into market is very helpful. This is what the Adidas engineers did after the launch of the Adidas Energy Boost in 2013. They asked runners about their first experience with the Energy Boost shoe. The feedback gave them the clue on what to improve on. The goal was, according to James Tarrier, to “create a shoe that releases the full potential of the amazing Boost foam while at the same time making sure an unmatched adaptable fit in the upper. This is to enable the shoe copes with the dynamic changes in the shape of runners’ feet during running gait.

A question is, how could they achieve something like this? Something that has to do with the dynamic change of shape?

I really think, to do impossible, someone has to look beyond his wall and take inspiration from others. For instance, Nike takes advantage of technology to incorporate visible Air-Sole unit in the Nike Air Max 1 in 1987. Air Max shoes today can be found with big visible Air unit in the heel.

Adidas is also one of the best brand out there that do not take what technology or engineering tool can do in their shoe production line for granted. Many brands try to find a way to use engineering tools to define the quality, effectiveness and functionalities of their production.

In the case of Adidas Ultra Boost, the well-known engineering tool is the ARAMIS system. ARAMIS system is used by top engineering companies around the world namely, medical, aerospace and automotive. What it does is, it measures the movement and deformation of objects and surfaces. This enable them to build some knowledge on the natural movement of the foot and how well it would have been developed to adapt to the movement. Necessary data were collected and were able to utilised effectively in the Ultra Boost shoe.

Aramis System Ultra Boost Result

This Adidas shoe has got many reviews. And, right now, it is my job to let you know the overall points that the reviewers are making. Over 3000 customers reviewed the shoe on Adidas website. On Finish Line, there are up to 3000 reviewers. 374 people reviewed the Adidas Ultra Boost on Foot Locker. No need to worry. I have summarised the messages and categorised them into comfort satisfaction and dissatisfaction, which are the reasons to buy and not to buy the shoe. As customer rating is very important, I went a bit further to create three pie charts on rating breakdown from the sites.


Anyone can buy a shoe for the first time without knowing how comfortable the shoe is. For this reason, it is always important to know what others are saying about the comfort of the shoe before buying it unless you are someone that does not care about the comfort. I enjoyed reading and gathering the users thoughts on the comfort of Adidas Ultra Boost. They give positive opinions on the shoe. It wants to make you buy the shoe straight a way.

Wait, I am not asking you to buy the shoe because of what the users say regarding its comfort. All I expect is that you go through the information or relevant points that will help with your decision-making.

Below are the information you may find useful

  • Reviewers find the shoe very comfortable as performance and lifestyle sneaker
  • Tremendously comfortable are what some users say
  • Many reviewers say the comfort of the fitting is perfect
  • Ultra Boost shoes look amazing and comfortable to wear are what many people say


Since there are many customers and users that reviewed the shoe, I was able to obtain a good number of opinions regarding how satisfied users are with the shoe. The Style, durability and features are what a high percentage of users give their opinions on.

Here are the points they make:

  • Most reviewers recommend the Adidas Ultra Boost
  • Many users appreciate the fact that it looks great and stylish
  • Reviewers say it is a good choice not only for running, but also for casual use
  • Many reviewers appreciate the lightweight of the shoe
  • Many users claim that the shoe is very durable


While some people think Adidas Ultra Boost is the best running shoe and one of the best fashionable shoe ever, there are few reviewers that disagree. These reviewers have expressed their thought and made their point known.

These are what the users think of the shoe:

  • Some reviewers say they have to go for bigger size since the shoe size runs small than their normal size
  • The shoe is a bit narrow are what some users say
  • Some customers are not completely happy with the price


There is no doubt that customer rating is very good for making decision whether to buy a product or not. In the case of sneakers, it can be very helpful. The reason is many other people have bought and used the shoe and customer rating is the way of telling people their experience with the shoe.

After some research, I came up with the charts below to help you with your decision-making. If it just the information you need, there you have it.

Customers rate Adidas Ultra Boost shoes 4.7 out of 5 on Adidas.

The 95% of customers recommend the Ultra Boost shoe.

Rating Breakdown

Reviewers give the Ultra Boost shoes 4.8 out of 5 on Foot Locker.

Rating Breakdown

The shoe gets 4.7 out of 5 star on Finish Line.

95% of Reviewers recommend Adidas Ultra Boost on Finish Line.

Rating Breakdown Finishline

A Quick Video Review

Note: The Adidas Ultra Boost 5.0 is due to release on February 2019. According to sneaker news, the price is 180 dollars.

Bottom Line

This shoe has gained popularity since its released in 2015. It is among the top Adidas shoes that have released a lot of praises. Many fans like it for the look, style, durable features and the comfort it offers during running gait. Some customers are not too happy with the price. However, many customers still think the price is not too high because of the overall quality of the shoe.

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3 comments on “Adidas Ultra Boost Running Shoes – What You Should Know

Todd Matthews

This seems like a decent shoe. When I look for running shoes, light weight is the first thing I look for and definitely comfort follows the light shoe. As we get closer to March, which is always my unofficial start to spring, I start to research running shoes more and more since I spend half my life running and sprinting at local tracks, running around town, and even in the hiking trails.


Hi Stephen,

Adidas Ultra Boost Running Shoes sound like a great option for my newest running shoe (I’m doing a half marathon as part of my new years resolutions). I particularly like the fact that they listened to customer feedback in creation of these shoes and the customer feedback is very impressive, can you recommend the best place to purchase?


Hi Nate,
Thanks for the question. I would recommend Amazon and JD.
You can also have a look in Finish line, FOOTASYLUM, Foot Locker and Office.

Hope that helps


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